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Icon 00-index.txt 1,654 2014/8/20 [21:25:26]
Icon doserr.obj 3,456 2007/6/2 [19:11:00] No description available.
Icon files.bbs 1,129 1997/7/4 [02:00:00]
Icon files.pcb 1,633 1994/8/25 [02:00:00]
Icon pubptz10.lbr 52,480 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] A re-issue of Bridger Mitchell's PUBlic patch for CP/M with an added twist - I have adapted it for use with Echelon's ZRDOS17, replacing the 'public' user-area method. **Not tested extensively, be careful**
Icon wildcat.txt 947 1997/7/4 [02:00:00]
Icon zrdos-ws.lbr 19,712 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] ZRDOS documentation formatted for hardcopy for those who prefer it that way. Formatted for WordStar. Contains comprehensive table of contents and documentation on public directory facility.
Icon zrdpub10.lbr 13,824 1993/6/8 [02:00:00] The purpose of this code is to kludge up a solution to the problem of certain programs wiping out ZRDOS public directory definitions. It has been tested with ZCPR 3.3 and ZRDOS 1.7. It may or may not work with other versions of this o/s, though judging by my ZRDOS docs it should work with versions that go as far back as 1.2 (first public ZRDOS?), and I see no good reason why it shouldn't work with other versions of ZCPR. Al Grabauskas 01/20/88

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