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Icon 0-pub.doc 11,392 2007/6/2 [19:11:00]
Icon 00-index.txt 2,757 2014/8/20 [21:19:42]
Icon 0pub.dzc 5,760 2007/6/2 [19:11:00] No description available.
Icon files.bbs 1,748 1997/7/4 [02:00:00]
Icon files.pcb 2,699 1994/8/25 [02:00:00]
Icon novadosi.lbr 94,080 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] NovaDOS is a 100 ompatible replacement for the std. CP/M BDOS. It can be made to closely emulate ZRDOS. Rel. I fixes a bug which occasionally caused files to be totally "hidden" from DOS & appli-cations. Fn 6 lookahead char bypass fixed. Option to eleminate path support added. All sources included.
Icon nvdiupdt.lbr 31,104 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] This file contains a bug fix and a couple of improvements for NovaDOS release I. A problem with passing ^S as keyboard input with fn 6 is fixed, Fn 42 (get/set path address) has been overhauled. A new, im- proved version of DOSPATH is included. Lindsay Haisley (512) 259-1190
Icon nvdscrdt.not 384 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] The NovaDOS manual for release H erroneously credits Alpha Systems with ownership of the program JetLDR. JetLDR is by Bridger Mitchell and is the exclusive property of Plu*Perfect Systems.
Icon nvdshbug.fix 1,408 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] NovaDOS has a minor bug which can cause characters to get "lost" and reappear in unusual places under certain circumstances. This problem surfaced with Rob Friefeld's excellent LSH program which uses fn 6 for command line input. The fix is simple and does not increase NovaDOS code size. File may be located in the NOVADOS: directory.
Icon nvdsstak.not 2,688 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] Notes on possible stack overflow problems with NovaDOS and solutions thereto.
Icon nvdsutil.lbr 19,968 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] Support utilities for NovaDOS. Includes: PUBLIC, to designate files public under NovaDOS; DOSPATH, to manage DOS paths; PFILE, to con-trol the R/O status of public files; FBOOT to control fast relogging of permanent media.
Icon wildcat.txt 1,566 1997/7/4 [02:00:00]

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