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Icon 00-index.txt 6,261 1994/9/7 [03:30:12]
Icon arunz11.lbr 68,608 1993/11/7 [08:19:48] Z-System (CP/M) extended command processor for running aliases (Alias RUN for Z-system). Version 1.1 has had some minor bugs fixed by Howard Goldstein. Full source is included. Uploaded by: Jay Sage
Icon clock24.lbr 58,368 1994/2/4 [02:05:50] Set/read the MM58167 clock chip used by the Kenmore, Anapro and CDR Super RAM H89 clocks. Adjusts the clock for leap year and Daylight Savings Time! With ZCPR3 has option to show elapsed time or if an H19 terminal put time on the 25th line. Can now Uploaded by: Biff Bueffel
Icon descript.ion 3,532 2015/10/25 [22:43:12]
Icon faust.lbr 124,928 1990/8/9 [12:48:56] New CP/M Text Adventure Game. Not recommended for members of the Moral Majority.
Icon files.bbs 3,762 1994/9/14 [17:00:56]
Icon files.pcb 6,414 1994/8/26 [09:49:14]
Icon jthlib16.lbr 15,744 1994/1/9 [13:22:28] Custom routines originally developed for use in REMIND and ZP fill somewhat special purpose needs by doing things slightly differently than the corresponding standard library routines or by providing new services that I found useful and worth sharing. - Terry Hazen Uploaded by: Howard Goldstein
Icon remind22.lbr 43,776 1994/2/13 [00:05:12] ZCPR3+DOS_Clock appointment reminder utility displays and can print a calendar for the current and next months, plus a sorted and paged list of dated appointment reminder lines from a text datafile. V2.2 fixes a minor bug and adds a display of next month's calendar. Uploaded by: Mike Finn
Icon sclock18.lbr 23,808 1994/1/1 [19:13:18] Ampro/Yasbec ZCPR33+ type 3 utility sets and reads the SmartWatch battery-backed hardware calendar/clock. With the SET function of a ZSDOS clock driver or under Ampro BIOS 3.9+ or n/BIOS, the ZSDOS or BIOS system clock can be updated directly from the SmartWatch using a new linear time correction factor to automatically compensate for a SmartWatch's inacuracies. See SCLOCK18.HZP. Uploaded by: Jay Sage
Icon wildcat.txt 3,581 1994/9/14 [18:05:30]
Icon xox12.lbr 72,960 1993/12/26 [21:15:26] Text file viewer with additional features for listing blocks, writing blocks to disk, and merging files. List of files to be viewed is generated from the command line and may be selected and sorted by file date stamp. Uses extended TCAP. Version 1.2 fixes a couple of minor bugs and adds a configuration option for overlap on vertical scrolling. Uploaded by: Howard Goldstein
Icon zdb23.lbr 87,808 1994/3/19 [18:07:34] ZCPR3 name and address database manager is small, very fast and easy to use. Requires a VLIB4D+ graphics Z3TCAP. Can print envelopes and labels with USPS DPBC barcodes and can write all or part of the database to ADR, CDF (MailMerge) or WSF output text datafiles. Has name and zipcode indexes, fast name searches and telephone (modem) dialer. Uploaded by: Howard Goldstein
Icon zf11.lbr 142,336 1993/9/18 [17:56:44] Version 1.1 of the ZFILER shell (at last). This version includes a language overlay structure that makes it easy to change the screen displays to adapt them to foreign languages or users' preferences -- Jay Sage
Icon zf11help.lbr 39,936 1994/2/18 [00:15:24] Help files for ZFiler, v1.1. Derived from the documentation provided with ZFiler and written by Jay Sage. They were originally presented in issue #36 and #37 of The Computer Journal. Reprinted with permission of the publisher. Leo M. Cavanaugh 01/16/94 Uploaded by: Mike Finn
Icon zf11src.lbr 111,104 1993/11/20 [22:30:20] Source code for ZFILER 1.1
Icon zn3msgs.zip 111,919 1994/3/2 [21:22:00] This is a collection of all of the messages posted in the main area on Jay Sage's original Z-Node #3 running on an Ampro computer in Newton, Massachusetts, at the time it was taken out of service and the activity merged with the Boston Computer Society Zitel BBS (617-965-7259, 7046) Files: 3 New: 03.02.94 Old: 03.02.94 DIZ Uploaded by: Jay Sage
Icon zxd20.lbr 30,080 1993/11/20 [23:04:22] Updated version of the ZSDOS eXtended Directory lister incorporating a faster algorithm and provisions for NZTIME in addition to P2DOS (CP/M+), DateStamper(tm), and DosDisk(tm) file stamps. by Hal Bower, 07/18/93

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