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Icon 00-index.txt 11,838 2014/8/20 [21:17:40]
Icon 18e.lbr 23,168 2007/6/2 [19:11:00] 18E.LBR contains a significant upgrade to Z8E.LBR (Z80 debug monitor originated by Richard Surwilo). In addition to all functions of Z8E, 18E offers full HD64180 support. Also, 18E supports an auxiliary debug terminal support facilitating software development of screen oriented applications. Some bugs are fixed also. Included is a 9 page supplement to Z8E.DOC called 18E.DOC. The source to 18E is also available in the 18E-SRC.LBR library file. Damon R. Gibson
Icon any4.lbr 3,456 2007/6/2 [19:11:00] Modification of Bridger Mitchell's routine from Computer Journal #33 to relocate and run a PRL-format program anywhere in memory. This version optionally allows passing of registers, simplifies program building using MLOAD, and "pulls" the relocated code down to the actual load address rather than leaving the where_am_I and relocator routines in place and jumping over them to get to the program. July 18, 1988
Icon chkif.lbr 15,872 2007/6/2 [19:11:00] CHKIF processes .ASM, .Z80 or .PRN files, checking that the IF-ELSE-ENDIF statements are matched properly. It also handles MACRO/REPT/IRP/IRPC-EXITM ENDM pseudo-ops, and takes the multi-statement lines of ASM and MAC, etc. provided they are delimited with exclamation marks!
Icon ddtz27.ark 74,880 2007/6/2 [19:11:00] C.B. Falconer updates his fabulous DDT replacement to add 64180 opcodes and more undocumented Z80 opcodes.
Icon disa-rel.lbr 49,792 2007/6/2 [19:11:00] REL file disassembler
Icon disrel.lbr 12,672 2007/6/2 [19:11:00] REL file disassembler
Icon files.bbs 6,947 1997/7/4 [02:00:00]
Icon files.pcb 11,818 1994/8/25 [02:00:00]
Icon gen180.lbr 14,464 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] Auto-patcher that converts Microsoft M80 (Version 3.4 or 3.44) into a fully functional HD64180 assembler. No Z80 or 8080 capability is lost, so this is a pure enhancement that adds only two records to the assember's size. A very nice contribution from West Germany. November 30, 1987, via NAOG/ZSIG
Icon l80rst.lbr 896 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] Speeds up Microsoft L80 V 3.44 by patching out the disk system resets.
Icon lasm3.lbr 16,896 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] Link/Asm 3: 8080 assembler with .DOC file (See discription for lasm3.obj for more info)
Icon m80str11.lbr 8,192 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] This is a macro library for the M80 assembler that implements some structured programming constructs such as if.then.else, do.while.enddo, do.until.enddo, and switch.case.case.otherwise.endsw. Version 1.10 fixes a bug in the "switch" construct that caused bad branches to be generated when multiple switch constructs were nested. If you have M80STRUCT.LBR, replace it with this (M80STR11.LBR).
Icon mload25.lbr 27,136 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] Update of the very popular MLOAD24 program used by many CP/M owners, in place of LOAD.COM. This version fixes a problem a few ZCPR users had with it overwriting the CCP and then locking the system as a warm reboot was not offered. This did not affect the user of the program, only when finished and sometimes could not exit back to CCP properly. By Ron Fowler of NightOwl and MEX114/+ fame. Enjoy ===JERRY M.===
Icon musicbox.lbr 22,016 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] Sample code that demonstrates DSEG, CSEG and COMMON functions with the SLR assembler and linker. These modules link together to create a small program that plays a tune on nearby radios. The point of the code however is to demonstrate the assembler and linker. If the Z librarys are available then a Z version is produced otherwise the output is standard CP/M compatible.
Icon myload.lbr 23,552 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] MYLOAD is a replacement for MLOAD and related programs which are intended to load HEX files to COM or overlay binary files (COM, PRL etc) with HEX overlays. It is a Z-Tool, and functions correctly under NZCOM with odd- sized CCPs and BDOSes. Source and a config file for changing defaults with Al Hawley's ZCNFG are included.
Icon patddtz.sub 1,024 1997/6/23 [02:00:00]
Icon patddtz.szb 768 1993/6/9 [02:00:00] Bruce Morgen supplies a ZEX/EX file to path DDTZ version 2.7 to default DDT command set rather than the distributed DEBUG command set.
Icon pdln10.lbr 29,824 1993/6/9 [02:00:00] A Public Domain version of Microsoft's L80, Digital Research's LINK, and SLR System's SLRNK. And it's FREE! PDLN is a linking loader. It takes one or more .REL files, which are non-executable files created by assemblers, loads them into memory, resolves links between them, and creates an executable .COM file. Symbol table can be used with a debugger. It can search through library files (in the .REL format) and extract only the necessary modules.
Icon protccp.lbr 3,840 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] From the time you run PROTCCP until the next warm boot, the system will think that the BDOS is below the CCP so that transient programs, and notably debuggers, will not overwrite the CCP. I wrote this program to help me debug the new ZCPR command processor that I am readying for release. I just enter the command line PROTCCP;DSDZ XCPR.SYM, and I can perform in situ, full-screen, symbolic debugging of the command processor. Jay Sage, 02/05/87
Icon prtval.z80 1,664 1997/6/23 [02:00:00]
Icon prtval.zz0 1,024 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] a handy pair of Macros for printing values during assembly. Demo included.
Icon relhex11.lbr 2,944 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] No description available.
Icon rels.utl 2,048 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] No description available.
Icon revas25.doc 896 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] Al Hawley has released version 2.5 of his excellent disassembler into the public domain. I have used REVAS3 extensively and love it. Perhaps people will use version 2.5 and develop a taste for the real thing and want to buy it.
Icon wildcat.txt 6,791 1997/7/4 [02:00:00]
Icon z280-j88.lbr 18,560 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] Some messages captured from ZNODE Central and another RCP/M concerning the Z280 processor from Zilog, dated 12/87.
Icon z280asm3.lbr 27,520 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] Some macros to help assemble Z280 code using ZAS 2.6. Other assemblers use to much TPA for all the macros to fit, though the macros could be broken up. From Dan Jacobs
Icon z8e-30.ark 168,192 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] A update to Rick Surwilo's debug/trace utility for Z80 CP/M. Now handles .PRN files produced by SLR's Z80ASM 1.3 while still maint-aining the ability to load symbols from M80 .PRN files. Includes full source code, manual and associated files and programs.
Icon z8e3bug.fix 768 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] Description of a bug fix for Z8E30. The message is from Jon Saxton, the program's author.
Icon zddtz.zex 1,536 1997/6/23 [02:00:00]
Icon zddtz.zzx 1,024 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] This simple patch makes C.B. Falconer's DDTZ respond to DIR as well as DU file specifications. To install, dump any command history processor in memory, put copy of DDTZ.COM in same directory with this file and issue this command: ZEX ZDDTZ. That's all there is to it. Get DDTZ.COM and it's documentation from DDTZ.LBR, available from Z-Nodes. Fred Haines, 4-23-87
Icon zdt.obj 7,168 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] No description available.
Icon zsidfix.doc 2,048 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] Have you ever wandered why ZSID.COM does not display memory DUMP in the same format as DDT or SID. This file shows how to patch ZSID to make the same dump display.
Icon zsm.lbr 98,304 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] ZSM is a Z80 macro assembler, with a linker, librarian, and some other utility programs, together with an extensive library. Documentation is provided explaining the workings of ZSM etc., the format of relocatable files, and the functions provided in the libraries. Symbol table files for use with debuggers such as ZSID can be produced. Output code can be relocated for use in (say) a PROM.
Icon zxlate14.lbr 25,344 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] An 8080 to Z80 source code translator. Uploaded for Jay. -Bill T.

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