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Icon 00-index.txt 24,621 1994/9/7 [03:30:06]
Icon b5c-lb36.ins 3,712 1994/9/2 [22:23:28]
Icon b5c-lb36.izs 2,304 1993/6/8 [22:30:58] BYE Clock insert for Little-Board BIOS clock
Icon bye9600.fix 1,280 1993/6/8 [22:38:38] Replacement modem response lookup table to allow BYE510.AS to operate at 9600 bps using a HST.
Icon descript.ion 13,609 2015/10/25 [22:43:14]
Icon dowjones.mzx 896 1993/6/8 [22:26:16] Script file for accessing dow-jones via unattended MEX. Good model for MEX scripting work.
Icon exchange.lst 73,472 1994/9/2 [22:23:26]
Icon exchange.lzt 27,136 1993/6/8 [22:30:52] No description available.
Icon exchange.txt 41,600 1994/9/2 [22:23:38]
Icon exchange.tzt 17,792 1993/6/8 [22:46:42] A compilation of the exchanges served by all the PC-Pursuit outdials. This list was made from the collection of individual files downloaded from the PC-Pursuit BBS by Jay Sage, 1/92.
Icon files.bbs 14,340 1994/9/14 [17:00:58]
Icon files.pcb 23,459 1994/8/25 [18:36:18]
Icon geniecpm.inf 5,504 1993/6/8 [22:50:54] No description available.
Icon i218-4.asm 13,184 1994/9/2 [22:23:36]
Icon i218-4.azm 7,168 1993/6/8 [22:35:36] No description available.
Icon i2bt-4.asm 12,032 1994/9/2 [22:23:32]
Icon i2bt-4.azm 7,168 1993/6/8 [22:32:52] IMP overlay for the Beehive Topper
Icon i2mm-5.z80 14,464 1993/6/8 [22:28:04] A modified SB180 overlay for IMP uses true DTR toggling to disconnect the modem (my modem wouldn't disconnect using the RTS toggle in the v4 overlay. In addition a modem initialization string has been added. The DTR routine is the work of Rory Kestner.
Icon i2ry-1.asm 13,056 1994/9/2 [22:23:26]
Icon i2ry-1.azm 7,296 1993/6/8 [22:54:34] No description available.
Icon i2vi-3.aqm 10,880 1993/6/8 [22:27:06] Visual 1050 Overlay for IMP245
Icon i2vi-3.asm 15,872 1994/9/2 [22:27:26]
Icon imp245s.lbr 85,632 1993/6/8 [22:44:50] Available for the first time: source code in 8080 assembly language for IMP245, Irv Hoff's superb communications program for CP/M.
Icon imp2z11.lbr 12,800 1993/6/8 [22:35:54] This is an alias like MEX2Z10/11.LBR in the ZSIG dir. Its purpose is to run IMP244/5 as a shell. Thus you can call up imp thru the alias then as you are on line exit to say an editor do up a quick message then as you finish you are automaticly back in IMP! ;-) Enjoy ===Jerry===
Icon impmyz80.lbr 18,688 1993/6/8 [22:48:58] No description available.
Icon li.mex 6,016 1993/6/8 [22:28:14] Written in Feb. 1986 this is the grandfather of everything I've done. LI.MEX (LogIn) is a MexPlus script for logging in to BBS, written by one George M. Sipe. -Rick Charnes
Icon m7vt-4.asm 12,288 1993/6/8 [22:35:24] VT180 overlay for MDM740
Icon memory.doc 1,536 1994/9/2 [22:27:26]
Icon memory.dqc 1,024 1993/6/8 [22:35:58] 1024 description available.
Icon mex-ez.doc 19,328 1994/9/2 [22:23:42]
Icon mex-ez.dzc 9,600 1993/6/8 [22:53:20] Quick help file for MEX. Useful for a tutorial of the commands and the general theory behind the programming uses of MEX.
Icon mex-set2.doc 13,312 1994/9/2 [22:23:44]
Icon mex-set2.dzc 6,656 1993/6/8 [22:53:30] File explaining some uses of the READ files in MEX. Some good exam-ples of scripts and also some good info.
Icon mex114fx.lbr 2,816 1993/6/8 [22:46:18] A patch to fix several bugs in MEX v1.14, including all known problems with the CompuServe "A" protocol. Requieres a Z80 or Z80 compatible processor.
Icon mexpat01.doc 1,408 1993/6/8 [22:36:02] This message that came in over the APRA Net describes how to patch MEX114 to substitute a backspace character for a received rubout (delete) character. This patch is apparently useful when one is connected to GENIE.
Icon mexpat22.asm 6,528 1994/9/2 [22:23:38]
Icon mexpat22.azm 3,968 1993/6/8 [22:46:10] General patch file for MEX and MEX+. Allows one to change various default options including buffer sizes. use on a virgin (uncloned) copy of mex.
Icon mexread.art 13,824 1994/9/2 [22:23:32]
Icon mexread.azt 7,040 1993/6/8 [22:36:14] Rick Charnes takes you through batch file transfers with the MEX READ command.
Icon mexread1.lbr 69,120 1993/6/8 [22:42:52] A collection of .DOC and .HLP files for MEX114 script writing
Icon mexv2080.lbr 14,720 1993/6/8 [22:46:04] Allows MEX (1.X) to run on an I Break Much clone in conjunction with V2080.LBR for those of us who wish an easier transfer between Z- system and MS-DOS clones.
Icon mexwelcm.lbr 3,200 1993/6/8 [22:54:42] MEX script file for using MEX as a remote type system. Quite handy and interesting as a programming model for MEX. Requires the ANSWER function in your overlay be working (mine isn't.. sigh).
Icon mnemonic.txt 3,456 1994/9/2 [22:23:42]
Icon mnemonic.tzt 1,664 1993/6/8 [22:53:04] No description available.
Icon mxc-ds10.z80 4,992 1994/9/2 [22:23:34]
Icon mxc-ds10.zz0 2,688 1993/6/8 [22:37:52] MEXplus Clock overlay for ANY Z80 computer running Plu*Perfect's DateStamper. Gets its' time/date from DS which has already handled the hardware peculiarities. MEXplus script files may now reference time/date allowing unattended processing at any date/time. The routines in this overlay could easily be adapted to other programs for easily getting time/date from DS for control applications.
Icon mxc-s180.z80 1,152 1993/6/8 [22:37:56] This is a MEX clock overlay for using the SB180 software wall clock. I intend to add a MEX script for setting the date, which is now fixed at the realistic value of Feb 31, 2001. ----------Jerry Black, 14 March 1987
Icon mxc-zs10.z80 13,184 1994/9/2 [22:23:38]
Icon mxc-zs10.zz0 6,912 1993/6/8 [22:45:40] A hardware-independent clock overlay for MEX Plus, which should work on any machine running ZSDOS with a clock installed. The CSET command is implemented and it allows very flexible setting of the system clock from within MEX. Any single element of the time and date (the seconds, for instance) can be adjusted without touching anything else.
Icon mxh-am11.asm 20,480 1994/9/2 [22:23:34]
Icon mxh-am11.azm 11,008 1993/6/8 [22:28:50] No description available.
Icon mxh-am14.z80 25,344 1994/9/2 [22:23:42]
Icon mxh-am14.zz0 13,184 1993/6/8 [22:51:22] MXH-AM14.Z80 - physical overlay for MEX+, Ampro LB , NZ-COM Adapted from MXO-AMNZ.MAC, which had some incorrect offsets in its "find the real BIOS" routine, and MXH AM11.ASM, from which I got the DCD and ring-detection routines. The 'break' function is now supported. Bruce McIntosh
Icon mxh-ap55.lbr 18,560 1993/6/8 [22:38:22] solves the character loss on scroll problem on Apples with Applicard and SuperSerial card up to 2400. Tested on //e, may work on ][+. Includes .DVR. Somewhat experimental but has ON/OFF feature in MEX.
Icon mxh-na13.asm 12,672 1994/9/2 [22:23:34]
Icon mxh-na13.azm 7,296 1993/6/8 [22:38:34] No description available.
Icon mxh-oexz.asm 29,824 1994/9/2 [22:23:38]
Icon mxh-oexz.azm 15,872 1993/6/8 [22:45:16] MEX+ terminal overlay for Osborne Executive with Z3PLUS. MXH-OEX adds a powerful SET command (set baud,parity,length,bits,auto answer and more).However MXH-OEX.ASM apparently makes MEX+ bigger than it thinks it is and it trashes the first 4 bytes of Z3ENV. This overlay has shrunken (by removing port select code) to the point that it now works with Z3PLUS. Renamed to MXH-OEXZ.ASM
Icon mxo-amnz.mac 22,656 1994/9/2 [22:23:34]
Icon mxo-amnz.mzc 11,776 1993/6/8 [22:29:08] No description available.
Icon mxo-fx15.180 36,992 1994/9/2 [22:23:40]
Icon mxo-fx15.1z0 19,328 1993/6/8 [22:48:30] I've been tweeking this MEX-Plus overlay for the SB180FX for a couple of years now, so I think it's about time I released an update. This is for Hayes-compatible smart modems. Both the SET and SSET commands are implemented. Disconnect uses DTR. Modem is initialized just before dialing so you can leave MEX and return without causeing any untoward line events. Modem speed is stored in Page 0 and retrieved on re-entry.
Icon mxo-hd10.z80 18,176 1994/9/2 [22:23:40]
Icon mxo-hd10.zz0 9,728 1993/6/8 [22:38:52] No description available.
Icon mxo-lb3r.asm 12,160 1994/9/2 [22:23:26]
Icon mxo-lb3r.azm 6,912 1993/6/8 [22:26:38] No description available.
Icon mxo-on2.lbr 22,912 1993/6/8 [22:47:54] Fairly elaborate MEX114 overlay for the ON! Computer.
Icon mxo-sbs4.z80 33,920 1994/9/2 [22:23:40]
Icon mxo-sbs4.zz0 18,176 1993/6/8 [22:39:18] This is an overlay file MEX and the SB180. The only change made was to add CPU speed selector, so that SB180's upgraded to 9.216 MHz can use their modems. I also added for 12.288 MHz CPU, this so that if Hitachi makes a 12MHz chip that you can just chang the CPU selecto r. This overlay may work on SB180 FX.
Icon mxo-sn10.azm 19,712 1993/6/8 [22:35:06] No description available.
Icon mxo-tel.azm 15,360 1993/6/8 [22:39:40] No description available.
Icon mxo-vt11.asm 16,384 1994/9/2 [22:23:38]
Icon mxo-vt11.azm 7,040 1993/6/8 [22:45:28] VT180 overlay for MEX11x
Icon mxt-tv65.mac 5,376 1993/6/8 [22:48:04] A MEX-Plus terminal descriptor for the TeleVideo 965 terminal. Can be assembled (with ASM, MAC, SLRMAC, or Z80ASM) to a hex file; then either overlayed onto MEX Plus, or loaded with MEX's INSTALL command and then MEX can be cloned.
Icon pcp.mex 640 1993/6/8 [22:39:44] No description available.
Icon pcp26inc.lbr 17,280 1993/6/8 [22:40:10] No description available.
Icon pcpd0788.lbr 6,528 1993/6/8 [22:53:42] No description available.
Icon pcpimp.lst 9,344 1994/9/2 [22:23:36]
Icon pcpimp.lzt 5,376 1993/6/8 [22:40:18] 5376 06-08-93 A RCPM listing data file for use with the PCPIMP dialer. Taken from the monthly RCPM listing and Irv Hoff's short PDFT listing.
Icon pcpimp07.ark 29,056 1993/6/8 [22:54:22] David Cornwell's latest (7/14/88) version of his excellent modem autodial/redial program for CP/M PC-Persuit users. Enjoy ===JERRY M.===
Icon pcppack.arc 72,704 1993/6/8 [22:32:32] Collection of all informational files from the PC Pursuit file area on Telenet's Net- Exchange BBS. Includes the latest outdial mnemonics and exchange lists (MNEMONIC.TXT and EXCHANGE.TXT), which have been updated within the past week. This package is current as of 8 December 1988.
Icon pcpxfer.arc 7,424 1993/6/8 [22:26:28] PC Pursuit file transfer protocol recommendations from Telenet's Field Operations.
Icon qt-c128.ovl 1,024 1993/6/8 [22:49:02] Commodore 128 1K overlay for QTERM 42G
Icon qt-genie.z 4,224 1993/6/8 [22:49:10] QTERM patch to make GEnie online conferences easier. It uses the user function (^\ U or !u from a chat script) to enable or disable "line splitting". Responses to the prompt can be 'y' or 'n' for simple yes/no enable and disable, return alone defaults to yes. In addition, a number can be entered to override the default line length of thirty characters before a line break happens.
Icon qt-upat.lbr 3,712 1993/6/8 [22:26:50] This patch utilizes the user patch area (^U) set aside in QTERM by its author(s). Allows the user to toggle between two ports from within QTERM. It allows one copy of QTERM to do the same job as two. Works great for a LAN situation where you have a modem on one port and a second computer on another.
Icon qt-xerox.pzt 5,120 1993/6/8 [22:50:28] QTerm overlay for xerox 820-II, 16/8.
Icon qt-xerox.z 8,960 1994/9/2 [22:23:42]
Icon qt43efix.lbr 4,352 1993/6/8 [22:32:40] Fix for a bug that affects Ymodem transfers in Qterm v 4.3E
Icon qt43src.lbr 75,136 1993/6/8 [22:34:30] Source code files for QTERM v 4.3E (ZSM assembler)
Icon qterm43f.lbr 73,856 1993/6/8 [22:53:00] This is the fixed version of QTERM43E.LBR recompiled from source code using the corrected modules from QT43EFIX.LBR with the author's permission.
Icon qtgechat.lbr 7,168 1993/6/8 [22:41:20] Impressive example of how chat scripts can be used with QTERM on GENIE
Icon qtmes.scr 8,960 1993/6/8 [22:50:44] A sample file to show how to use QTERM to capture files on CIS, as well as connect to various nodes on Starlink. Really makes an improvement when using Starlink. Also.. it automates usage on CompuServe, so CP/Mers can speed up their time, and shorten their charges. see QTREPL.SCR for how to reply and post new messages.
Icon qtrepl.scr 3,712 1993/6/8 [22:51:02] A sample file on how to reply and post messages on CompuServe after grabbing them with QTMES.SCR. the commands used in both are standard CIS commands. Both QTREPL.SCR and QTMES.SCR automate CP/M users on CIS, letting them save both time and charges. Use with QTMES.SCR
Icon rcpm0493.brf 19,456 1994/9/2 [22:23:26]
Icon rcpm0493.bzf 9,344 1993/6/8 [22:27:40] April '93 list of remote CPM systems, brief version
Icon rcpm0493.lst 93,312 1994/9/2 [22:23:36]
Icon rcpm0493.lzt 33,792 1993/6/8 [22:41:04] April '93 list of remote CPM systems, full version
Icon rcpmscan.lbr 2,432 1993/6/8 [22:26:44] An excellent new utility for searching the RCPM list, starting with RCPM0788.LST. Much improved over the old SCAN utilities, this new scanner was developed in assembler by Steve Greenberg and is based on and works similar to Irv Hoff's FOR.COM. This file is included in RCPM0788.LBR, but we feel this separate upload is justified so no one will miss this fine contribution.
Icon rzmp16.lbr 62,464 1993/6/8 [22:57:44] Update to the Cp/m Zmodem remote transfer program finally provides a method for logging transfers. Included is a Zfiler look-alike for tagging files in multiple directories and then chaining to RZMP for transfer. Rzmp creates a filelist on disk of all transfers, then can chain to a seperate log program to format and write the filelist to the normal .LOG file. Zcprxx or at least a separate command line type system required. No provision for FOR file entries.
Icon rzmplog4.lbr 50,816 1993/6/8 [22:30:14] This library contains an updated RZMPLOG which will request entries for each file uploaded and add them to the FOR file in addition to the previous .LOG file entries. For use with RZMP16. Ver. 4 provides an insert that provides multiple upload areas and locations to patch to turn off descriptions or choose KMD or R style FOR headers.
Icon schedule.mex 1,920 1993/6/8 [22:42:56] Nice script by Ron Fowler for MEXPLUS that allows a command to be executed at a certain time. Especially nice feature is that it updates the time display as it waits. - Rick Charnes
Icon t3m-hi3.lbr 6,272 1993/6/8 [22:34:40] This is the TERM3 port overlay revision for the SB180/SB180FX I did last summer and sent up to Dave McCord -since Dave never acted on it, it's now a release item - the major upgrade is that the CPU clock speed is determined at run-time from the ZCPR3 environment descriptor and the proper baud rate divisors selected. Changing the port address still requires re-assembly or patching. March 30, 1988
Icon t3mspat2.lbr 1,792 1993/6/8 [22:44:54] Allows the small version of T3MASTER to accept the "&" alternate command separator from the command line. This allows an alias or other script to implement a distributed Z- System from the "local" computer rather than "remote."A script line can execute a command on the "remote" and return to the preferred "local" interface (command line or shell), leaving T3SERVER active on the "remote" for fast response.
Icon t3mstpat.lbr 1,920 1993/6/8 [22:46:48] 1920 06-08-93 If you find it difficult to get T3MASTER and T3SERVER to begin their dialogue, this patch could be very helpful. April 12, 1988
Icon t3sndr10.lbr 8,192 1993/6/8 [22:47:02] 8192 06-08-93 T3SENDER is a prompt-triggered sendout facility for TERMIII. Unlike T3SEND, which blindly squirts at full tilt without attempting to validate a clear command line to transmit to, T3SENDER will semi- intelligently attempt to confirm a system prompt before doing its thing and will report any error to the console and the Program Error Flag. It also uses the "&" substitute command separator convention to facilitate sending long multi-command lines to the remote. 04/13/88
Icon telenet.mex 1,792 1993/6/8 [22:41:10] No description available.
Icon ti-24-22.z80 14,336 1993/6/8 [22:47:22] No description available.
Icon wildcat.txt 14,261 1994/9/14 [18:05:30]
Icon zmo-kp06.lbr 19,200 1993/6/8 [22:58:12] Kaypro overlay for ZMP14 fixes a few bugs, utilizes reverse video. File also contains ZMP14.COM with overlay installed. Needs other overlays from ZMP14.LBR to run.
Icon zmo-md03.lbr 23,296 1993/6/8 [22:58:44] This is the edited [By Ben Grey of Ceader Mill Z-Node] version of the Morrow MD3 overlay for ZMp13. It is ZMO MD03.Z80. I could not get it to work with M80 [I have version 3.40]. Not only, when I changed some of the labels, would it not change speed from 1200 to 2400 but my version would 'die' when a disk dir was asked for. Ben's version works like a charm! I upload it so others can have a chance to check out the differances between the ZMP-OVL3.LBR version and this.
Icon zmo-ov05.azm 14,592 1993/6/8 [22:27:28] 14592 06-08-93 ZMP15 overlay for the Osborne Vixen. Written to assemble with z80mr. It works but is a kludge of several overlays by Irv Hoff for IMP245 and MDM740. I am using it now and have no problems except setting baud which is set to 2400 full time and no screen print which I can do from my keyboard anyway.
Icon zmodem8.doc 107,648 1994/9/2 [22:23:42]
Icon zmodem8.dzc 51,456 1993/6/8 [22:50:18] Chuck Forsberg's specifications for the ZMODEM file transfer protocol. Nice, lite, reading for a Sunday afternoon!
Icon zmp-ovl3.lbr 64,256 1993/6/8 [22:56:08] No description available.
Icon zmp14.bug 768 1993/6/8 [22:27:44] This file describes a minor bug in ZMP14 and tells how to repair it with a simple patch.
Icon zmp15.lbr 79,872 1993/6/8 [23:00:30] Zmodem communications program, current version. Allows CP/M - ZCPR systems to employ X,Y,and Z-modem protocols. Requires appropriate overlay for your system!
Icon zmp180b3.z80 15,744 1994/9/2 [22:23:44]
Icon zmp180b3.zz0 7,936 1993/6/8 [22:56:20] ZMP13 overlay for the SB-180 & FX

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