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Icon 00-index.txt 16,765 1994/9/7 [03:30:10]
Icon 0nzcom.doc 13,184 1993/6/8 [22:21:20] No description available.
Icon 168offer 1,792 1993/6/8 [22:17:54] One problem with CP/M, they say, is the lack of good new computers. This is an offer for the Xerox 16/8 DEM-II, a complete system with a 10 meg hard disk, for $379.95 including the shipping to your front door. A free years subscription to the Computer Journal and a $15 discount on NZCOM is included as well.
Icon 232apr88.gbg 25,600 1994/9/2 [22:23:44]
Icon 232apr88.gzg 11,648 1993/6/8 [22:14:16] April edition of Ben Grey's series of articles dealing with programming.
Icon admin.txt 1,792 1993/6/8 [22:14:00] Humorous announcement of the discovery of Administratium, heaviest element known to science.
Icon battery.bwr 2,048 1994/9/2 [22:23:50]
Icon battery.bzr 1,536 1993/6/8 [22:24:38] A warning about computer clock batteries, particularly for owners of certain Kaypro models.
Icon beware.pcp 6,144 1993/6/8 [22:17:16] For PC Pursuit users: Some messages of interest captured from the Telenet NET- EXCHANGE BBS, regarding the compromise of PC Pursuit password security. Of particular importance if you use a script or auto-dial program with PC Pursuit.
Icon boskug.inf 1,408 1993/6/8 [22:20:40] No description available.
Icon boskug.lst 1,152 1993/6/8 [22:14:44] This file contains the names and phone numbers of the BOSKUG (Boston Computer Society Kaypro/Osborne/CPM Group) activists and consultants.
Icon cardz180.inf 3,584 1993/6/8 [22:14:50] No description available.
Icon cpmsrc-j.lst 50,176 1994/9/2 [22:23:50]
Icon cpmsrc-j.lzt 23,680 1993/6/8 [22:17:48] - Text Update to the list of sources for CP/M and Z System commercial software, hardware and hardware upgrades,and periodicals.
Icon cpmsvl-d.lbr 84,736 1993/6/8 [22:20:22] CPMSVL-D.LBR is the 2nd edition of the CP/M Software Vendors List, from the CP/M SIG of the Pittsburgh Area Computer Club. It lists over 105 verified companies, vendors, users groups or other sources for both commercial or public domain CP/M software. NOTE: This library was released previously as CPMSRC C.LBR. -- S. Vincent
Icon dbpatchs.doc 6,144 1994/9/2 [22:23:48]
Icon dbpatchs.dzc 3,328 1993/6/8 [22:17:04] Beginnings of a list of the patchable bytes in DBASE 2.41 w/ special reference to auto date installation (with and without DATESTAMPER or ZSDOS).
Icon deathhac.ltr 2,560 1993/6/8 [22:14:22] Letter to editor, Computer Language, taking issue with "Death of the Hacker" column in July 1989 issue. (Bridger Mitchell)
Icon descript.ion 9,168 2015/10/25 [22:43:12]
Icon dosdisk.msg 1,280 1993/6/8 [22:14:54] Announces revolutionary Bridger Mitchell/Plu*Perfect tool permitting CP/M and Z users to log into PC DOS diskettes and use them as they would any other disk. Long awaited, long requested. As usual, it's Bridger who produces it. This msg file tells you how to order it. 13 Dec 87
Icon europe.txt 18,560 1994/9/2 [22:23:50]
Icon europe.tzt 9,472 1993/6/8 [22:24:22] An article on the home computer scene in Europe. Some interesting thoughts on public domain software.
Icon f80-m80.sav 1,536 1993/6/8 [22:21:52] How to modify the Heath version of F80 and M80 to run on other CPM machines.
Icon feedback.z3p 22,528 1993/6/8 [22:15:38] Wordy, possibly dated, underinformed info/questions/possible bug reports from experienced gained in installing large complex Z3PLUS system on a Morrow MD-5 (ATTN BARGAIN HUNRS, this machine w/all software + nice MT70 terminal + 5 Meg HD bought used 8/88 for $300: these suckers are getting cheap...) Uploaded at Jay Sage's request. Doubt anybody but Sage would want to look at it. Oh, well...
Icon fido.not 2,688 1994/9/2 [22:23:46]
Icon fido.nzt 2,048 1993/6/8 [22:15:44] Preliminary notes on implementing FIDO mail on RCP/Ms.
Icon filedate.msg 4,864 1994/9/2 [22:23:46]
Icon filedate.mzg 2,944 1993/6/8 [22:15:00] This is the text of a message I sent to Carson Wilson on Lillipute Z-Node #1 about his extraordinary program FILEDATE.COM, a fully DateStamper-compatible directory program with a huge number of options to sort a directory by date. It is still in beta- testing and will be released with the new DOSes, ZDDOS and ZSDOS, but I have been beta- testing it and find it quite amazing and wanted folks to have a taste of what's to come. - Rick Charnes, 6/3/88
Icon files.bbs 9,722 1994/9/14 [17:00:54]
Icon files.pcb 15,944 1994/8/25 [18:35:06]
Icon format.inf 38,272 1994/9/2 [22:23:48]
Icon format.izf 14,592 1993/6/8 [22:21:42] 14592 06-08-93 This is a review of a several word format programs including ROFF4, RNF13, ALPHATXT and WordStar. It gives examples of how they insert fill blanks to justify to even margins and how (or if) they reformat munged text. It shows how they handle punctuation ending a sentence. Examples of the new JUSTIFY.COM program are included. Good informa-tion for anybody interested in word processing. 114 records, 15k.
Icon gs.ada 1,152 1993/6/8 [22:20:34] No description available.
Icon hdinfo.lbr 50,560 1993/6/8 [22:13:54] Files translated from the original HD0591R4.ZIP into this library. It is a comprehensive compilation of data about most hard disk drives. The original ZIP file had the main data in a self-expanding EXE file and thus could be used only on an MSDOS system. The .PYN file included here is the resulting PRN file compressed using LZH rev 2. Al Hawley, Ladera Z-Node (central) 09/21/91
Icon histshel.not 8,064 1994/9/2 [22:23:46]
Icon histshel.nzt 4,608 1993/6/8 [22:15:08] 4608 06-08-93 Urgently soliciting comments on suggestion that a feature be included in new history shell now being developed by Rob Friefeld. When one is typing multiple commands directly at the ZCPR3 prompt, one could reference a token appearing earlier on the command line without retyping it. Instead of RENAME JONES.LTR HARVEY.LTR;VDE JONES.LTR we could type, using "$" as the "escape character" that indicates relative position from left, "RENAME JONES.LTR HARVEY.LTR;VDE $3".
Icon infocom.inf 2,688 1994/9/2 [22:23:48]
Icon infocom.izf 1,792 1993/6/8 [22:21:58] Bargain prices for CP/M Infocom games for all you Zork...
Icon infocom.upd 4,224 1994/9/2 [22:23:46]
Icon infocom.uzd 2,432 1993/6/8 [22:18:30] Information on porting Infocom data files from other operating system for use with the CP/M version of the Infocom interpreter program.
Icon julian.lbr 8,704 1993/6/8 [22:14:34] Assembly language routines for converting between DateStamper and Julian (CPM+) format dates. Handles leap years and is correct through 2/28/2100 (you should live so long). Howard Goldstein
Icon kenmore.rtc 1,408 1993/6/8 [22:17:58] The new BDOS replacements such as ZSDOS give you the power of time date stamping. The problem is that most Z80 computers were sold without a real time clock! Here is an offer for the Kenmore clock, one of the most versatile clocks available for Z80 computers.
Icon mac-chal.z80 3,840 1994/9/2 [22:23:48]
Icon mac-chal.zz0 2,304 1993/6/8 [22:21:48] Solution to a "challenge" for macro assembler programmers, presented by Jay Sage (proposed by Ben Grey).
Icon magicprt.inf 36,864 1994/9/2 [22:23:46]
Icon magicprt.izf 18,048 1993/6/8 [22:18:24] Introduction to and tutorial on how to use Magic Print, the true pro-portional spacing program for Diablo compatible and NEC SpinWriter impact printers and HP LaserJet compatible and Quadram Quadlaser printers.
Icon maillist.inf 9,344 1994/9/2 [22:23:48]
Icon maillist.izf 5,248 1993/6/8 [22:16:58] Mailing list information. Article by Eric Pement describes free services offered by US Postal Service to verify, correct, and standardize delivery addresses, and add ZIP+4 to all addresses on your mailing list datafile. Also info on how to get changes- of-address entered on your mailing list, without paying the Post Office 25 cents to inform you after your bulk mailing.
Icon modems.lst 5,376 1993/6/8 [22:24:04] This is a file I picked up over the ARPA Net. It is a compendium of information on various 2400 bps and up modems, including prices, company phone numbers, and references to reviews. Jay Sage, August 19, 1987
Icon multcopy.msg 768 1993/6/8 [22:15:46] Plu*Perfect and Bridger Mitchell announce a multi-format and copy program for Kaypro computers. This one is vastly superior to UNIFORM, or anything else ever marketed. File tells how to obtain it, and what it is. 13 Dec 87
Icon netdos.req 4,608 1993/6/8 [22:15:54] A short file about NetDOS, a SCSI LAN for NZCOM systems. NetDOS will allow multiple Z- Systems to share files without nasty file allocation problems. Come to X-Node at 408-432-0821 for the latest info.....
Icon new-sys.ops 6,912 1994/9/2 [22:23:46]
Icon new-sys.ozs 3,712 1993/6/8 [22:16:06] No description available.
Icon newbye.msg 3,200 1993/6/8 [22:16:12] No description available.
Icon no-slot.lbr 15,744 1993/6/8 [22:16:48] Another set of routines for interfacing to the SmartWatch clock chip with an SB180.
Icon nsweep.bug 1,024 1993/6/8 [22:15:58] If you use ZSDOS, ZRDOS or NovaDOS, improper use of Dave Rand's NewSweep can destroy files. Please read this file and pass it on to all systems which support these DOS's.
Icon nzc12upd.inf 2,176 1993/6/8 [22:20:44] This file contains information on obtaining updates to version 1.2 of NZ-COM from Sage Microsystems East. Jay Sage
Icon nzcom.inf 5,888 1993/6/8 [22:20:56] This file describes the now released NZ-COM and Z3PLUS automatic, universal, dynamic Z- Systems.
Icon optasm.msg 6,016 1993/6/8 [22:24:48] This file contains a message I posted to the ARPA Net describing the new 16-bit (8086) assembler from SLR Systems (Steve Russell). In brief, it is every bit as revolutionary and spectacular as SLR's 8-bit assemblers. Sage Microsystems East is offering OPTASM at $159. Jay Sage
Icon portal.inf 29,440 1994/9/2 [22:23:44]
Icon portal.izf 13,952 1993/6/8 [22:23:54] At last: An inexpensive means of access to the Nets. Portal is a new flat-rate communications service providing several attractive features, including two-way Usenet access and UUCP/ARPA/BITNET E-mail. PC Pursuit users pay only $10/month to Portal (plus the normal $25/month to Telenet), and can connect directly (no DIALxxx BUSY!) at 2400 bps.
Icon px8dirs.a 9,472 1993/6/8 [22:16:26] No description available.
Icon slr180p.bug 1,792 1993/6/8 [22:14:40] Bug in SLR virtual assembler SLR180+ Assembly fails for some, not all tpa sizes, and differing numbers of output files.
Icon strdat12.lbr 69,888 1993/6/8 [22:23:32] No description available.
Icon tcj-back.300 9,216 1994/9/2 [22:23:46]
Icon tcj-back.3z0 4,608 1993/6/8 [22:20:30] Listing of back issues of The Computer Journal along with an order form for them and for subscriptions.
Icon ultra.inf 9,984 1994/9/2 [22:23:50]
Icon ultra.tzt 5,632 1993/6/8 [22:24:32] An ASCII text file describing the ULTRABOARD, an add-on board for CP/M Kaypros from High Tech Research, which speeds up the old machines, and increases their RAM capacity, to the level of the DOS ATs. Board uses the new ZILOG Z280 chip.
Icon wildcat.txt 9,606 1994/9/14 [18:05:28]
Icon xbios.inf 2,432 1993/6/8 [22:21:02] No description available.
Icon zedux280.msg 1,536 1993/6/8 [22:24:08] An update on the new generic z280 card.
Icon zsdos.ann 12,032 1994/9/2 [22:23:44]
Icon zsdos.azn 6,016 1993/6/8 [22:12:48] I have added to Carson Wilson's announcement of the shipping of ZSDOS by doing something I've wanted to do for ages. I've compiled a list of all known (to me) CP/M and ZCPR3 programs that support ZSDOS/DateStamper datestamping, alphabetized them (thanks, WordPerfect), and wrote a little blurb about each. If I had just purchased ZSDOS and/or were just starting out with datestamping I think I'd find this list mighty handy and useful. - Rick Charnes

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