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Icon 00-index.txt 3,524 1994/9/7 [03:28:02]
Icon check5.arc 3,584 1994/7/11 [18:03:06] Mallard BASIC extension; an automated version of the PCW Plus magazine program CHECK3, which checks for errors in printed listings.
Icon clock.arc 5,120 1994/7/11 [18:03:04] Amstrad PCW/Spectrum specific; onscreen digital clock. Will not load from a standard Submit file, but will from SUPERSUB.
Icon descript.ion 2,046 2015/10/25 [22:42:16]
Icon dshow-s.arc 11,012 1994/7/11 [18:01:32] Z80 source for DSHOW.
Icon dshow.arc 7,306 1994/7/11 [18:01:40] Print illustrated textfiles on most printers, including daisywheels. Also displays such textfiles on PCW, CPC and Spectrum +3.
Icon du51.arc 22,144 1994/7/11 [18:03:00] PCW/CPC/Spectrum+3 specific; menu-driven formatter & format editor. Can format CP/M or DOS discs, and patch an XDPB so that strange formats can be read.
Icon files.bbs 2,269 1994/9/14 [16:59:18]
Icon format.arc 2,048 1994/7/11 [18:03:18] A disc format program for Amstrad CPC/PCW and Spectrum+3.
Icon gifview.arc 18,816 1994/7/11 [18:02:54] View GIFs on Amstrad PCW screen.
Icon graph.arc 10,496 1994/7/11 [18:02:44] Print DR LOGO pic files [PCW] & Stop Press pages on daisywheels, bubblejets, dot-matrix printers. Also, view PLOT33 graphics on GSX systems.
Icon id.arc 10,180 1994/7/11 [18:02:38] Lists files on disc, and tries to identify them (eg as BASIC programs, ZIP archives etc.) Identities of LocoScript documents can be edited.
Icon logofix.arc 6,912 1994/7/11 [18:02:26] Fixes 'rename' bug in DR LOGO v2.00.
Icon msodball.arc 15,616 1994/7/11 [18:03:16] MSODBALL 2.00. Converts 720k CP/M disks to "oddball" 720k MSDOS format disks and vice versa. Only works on Amstrad CPC/PCW or Spectrum +3.
Icon ondate.arc 5,123 1994/7/11 [18:02:20] Runs programs on different dates. The program is placed in a Submit file, and takes different actions depending on the setting of the computer's clock.
Icon ptrdef02.arc 35,332 1994/7/11 [18:02:16] Font designer for PRINTIT (fancy printing on 9-pin printers).
Icon qtext-pm.arc 1,247 1994/7/11 [18:03:08] Amstrad CPC -- speed up text scrolling to reduce the number of dropped characters when using ZMP.
Icon setfont.arc 63,662 1994/7/11 [18:01:26] Character set manager & font designer for PCW, CPC, Spectrum +3. Fonts can be saved/loaded in 7 different formats, and used in CP/M, LocoScript, or for printing.
Icon setfontz.arc 71,508 1994/7/11 [18:01:14] Z80 source for SETFONT.
Icon speedup.arc 1,103 1994/7/11 [18:01:44] PCW/CPC/Spectrum+3 specific; run drives at 3.5" timings.
Icon supsb101.arc 3,241 1994/7/11 [18:01:42] A slightly modified SuperSub v1.0 which runs under CP/M+ SUPERSUB is now in v1.3, but this version has been provided because CLOCK doesn't work under normal SUBMIT.
Icon wildcat.txt 2,094 1994/9/14 [18:04:48]

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