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Icon 00-index.txt 3,636 1994/9/7 [03:30:12]
Icon descript.ion 2,037 2015/10/25 [22:43:16]
Icon fatcat24.chg 640 1993/6/7 [21:26:48] No description available.
Icon fatcat24.lbr 157,824 1993/6/7 [21:30:10] No description available.
Icon files.bbs 2,280 1994/9/14 [17:01:02]
Icon files.pcb 3,548 1994/8/25 [18:36:30]
Icon nz-0812.not 2,048 1993/6/7 [21:30:38] No description available.
Icon nz-safe.txt 2,304 1994/9/2 [22:23:50]
Icon nz-safe.tzt 1,408 1993/6/7 [21:32:14] Text file about du: and dir: safety features of NZ-COM/ZCPR34.
Icon nz-src.lbr 64,512 1993/6/7 [21:32:10] Source to the various NZ-COM segments for the information of and use resulting REL files useless. No linker that I know of can resolve th NZRCP.REL file. Please don't complain about that. Your problem is immediately solved by ordering NZ-COM and joining the New Z-System revolution. More on .ZRL formats in an article by Bridger in the forth coming issue of The Computer Journal.
Icon nzbegin.lbr 23,680 1993/6/7 [21:26:46] This library collects four first-rate articles on NZCOM that make its purpose and workings accessible to those with no prior experience with ZCPR or NZCOM. It is also valuable even to those who are running NZCOM, as they may discover a new trick or two. Articles by Rick Swenton, excerpted from four issues of Pieces of 8, The Newsletter of the Connecticut CP/M Users Group.
Icon nzbio15.z80 4,992 1994/9/2 [22:23:50]
Icon nzbio15.zrl 384 1993/6/7 [21:30:32] New NZBIO for NZCOM/ZCPR34 in ZRL form
Icon nzbio15.zz0 3,072 1993/6/7 [21:32:20] No description available.
Icon nzc12upd.inf 2,176 1993/6/7 [21:26:14] This file contains information on obtaining updates to version 1.2 of NZ-COM from Sage Microsystems East. Jay Sage
Icon nzcom.inf 5,888 1993/6/7 [21:30:30] This file describes the now released NZ-COM and Z3PLUS automatic, universal, dynamic Z- Systems.
Icon nzrel12b.not 4,480 1993/6/7 [21:30:46] This is the RELEASE.NOT file from the version 1.2B release of NZ-COM as of November 20, 1988. Jay Sage
Icon wildcat.txt 2,108 1994/9/14 [18:05:32]
Icon zsnzbi11.lbr 4,480 1993/6/7 [21:26:00] This is a replacement for NZBIO.ZRL that builds a shell around BIOS disk calls, preserving IX and IY. Its primary use is fixing BIOSes that use IX and IY so ZSDOS will run with them.
Icon zsnzbi12.lbr 6,144 1993/6/7 [21:26:10] Version 1.2 of ZSNZBIO takes the protection of the BDOS/CCP/TPA from the CBIOS in NZCOM systems to the logical limits - IX, IY, AF', BC', DE', and HL' are now protected on ALL CBIOS calls. This NZCOM BIO replacement is a must for ZSDOS on any system that uses IX and IY in BIOS and will probably cure some strange ills on other systems (whose BIOS authors must have thought everybody runs all 8080 code!).

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