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Icon 00-index.txt 6,988 1994/9/7 [03:29:58]
Icon an12.lbr 7,040 1993/6/8 [01:32:26] Checks for matching ^A's (select alternate pitch) and ^N's (select normal pitch) in WordStar document files. Originally written in my early days in this business and last modified a year and a half ago, but it does the job.
Icon beditor.lbr 27,264 1993/6/8 [01:31:50] No description available.
Icon descript.ion 3,967 2015/10/25 [22:43:12]
Icon edit11.lbr 9,856 1993/6/8 [01:29:54] Replacement for ED, PIP, XDIR and DDT. Displays extended directory, allows you to create or edit text files, edits COM files, Copys files and more. And all in a 2K program. Complete Documentations included Will work on all CP/M 2.x or 3.0 machines. You only need to change the Clear Screen sequence which can be done with EDIT itself.
Icon files.bbs 4,225 1994/9/14 [17:00:52]
Icon files.pcb 6,893 1994/8/25 [18:16:58]
Icon m24.lbr 17,280 1993/6/8 [01:32:16] No description available.
Icon mergetut.lbr 28,416 1993/6/8 [01:24:46] Nice, simple easy tutorial that demonstrates MAILMERGE's potential as a programing environment for some really sophisticated and power-ful applications. MAILMERGE is one of those unsung heroes of the 8-Bit world little used seldom understood, a real "sleeper", and probably the real "power-house" or "power behind the throne" of WordStar 3.3 ans 4.0...these scripts are also portable to the MSDOS versions of WS/MAILMERGE/MERGEPRINT...Try it and see!
Icon savzvmem.lbr 16,640 1993/6/8 [01:31:14] SAVZVMEM is a small utility to preserve the memory image of a VDE/VDM/ZDE text file after a unexpected hang-up which requires a reset of your CP/M computer.
Icon vde-pat.lbr 7,424 1993/6/8 [01:26:30] No description available.
Icon vde265sp.lbr 26,880 1993/6/8 [01:27:18] No description available.
Icon vde266.lbr 83,968 1993/6/8 [01:29:36] The most recent version (6/88) of Eric Meyer's editor/word processor.
Icon vde266fx.doc 1,920 1993/6/8 [01:27:46] A bug fix for VDE266.
Icon vdemac2.lbr 7,296 1993/6/8 [01:26:42] This sequel to VDEMACRO presents several new macros developed for he version of VDE I use for straight word processing, including two macros which allow you to switch back and forth between two files. As before, a VDK file you can use to install the macros in your own copy of VDE is included to help you to follow the discussion. Fred Haines, 2-3-88.
Icon vdewboot.mes 1,152 1993/6/8 [01:29:40] VDE266 has a problem when the BDOS detects an error, read and find out how to fix it.
Icon vdkcom12.lbr 17,152 1993/6/8 [01:27:42] Compiles text file with a VDT extension to an overlay VDK file for installation in Eric Meyer's Video Display Editor with VINST265, or reconverts a VDK overlay to a VDT text file for further editing. New version offers no new features, but is much smaller and runs much faster than earlier versions. Make up complicated key macros by using VDE's full screen editing instead of the backspace-only editor in VINST. Fred Haines, April 1988.
Icon wildcat.txt 4,061 1994/9/14 [18:05:28]
Icon wordstar.lbr 43,648 1993/6/8 [01:30:52] No description available.
Icon ws4-shel.not 8,832 1994/9/2 [22:23:20]
Icon ws4-shel.nzt 4,864 1993/6/8 [01:25:38] Thoughts and notes -- well, actually a polemic with Ron Bardarson --about the implementation of WS4 as a ZCPR3 shell. - Rick Charnes, 7/18/88
Icon ws4bug.lbr 2,944 1993/6/8 [01:25:30] WS4 sometimes aborts with one of 2 error messages when it and it's support files are on the path but the current directory is not. This is a bug which is described in WS4BUG.LBR. The patch to fix the bug is included.
Icon ws4lmbug.fix 640 1993/6/8 [01:25:42] If your WordStar 4 hasn't been adjusting the left margin when you print with .PF on, it's because there's a bug. MicroPro has an official bug fix for it and here it is.
Icon ws4ndr.fix 640 1993/6/8 [01:25:44] Describes a simple patch to fix a bug in WordStar 4
Icon ws4pat.lbr 16,384 1993/6/8 [01:26:06] This file done by Joe Wright, extends WordStar 4's use of ZCPR 3's TCAP.
Icon ws4prndv.lbr 4,736 1993/6/8 [01:26:14] ALL ZCPR3 users who use Wordstar Release 4.0, this set of files will allow you to set any default printer driver before you print a file. Scripts may be used with Bprint to regain the background printing function that was lost in Release 4.0
Icon ws4zcpr3.fix 2,048 1993/6/8 [01:24:08] No description available.
Icon wscurkey.z80 2,048 1993/6/8 [01:32:30] WSCURKEY.Z80 is a patch for WordStar 4.0 for Kaypro '83 users. It is adapted from Dale Cook's WSKEYPAD.AZM but changes only the cursor keys, not the whole keypad. Assemble with ZMAC or other Z80 as-sembler.
Icon wsnot134.ark 28,800 1993/6/8 [01:25:24] Utility for doing footnotes or endnotes with WORDSTAR files. This is from Eric Meyer, and updates his widely circulated FOOTNOTE.COM programs.
Icon wsscript.pat 4,608 1994/9/2 [22:23:20]
Icon wsscript.pzt 2,560 1993/6/8 [01:26:20] CRUNCHED Text file describing a patch for WordStar to install Super-Script and Subscript on "non-standard" printers.

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