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Icon 00-index.txt 2,804 2014/8/20 [21:20:32]
Icon files.bbs 1,799 1997/7/4 [02:00:00]
Icon files.pcb 2,768 1994/8/25 [02:00:00]
Icon m2guide.not 6,272 1997/6/23 [02:00:00]
Icon m2guide.nzt 3,584 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] Comment on the Modula 2 guide.
Icon message.30x 4,224 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] No description available.
Icon nz-tool4.lbr 25,856 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] This is an update to Joe Wright's initial release. This library shows how you can develop Z-System utilities with Turbo Pascal. The include file NZ-TOOL.BOX contains the needed environment access routines. An interesting bug involving Turbo Pascal's use of the transient buffer has been repaired by using Z-System's multiple command line buffer. The library also contains an article which will appear in the premier issue of Eight Bits And Change, a national computer and humor magalog
Icon nz-turbo.lbr 13,184 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] Collection of Turbo Pascal functions and procedures allowing easy access to NZ-System by the Turbo Pascal programmer. Please let me know what you think. Joe Wright
Icon shell11m.lbr 8,576 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] Shell version 1.1mb, is a replacement for the Turbo Modula-2 SHELL.MCD that gives you compile/edit/run capabilities from the system prompt level plus all the standard capabilities from within the shell. Also allows you to set and save the drive search path from the options menu. This version works only with the 64180 SB180/SB180FX version 1.0 of the M2 system. Look for the Z80 version soon. Bill Greathouse
Icon tpwarmst.pat 4,096 1997/6/23 [02:00:00]
Icon tpwarmst.pqt 2,432 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] Same as TPFIX, except a patch to install in source code....
Icon turbmem.fix 1,408 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] Technique for turbo pascal programs to automatically use all available memory on the system a program is run on.
Icon turbo.fix 3,200 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] How to change the terminal configuration a compiled turbo pascal COM file is set for. Also describes out of memory problems.
Icon turbopat.lbr 3,200 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] No description available.
Icon wildcat.txt 1,624 1997/7/4 [02:00:00]

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