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Icon 00-index.txt 50,583 2014/8/20 [21:24:14]
Icon 90var.lbr 5,120 2007/6/2 [19:11:00] Series of 12 files to be used with Rick Charnes' backup aliases. For 1990 january to december. Should save you one hour or two. Thanks to Mr. Charnes
Icon acmdu11.lbr 8,320 2007/6/2 [19:11:00] Version 1.1 of ACMDUTIL. ACMDUTIL allows you to add, delete and view aliases in an ALIAS.CMD file without a word processor. ACMDUTIL was written for those of us who write aliases on the fly. Version 1.1 now searches BASE: rather than ROOT: for the ALIAS.CMD file and takes an optional DU: on the command line to find any copy of ALIAS.CMD.
Icon acopy33.lbr 25,728 2007/6/2 [19:11:00] Fast CP/M & ZCPR3 Z80 file copy utility. Optional caching of up to 256 source and 256 destination disk directory entries in RAM for extra fast copying. Flexible command line option and configuration control over many aspects of the copy process. You can specify up to 3 excluded filenames. Supports wildcard user numbers for hard disk backups. Expanded 'U' option status messages. Companion to DD, RENAMZ, ERAZ and UNERAZ. See ACOPY33.NZW, ACOPY33.HZP. U/L by Terry Hazen
Icon acreate3.lbr 22,144 2007/6/2 [19:11:00] This is a file I got from the SIMTEL20 (ArpaNet) archives. I have not examined it but assume it is more material on creating aliases.
Icon adir26.lbr 10,240 2007/6/2 [19:11:00] Alias Directory. Accepts command line mask.
Icon afind13.lbr 6,784 2007/6/2 [19:11:00] Next round of development. Paul Pomerleau incorporates my improvements and adds a few more of his own. Program is now only 1K!
Icon array10b.lbr 54,784 2007/6/2 [19:11:00] Update of ARRAY10A fixes a bug in the error return of one of the routines. Minor changes in comments in the source files. No change in functions or function names.
Icon arunz09u.lbr 25,344 2007/6/2 [19:11:00] ARUNZ Version 0.9U has the following major changes: (1) Carson Wilson updated its date/time routines to work with Z3PLUS; (2) when MCL overflow occurs, the error handler will now be invoked; (3) the code has been made more rigorous in a number of areas; (4) several bugs, including problems with the $RA parameter, have been fixed. Version 'U' has minor bug fix over 'T'. Jay Sage, October 10, 1990
Icon bak14.lbr 7,808 2007/6/2 [19:11:00] A ZCPR3 utility that erases all files with a filetype of BAK on the default or a specified drive/user. Version 1.4 now reports disk free space after the files are erased. Type- 3 and Type-4 versions included.
Icon bu17.lbr 50,688 2007/6/2 [19:11:00] No description available.
Icon calcbsx.lbr 3,072 2007/6/2 [19:11:00] No description available.
Icon ccount10.lbr 25,088 2007/6/2 [19:11:00] Counts characters in text files. Reports both the total number of characters and counts for characters specified on the command line. Optionally, CCOUNT can report individual counts for all characters, including control characters, and can ignore high bits or not. Counting is done via 32-bit integers. Both ZCPR3 and vanilla CP/M are supported.
Icon chkdir11.lbr 27,264 2007/6/2 [19:11:00] CHKDIR is based on CLEANDIR 1.8, but contains only diagnostic code. It does no writing, so it poses no danger to your directory or to !!!TIME&.DAT files. It calls error handler on error so ZEX or SUB can be aborted. It checks for duplicate entries, extents and users greater than 31, records greater than 128, illegal filename characters, duplicate allocation groups assignments. Version 1.1 now works on P2D date-stamped disks.
Icon cmd14.lbr 9,344 2007/6/2 [19:11:00] Version 1.4 of CMD introduces a major change in prompted operation -- CMD now reinvokes itself after each command until an empty command line (a RETURN alone) or a Control-C is entered. Control-C also exits the current shell (if any) as in Version 1.3. In this way, CMD can act like an MS-DOS or UNIX "secondary shell" invocation for true Z- System shells as well as for "ZCPR2-style" shells like MEX with MEX2Z or Sage modified WS4.
Icon comp28.lbr 7,552 2007/6/2 [19:11:00] No description available.
Icon concat16.lbr 53,632 2007/6/2 [19:11:00] Concatenates two or more source files into a new file, or appends them to an existing file. Allows elaborate operations with files pulled from various drives and user areas with numerous options. Checks disk space before doing anything and allows redirected I/O to and from CON:, LST:, and AUX:. Version 1.6 fixes a CON: input bug. ZCPR3 only.
Icon copy171.lbr 37,248 2007/6/2 [19:11:00] This update of the ZSDOS file copying program offers improved control over the erasure of read-only files. It also contains many bug fixes and should now work correctly uner ZRDOS, Z3Plus and even vanilla CP/M. Howard Goldstein/Hal Bower, 3/24/91
Icon cp31.lbr 25,216 2007/6/2 [19:11:00] A modified version of Leor Zolman's fast and versatile file copy program. This version is based on the one included with the Alpha test package of Z-System BDS C. A serious bug that allowed a file to be copied into itself has been corrected, and several enhancements have been added.
Icon cpa13.lbr 19,840 2007/6/2 [19:11:00] No description available.
Icon cpd15.lbr 30,592 2007/6/2 [19:11:00] A ZCPR3 utility to compare two directories and indicate which files are in both directories and which are only in one. Disk file output of matched or unmatched filenames. Upper- or lower-case display. Sets error flag if directories don't match. Can set archive attribute on files which exist in both directories. Version 1.5 fixes a rather serious bug.
Icon cpset13.lbr 15,744 2007/6/2 [19:11:00] CPSET allows interactive setting and display of the terminal and printer parameters in the Z-System environment. Version 1.3 has a configurable "quiet" option which can also be toggled from the command line. Howard Goldstein 10/31/90
Icon cr28src.lbr 111,232 2007/6/2 [19:11:00] This is the source code for CRUNCH and UNCR 2.8, including REL modules and technical documentation, for those who need it. For executable files and program documentation, get CRUNCH28.LBR.
Icon crcz11.lbr 25,600 2007/6/2 [19:11:00] CRCZ calculates the cyclic-redundancy checksum (CRC) for a group of files, displaying the checksums on the screen, typing them to the printer, and/or writing them to a file. In validation mode, CRCZ reads a checksum file and matches the listed CRC values to files on the disk. For ZCPR3 only. Version 1.1 corrects a bug or two and adds remote system security features.
Icon crunch28.lbr 39,936 2007/6/2 [19:11:00] File compression and decompression tools for ZCPR3 and CP/M. UNCR works on crunched, squeezed, and LZH files. Under ZSDOS date stamps are embedded in crunched file and restored when uncrunched. Can exclude system files. Handles up to 512 matching files. ZCNFG configuration. PCP support. More compact displays. Version 2.8 fixes a couple of bugs and includes smaller ZCPR3-only versions.
Icon da30.lbr 19,840 2007/6/2 [19:11:00] Designed to be complementary to D.COM (latest version D14), DA is a file attribute manipulation and display utility. It offers a more compact display that most such utilities, so you can see more files per screenful, and the files are alphabetic. It allows you to easily set or reset all user- resettable file attributes (f1-f4,f8,t1-13).
Icon detabz14.lbr 20,096 2007/6/2 [19:11:00] DETAB-Z replaces ASCII tabs in text files with the correct number of spaces. No other characters are affected: control characters are not removed, high-bits are not reset. Under ZSDOS create file stamps are preserved. Version 1.4 is much faster, optimizes some of the code, and corrects a couple of bugs from previous versions. For ZCPR3 only.
Icon dev11a.lbr 9,856 2007/6/2 [19:11:00] Version 1.1A strips high bits from EFCB characters in help screens. Bruce Morgen December 30, 1987 30 Dec 87
Icon diff30.lbr 28,288 2007/6/2 [19:11:00] DIFF version 3.0 is an extensively modified and improved version of the original ZCPR 3.0 DIFF utility by Richard Conn. The program's basic functions have been enhanced to take advantage of ZCPR 3.3 and 3.4, and several additional functions have been added. Datestamping features are available if DIFF is used under ZSDOS, Z3PLUS, and/or DosDisk, but these system enhancements are not required by DIFF.
Icon dir14a.lbr 22,528 2007/6/2 [19:11:00] No description available.
Icon dosver10.obj 384 2007/6/2 [19:11:00] No description available.
Icon dprog12.lbr 13,056 2007/6/2 [19:11:00] Latest version, dated 4/13/85, of DPROG, the Z-System device programmer. Uploaded for Bob Vinisky.
Icon dummiop.lbr 1,792 2007/6/2 [19:11:00] DUMMIOP.LBR contains source, DUMMY.IOP, and DUMMIOP.ZRL. This is a "dummy" IOP that can be used to cancel out an installed IOP. It will work with XBIOS or any other system that supports the convention of providing a table of entry points at the cold boot address. The *.ZRL format is for use with JetLDR or New-Z Com.
Icon echo14.lbr 18,176 2007/6/2 [19:11:00] ECHO echoes a text string to console or printer and is compatible with Carson Wilson's Z34RCP, so your aliases will work properly when your RCP has been unloaded. All 128 ASCII characters can be included in strings. Version 1.4 corrects a problem when running under BYE and is a few bytes smaller. Matching RCPECHO included, along with type-3 and type-4 versions. ZCNFG configuration.
Icon erase57.lbr 33,408 2007/6/2 [19:11:00] ERASE erases a list of files from one or more directories. Several options for prompting before erasing, erasing of system files, and erasing read-only files. Version 5.7 implements a compact (4K) Type 4 executable but is otherwise very similar to Version 5.6.
Icon eraz15a.lbr 27,136 2007/6/2 [19:11:00] Fast CP/M and ZCPR3 Z80 file erasing utility with flexible command line option and configuration control over many aspects of the erasing process. Accepts multiple dir:filenames. Can use filename mask to exclude selected files from erasing. Great with RAM disks! Companion to ACOPY, DD, RENAMZ, and UNERAZ. Fixes problem with erasing more than 256 files. See ERAZ15a.HZS, ERAZ15.WZ.
Icon errset13.lbr 4,352 2007/6/2 [19:11:00] Updated to use Z33LIB routines and to work properly with release version of ZCPR33.
Icon exfind10.lbr 5,248 2007/6/2 [19:11:00] Extended file location utility. Used in conjunction with an offline catalog, reports results using ZCPR registers.
Icon extend12.lbr 9,600 2007/6/2 [19:11:00] Text file extender for all Z80 machines appends an input line to a new or existing ASCII file, allows ZCPR named directories. Great for batch processing under Z-System, as it can "keep notes" on what happened during unattended batch runs. New in this version are better status messages, ZCPR quiet flag sensing, and upper and lower case output control. Library includes EXTEND12.4OM, which is a type-4 program for ZCPR 3.4 only.
Icon fcb12.lbr 6,656 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] FCB is a file control block and command line buffer demonstration utility. You call FCB followed by a command line tail and it displays (in hex and ASCII) the CP/M or ZCPR3 intitialized file control blocks FCB1 and FCB2 and command line buffer. It can show how CP/M and ZCPR3 initialize the file control blocks when DU: and DIR: forms are specified and can help visualize FCB and command line buffer use when writing programs.
Icon files.bbs 29,339 1997/7/4 [02:00:00]
Icon files.pcb 50,944 1994/8/25 [02:00:00]
Icon fnderr14.lbr 7,040 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] No description available.
Icon for-nxt3.lbr 43,520 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] No description available.
Icon for12.lbr 14,848 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] Dreas Nielson's brilliant list expansion tool cleaned up and significantly shrunken (is that a word?). From March of '89.
Icon fvcdpat.lbr 1,664 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] Patch for FVCD Version 1.14B, XBIOS disk format utility, to replace the menu labels "Native 1" to "Native 4" with more meaningful labels indicating whether the selection is for 40 or 80 track disks and whether the selection is for boot disks or just for data. See source code header for instructions.
Icon getvar14.lbr 15,616 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] Program that prompts for user input and stores it in a shell variable. This version is exactly the same as the previous version except that it has a larger local stack which should allow it to work on those systems where 1.3 failed.
Icon gf13.lbr 10,240 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] GF, (G)eneralized (F)ilter, is a simple filter program designed to allow the user to change all occurrences of any single character within a text file to any other character. For ZCPR 3.3/3.4 systems only. Version 1.3 has been correctly relinked with a start address of 0100h instead of 0103h.
Icon goto14.lbr 6,528 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] No description available.
Icon hdback40.lbr 44,544 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] HDBACK40 is a combination ZEX script/ARUNZ alias technique to perform periodic backups of hard disk directories that ensures that any given file is always copied to the same backup floppy. Its prize feature is the display, each time it runs, of the time/date of the *last* backup for each hard disk directory. Flashy graphics displays if your terminal supports it. Very sophisticated integration of many ZCPR3 features. Requires ZCPR33 and ZDOS. Test version. - Rick Charnes
Icon holdz11.lbr 13,568 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] No description available.
Icon jetcp12.lbr 16,640 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] JetCP is a fastest-possible speed file copy program for Z3PLUS only. As such, it does not include many of the amenities found in more sophisticated (but slower) copy programs, such as multiple file capability, copy verification, or user-query options, but these capabilities are easily implemented by Z System. JetCP preserves file datestamps, if available. Version 1.2 includes source code, fixes some bugs, and is more efficient. 6/8/91 by Carson Wilson
Icon jltools.lbr 32,256 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] A toolkit and some instructions for some of the more advanced functions of JetLDR, by Bridger Mitchell. This includes a discuss of .ZRL format and a set of naming standards for NZCOM .ZRL segment
Icon lap.lbr 4,608 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] This is a ZCPR3.x segment loader and path setter designed more along the lines of BGQUICK or CLRRSX than LDR or PATH. Even faster than LLDR and saves scads of room in your startup alias. From England via NAOG/ZSIG Noember 30, 1987
Icon ld14.lbr 47,360 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] A ZCPR3 library directory utility that shows member files with their create and modify dates and times, sizes, compression method, uncompressed filenames, CRC's, and indexes. Embedded comments up to 76 characters can be displayed. Printer, disk file, and message register output. Wheel protection. Also runs under vanilla CP/M. Version 1.4 corrects a minor cosmetic bug and adds a help file.
Icon ldr15.lbr 13,952 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] LDR now searches along the Path for its packages. This will allow system configuration to be changed according to which path is active. - Joe Wright 3 June 1986
Icon ldsk20.lbr 8,320 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] No description available.
Icon lfind.lbr 5,888 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] A very nice (fast!) utility for uncovering files buried within LBRs by NULU author Martin Murray .
Icon lget13.lbr 3,968 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] This is the latest update patch to Rick Conn's original Z3 LBR member extractor. v1.1 corrected a TPA calculation bug in SYSLIB36, v1.2 replaced SYSLIB36's touchy ARGV with a more robust routine lifted from Joe Wright's LX11 release, this one obeys the quiet flag. LGET13 is half the size of LBREXT32 and a great deal faster, but lacks time/date and CRUNCH/LZH support. I use it for quickly loading a RamDisk from an LBR on a floppy or hard disk.
Icon linkprl1.lbr 19,328 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] No description available.
Icon llf11.lbr 9,728 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] LLF suffers from the same SYSLIB bug as LGET. Here's the fixed COM file and module source code.
Icon locndo12.lbr 12,672 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] New and improved version of "LOCate aNd DO". Searches entire drive directory instead of individual user areas as before. Double columm, and paged output. The only thing this lacks now is~~~~the ability to handle libraries and archives. I'm working on that.
Icon locndopt.lbr 2,560 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] This patch creates an updated version of Greg Miner's very useful LOCNDO utility. Starting with LOCNDO12.COM from LOCNDO12.LBR, simply MLOAD/MYLOAD LOCNDOPT.HEX to create a Type 1 COMfile with three added features: 1. Z3 entended ENV drive vector support 2. Obeys "//" help query 3. Won't attempt to run if no valid ENV Patch by Bruce Morgen, 8/1/91
Icon luz3.hlp 7,424 1997/6/23 [02:00:00]
Icon luz3.hzp 3,712 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] No description available.
Icon lx22.lbr 48,512 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] LX22 is a Z-System tool that executes type 1, 3, or 4 COM files directly from a named or default library. This version fixes the pesky absence of the appropriate newlines (CRLFs) when LX is the designated extended command processor (rather than a secondary or "forced" ECP chained from ARUNZ or equiv.). Bruce Morgen -- February 20, 1991
Icon maint14.lbr 33,792 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] MAINT14 is a NULU/NSWP/VLU/CRUNCH file that is a file-maintenance program. While, originally for the ADAM under CP/M or Adam's TDOS, , it can be adapted for most CP/M computers. a Terminal overlay is included. From Guy Cousineau
Icon make23a.lbr 24,960 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] No description available.
Icon mdu11.lbr 8,448 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] A tiny ZCPR3 utility to set or display the maximum drive and user (MAXDU) in the environment descriptor. It was written to test software and to allow reconfiguration of my drive system without creating a new ENV file. It might also be useful for RCP/M's. MDU.CIM is a type 3 version that loads at 8000h. Version 1.1 fixes a bug and adds wheel byte support.
Icon mkline.lbr 16,256 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] A utility for automatically generating ZEX or SUB files from a command-line script and a complex file specification.
Icon mtest.lbr 4,736 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] No description available.
Icon nt46.lbr 19,072 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] Note Taker is a small ZCPR3 utility for taking quick notes. Appends notes to any specified text file or preconfigured note file by default. Time and date appear before the note if available. Version 4.6 fixes some bugs in version 4.4, and is safe for secure Z Systems, adds Z3PLUS support, ZCNFG menu driven configuration, improved help, somewhat faster operation, and improved message prompt. For ZCPR 3.0+ and Z3PLUS. 17 Feb 90 by Rob Friefeld
Icon pack10.lbr 25,088 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] Reorganize the files on your drives. Allows you to specify where files are located and what order to put them in.
Icon packhelp.lbr 16,256 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] Basic and .com file that creates a one column listing from a listing created by the SD $F mode to make the filelist required by PACK10.
Icon page21.lbr 17,536 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] A maintenance update to Rick Conn's original controlled-scrolling ZCPR3 file typer that serves as powerful demonstration of the (still!) upcoming enhanced LIBs. The program is a full 1/2-K smaller than its predecessor, yet actually has more features, including wheel-controlled SYS file access, inter- character delays keyed to CPU speed, and an "intelligent" help screen. September 9, 1988
Icon pause11.obj 1,536 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] Jay's derivative of SAK (Strike Any Key) which he issued last Sept (87). I couldn't find the doc file that came with it. You should find help in the Z3HELP P.LBR here on the BBS, though. Uploaded for Rick Charnes. -Bill T.
Icon pmove12.lbr 19,968 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] Public MOVE utility. By tagging files as PUBLIC via the PROTECT command, using one of the file attribute bits, this utility will MOVE the files from one user area to another (on the same drive). If you don't have PUBLIC ZRDOS, combine this with an alias to gain access to WS overlays, etc... No need for patching CP/M or WS.
Icon poke12.lbr 7,168 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] This release of the Z33+ memory poker implements word-wide operations when a hex number of three or more digits is used, particularly useful when used with late-model aliases and their pointer capability, which returns word-wide values. With POKE12, such values can be passed to system registers for use for flow control in subsequent aliases or with RESOLVE, etc. Version 1.2 fixes a minor bug and corrects the help screen.
Icon push12.lbr 7,296 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] No description available.
Icon pwd21.lbr 48,512 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] Minor revision of PWD, adding a Type 4 executable, enhancing the program banner, and using ZSLIB video highlighting in lieu of the much bulkier VLIB routines used in v2.0. That version added paging and a new syntax that permits limiting the display to selected drives, excluded drives, and to only those dirnames that match a mask that you provide. Full configurable security provisions for RAS use. All COM files well under 4K. 11/12/91
Icon queue.lbr 11,776 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] No description available.
Icon quiet13a.lbr 12,288 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] QUIET sets, resets, and displays the ZCPR3 Quiet Flag. Version 1.3a adds command line Q option and optional default to quiet mode, configurable with ZCNFG. Type 3 and 4 versions included. Still under 1K.
Icon rcpmc12.lbr 14,592 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] RCP segment - wild card file copier update Allows option to copy by attribute (arc, sys, 1..4) or with Inspection before copy. 16 Dec 87
Icon rcpmke18.lbr 44,544 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] No description available.
Icon record31.lbr 9,472 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] This release of the ZCPR3 console/printer recording control program adds a Type 4 version, program error flag support, quiet flag obedience, command line quiet mode, and corrected device nomenclature. For use with a recording IOP, which can access either the local disk system (such as the I/O Recorder package by Joe Wright) or a remote computer running T3SERVER (as described in the TERM3 documentation). 12/23/90
Icon recorder.lbr 640 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] No description available.
Icon reg13.lbr 10,752 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] REG 1.3 supports all 32 registers plus direct set/display of error flag. The "quiet" option suppresses output when register values are changed, or the program can be patched to do this by default. This LBR contains a type- 4 version as well as high- and low-memory type-3 versions.
Icon rename37.lbr 34,048 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] RENAME renames files from the command line or interactively, using ambiguous filenames and CP/M-style or MS-DOS style syntax. Options allow prompting before each file is renamed, renaming of system files, and erasure of existing files without prompting. RENAME now renames R/W files about twice as fast and no longer erases existing R/O files without asking unless R option is used. Version 3.7 fixes an obscure bug affecting Control mode.
Icon renamz19.lbr 64,768 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] Fast CP/M and ZCPR3 Z80 file renaming utility. Optional caching of up to 256 disk directory entries in RAM for extra fast renaming. Flexible command line option and configuration control over many aspects of the renaming process. Can move files between user areas. Several new options include the ability to add or delete filename prefixes. Great with RAM disks! Companion to ACOPY, DD, ERAZ and UNERAZ. See RENAMZ19.NZW, RENAMZ19.HZP.
Icon resolv14.lbr 12,288 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] RESOLVE is a ZCPR3 utility to expand command line references to shell (environment) variables, system file names, register values, and the current drive and user. The major change in this version is in the handling of unresolved shell variables. If a shell variable cannot be resolved, the error flag is set and the variable itself is returned without the leading ''.
Icon rlib12.lbr 33,024 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] An update to RLIB11 suggested by Howard Goldstein fixes pagination for the /P option and removes the incorrect header which appears for screens after the first with the /M option. Functionally the same as version 11. Al Hawley Ladera Znode, (213)670-9465
Icon rlx16.lbr 15,360 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] Remote LX for ZCPR33. Combines the ZCPR33 features of LX15 with the wheel byte access control of LX14. New features include ability to enable/disable the second default library search & a change to the help display to show the name of the default library(s).
Icon rpeep12.lbr 12,928 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] Text file viewer/lister for Z33RCP. New version strips LF's, allows a few more K to be read in (code slightly smaller too), reads text files not terminated by 1Ah. About 1110 bytes, 60 less than v1.1, assemble without printer code to save 180 bytes. Called RPEEP rather than RCPPEEP to differentiate it from true RCP modules which equire no installation. R. Friefeld, 12/26/87.
Icon sak22b.lbr 7,168 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] Added the ability to create video attribute text after athe SAK on the command line. SAK will no longer translate/process control characters entered as part of your SAK text but instead will allow them to turn on various terminal attributes of your choice -- highlighting, reverse video, blink, etc. Even use for cursor positioning if you like... - Rick Charnes
Icon sapz12.lbr 20,608 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] SAP-Z, based on SAP 60, is a ZCPR3 utility that sorts and packs a disk directory. It reads the disk directory tracks, sorts them alphabetically, erases the tracks with E5's, and then rewrites them. A DU or DIR specification is required; anything else displays a usage message. Options configurable with ZCNFG. Version 1.2 fixes various bugs and runs under vanilla CP/M 2.2. Howard Goldstein, 9/27/91
Icon save16.lbr 13,696 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] Transient SAVE command for use with ZCPR34/NZCOM. The library contains type-3 and type-4 executables as well as Z80 source code. The only difference between this version and version 1.5 is that the code has been shortened. Now even the type-4 version will fit in one 2k block on disk. Howard Goldstein, November 2, 1990
Icon savndr13.lbr 7,680 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] Update to SAVENDR, which writes contents of named directory register into a file of type NDR for later reloading using JetLDR, LDR, NZCOM, etc. This version will erase an existing file with the same name.
Icon savstmp4.lbr 8,576 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] No description available.
Icon search22.lbr 23,552 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] Latest version of the text-searching program that made it onto the "essentials" list in PROFILES. This version adds cleaner command- line syntax and the ability to start a search at a given point in a file and display which alternative query matched.
Icon setpath1.lbr 17,792 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] Extended version of PATH with the ability to add or remove path elements from the existing path. Improved display of path.
Icon shctrl11.lbr 7,680 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] The new SHCTRL truly clears (zero-fills) the shell stack with the "C" option, displays after-terminator bytes with the "D" option, has Type 3 & 4 (for Z34/NZ/Z3+) executables. March 21, 1988 Added Type 4 version for release LBR, August 25, 1988
Icon shfile11.lbr 2,944 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] Update of the ZCPR3 utility to define/display the system shell variable file name. This version has a patchable quiet mode flag that can also be toggled from the command line with the Q option.
Icon show14.lbr 67,712 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] After several reports that SHOW13 failed to show the settings of certain flags (QUIET, FORMFEED), I finally took a look at the code. Sure enough, there was an obvious mistake in the routine for printing 'YES' or 'NO'. I think it is fixed now. Thanks to Nelson Buck for bringing this pointedly to my attention. Jay Sage, February 21, 1989
Icon shset22.lbr 8,576 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] Update allows "/"-prefixed shell command lines from the Z prompt. Like v2.1, SHSET22 uses a substitute command separator (&) allowing SHSET command lines to be built into aliases and ARUNZ scripts. It also has informative error messages, is obedient to the Quiet Flag and places a meaningful value in the Program Error Flag on failure. Simple interactive mode and run-time "quiet" operation supported, Type 3 & 4 (for Z34/NZ/Z3+) executables, etc. August 25, 1988
Icon shvar13.fix 640 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] Text file explaining how to fix a minor bug in SHVAR13.
Icon shvar13.lbr 12,800 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] Program to add, redefine, delete or list shell variables. This version fixes a bug that could cause a system crash under certain conditions when listing a large shell variable file. The listing can now be aborted with control-C.
Icon smallc-z.mzg 2,432 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] No description available.
Icon snap13b.lbr 15,232 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] ZCPR3 system segment saver/loader.
Icon spawn04.lbr 5,632 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] Beta test/demo program of a task 'spawner'. Have up to 10 tasks active at one time, switch with hot keys. NZCOM required, NO special installation/terminals required. E. Nolan 5/1/89
Icon sren10b.lbr 16,000 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] Previous library SREN10 had an error in the installation program which surfaces when arrow keys are undefined. Please yank that lib and replace it with this one. Thanks.
Icon sub35.lbr 24,064 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] The ZCPR3 disk-based batch command processor now obeys the Z33+ SUBECHO option bit as well as the environment quiet flag. The UNIX- style "$*" command tail parameter from ALIAS has been implemented, and SUB will optionally search a user-patched or command line specified library for the SUB file. A Z34ERR12-compliant error handler interface has been added and the code compacted via Z80 opcodes and the establishment of a modest DSEG.
Icon tester13.lbr 6,656 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] This version of the old Jay Sage program error flag tool adds support for JetFind v1.22 (Plu*Perfect Systems) -- the program error flag is set if JetFind has run with no "hits." A Type 3 safety header has also been added. February 28, 1991.
Icon testerrc.lbr 7,808 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] Updated version of TESTERR, includes support for error testing for Software Toolworks C/80 (Version 3.1) compiler.
Icon tsterr11.lbr 8,448 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] No description available.
Icon v06.lbr 12,160 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] Quad-directional file viewer for ascii, crunched and squeezed files of any length, with string-search and horizontal scrolling. Uses single-line "roll-back" algorithm from BGii and DATSWEEP. Buffering allows (limited) reverse viewing of crunched files. Allows multiple wild-card file specifications across directories. Requirements: ZCPR3 with termcap that supports insert/delete line/cleareos. Bridger Mitchell (Plu*Perfect Systems)
Icon verror17.lbr 17,152 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] No description available.
Icon vfgrafix.lbr 7,168 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] An experiment with improved graphics for the VFILER help/menu screen.
Icon wheel33.lbr 20,608 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] WHEEL sets, resets, and displays the ZCPR3 Wheel Byte. Version 3.3 adds ON and OFF as synonyms for SET and RESET, and a command line quiet option. Several configurable options can be set using ZCNFG, including the password. Type-3 and type-4 versions included.
Icon whlchk11.lbr 8,320 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] No description available.
Icon wildcat.txt 29,277 2014/8/20 [21:25:00]
Icon work-vmn.lbr 50,944 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] A library of menus and files associated with discussions of Z-News 503 and 504...
Icon ws-zcpr.lbr 24,064 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] No description available.
Icon wyse.dpg 2,304 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] DPROG definitions for Wyse WY-50 terminal.
Icon z34era10.lbr 9,088 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] No description available.
Icon z34err12.lbr 5,120 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] Z34ERR.LIB includes macros to generate error messages for the standard error codes issued by the ZCPR34 command processor and more recent Z-System utilities. These are used to invoke the error handler, but can also be used to set the program error flag. Version 1.2 adds error 19, invalid option.
Icon z3coms.lbr 87,296 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] No description available.
Icon z3cube11.lbr 10,112 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] Program to draw a 3-dimensional cube. Uses Z3 TCAP. An oldie, uploaded at request of Calvin Culver. -Bill Tishey
Icon z3ins15.lbr 9,984 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] This version of Z3INS corrects an error that caused very small COM files to be rejected as "not a ZCPR3 utility". Z3INS is still an important utility for programs which are to be loaded and run by other programs such as debuggers and communication programs. Al Hawley, Ladera Znode, (213) 649-3575
Icon z3loc19.lbr 11,264 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] This version of the venerable Z-System Address Locator is functionally near- identical to Joe Wright's Version 1.8, but has been shrunken back to 16 records (an even 2K) for the benefit of ramdisk and floppy- bound users. Assembles with M80 or RMAC and Z80.LIB, SLRMAC will doubtless also handle it. Will still run on 8080/8085 systems and under vanilla CP/M.
Icon zfindu.lbr 9,088 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] No description available.
Icon zldir.lbr 9,984 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] No description available.
Icon ztxttows.lbr 6,272 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] No description available.
Icon zwc.lbr 5,760 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] No description available.

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