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Icon 00-index.txt 96,227 1994/9/7 [03:29:32]
Icon bdscpat.lbr 5,248 1993/6/7 [20:27:48] There is a bug in BDS C 1.6 and BDS Z 2.0 that causes the system to crash under certain conditions during the second pass of a compile. Here's a fix.
Icon c128-xgr.lbr 4,096 1993/6/7 [20:00:16] C128-XGR.LBR contains a new Z3 Termcap for the Commodore 128 with C128 line graphics. Programs like ZDT12+ will print line graphic boxes. Underline, blink and reverse attributes are also available. The 50 ms CL delay was removed, since the 128 doesn't seem to need it. Randy Winchester, 9/22/92.
Icon c128tcap.lbr 2,048 1993/6/7 [19:47:28] An extended TCAP for the C-128, this implements many of the extended functions, including simple ASCII characters for the graphics. The TCSRC13-generated source file has the labels CM:, RC: and GE: changed, since RMAC doesn't like them.
Icon clkmnt11.lbr 3,072 1993/6/7 [19:42:22] Are you tired of having to manually change the year on your Kenmore clock every January 1st, or fix the day-of-the-week after the 29th of February? CLOCKMNT eliminates both these annoyances. All you have to do is run it when you start up your system, or just after midnight each day on your BBS. The base address of the clock may be changed as required. Version 1.1 runs independently of DOS. See CLOCKMNT.Z80 for details.
Icon clock22.lbr 47,104 1993/6/7 [20:49:12] A program to set/read the MM58167 clock chip used by the Kenmore clock and the Anapro or CDR Super RAM H89 clock for the H89. Adjusts the clock for leap year and Daylight Savings Time. Use the CFG file to set the base port. Under ZCPR3 has option to show elapsed time or if an H19 terminal put time on the 25th line(Heath/ANSI mode). May work for other terminals (use CFG file). Biff Bueffel 3/24/93
Icon cmp30.lbr 15,360 1993/6/7 [19:35:54] This program compares two text or two binary files. It displays differences in hex and in character format. You may advance either file by a single byte or attempt to resynchronize the files based on a string. Runs under both CP/M and Z-System. Written in BDS Z. - Lee Bradley - 11/25/92
Icon coder2.lbr 18,816 1993/6/7 [20:05:12] Coder is an encryption program which will encode an ASCII file, making it unreadable to all except those with the proper pass-code. The use for such a program? Perhaps you keep a personal journal on your computer which may contain items of a very personal or embarrassing nature. Maybe you have a need for truly 'private' E-Mail. In general, good for any item you wish to remain private or share only with selected others.
Icon comm122.lbr 41,856 1993/6/7 [20:21:10] GREAT X/Y/ZMODEM and ANSI/VT52/TVI950 terminal emulator from Germany for Z3PLUS ONLY. The docs and the menus are in German, but it is very easy to use. Includes all of the above and popup windows in just over 25k. Installable with ZCNFG (the CFG file is in English) U/L by Brian Moore, 01/03/93
Icon con20.lbr 19,328 1993/6/7 [19:31:38] Joe Wright's very fast file concatenation program. Nothing fancy, but FAST!! Not a Z utility.
Icon conctrl.lbr 3,840 1993/6/7 [19:59:32] Another approach to throttling the screen output of ZCPR3 systems, concocted some time in 1986, released September 7, 1990. U/L by Bruce Morgen 09/07/90
Icon cpmt-pcp.num 1,152 1993/6/7 [19:28:06] Phone numbers for several boards that originated CP/M-Tech echo messages that should be reachable via PC Pursuit. I called some of them and at least a modem answered. I didn't go any further though. Larry Schnitger
Icon cpmt0315.lbr 54,656 1993/6/7 [19:18:02] Several CP/M-Tech echo capture sessions dated Mar 10 to 15.
Icon cpmt0322.lbr 46,720 1993/6/7 [20:30:48] CP/M-Tech echo sessions captured Mar 16-22.
Icon cpmt0329.lbr 38,400 1993/6/7 [20:51:16] CP/M-Tech echo messages captured Mar 23-29 from the BCS Commodore/ Amiga/Hypermedia BBS (617) 729-7340.
Icon cpmunarj.ark 24,064 1993/6/7 [20:26:50] Official release version of Paul Hunt's CP/M program to handle .ARJ files. Also included is DARJ to display the complete directory of an ARJ, as well as the DOC's for both.
Icon cprot.lbr 5,120 1993/6/7 [19:49:10] CPROT is a simple utility for use in debugging programs such as operating system modules and type 3 Z system utilities which must be protected from overlay by a debugger. CPROT creates "protected" memory above a specifed address by creating a double jump to CP/M DOS starting with the DOS jump at 05h. The jump vector at 06h addresses a jump to DOS at a user specified address. CPROT makes several checks to prevent overwriting op sys or itself. Sources included
Icon crcbld14.lbr 20,352 1993/6/7 [21:00:26] I've used this utility for a long time to write SIG/M-type catalog files to my archival disks, but it was never released. Possibly somebody else will find it useful, so here it is. Based on SIG/M's CRCBUILD, this ZCPR3 version recognizes DU and DIR specs, obtains the disk number automatically from the disk label (if one exists), sets the error flag, and is compatible with automatic CRC checking using CRCZ.
Icon crr0150a.zip 57,344 1993/6/7 [20:37:44] CRR is the CP/M offline reader for use anywhere XRS might be used on an MSDOS machine. It allows you to download messages from a conformin QBBS, RemoteAccess or SuperBBS Fidonet bulletin board. It will work a with QWK mail packers. In order to use this software you will need an archiving program (eg. ARK or ARC), an archive extractor (eg. UNARC), and a text editor (eg. VDE or ZDE).
Icon ctlcv11b.lbr 18,688 1993/6/7 [20:08:02] CTRLCVT is a filter which takes files with control characters represented as ^C, ^M, etc., and changes the two character sequence into a bonafide control character. As an improvement to CTLCV10A, this version will take advantage of ZCPR 3.3's extended error handling capability, telling the handler what went wrong.
Icon data17.lbr 46,208 1993/6/7 [20:15:00] This is a "Poor Man's Database Management System." It supports all traditional features of a database management system including sort, print, zap, search, change, define, list etc. You can even password protect your data. Written in MBASIC and compiled with BASCOM. This release fixes a bug pointed out by Mike Finn, adds several new features and corrects several problems. - Lee Bradley - 12/06/92
Icon datefn11.lbr 16,256 1993/6/7 [20:50:24] DATEFN (Dated Filename) is a simple ZCPR3 utility that reads the DOS clock and creates or optionally deletes an empty label file with the current date as the filename. The filename date format may be configured with ZCNFG as ?ddMMMyy.typ or mm/dd/yy.typ. Useful in backup aliases to create and remove label filenames automatically indicating the date of the last disk backup or as a dated library file entry. See DATEFN11.HZP.
Icon datenull.ark 4,352 1993/6/7 [21:11:04] This is an RSX that adds a DOS function to CP/M-Plus that allows limited setting of file date stamps. This is a first cut and needs further development.
Icon day10.lbr 12,032 1993/6/7 [21:09:26] No description available.
Icon descript.ion 54,332 2015/10/25 [22:43:20]
Icon dialer.lbr 9,088 1993/6/7 [19:35:28] DIALER is a simple Z-System utility that allows your computer and Hayes-compatible modem to dial your voice telephone calls. It's particularly helpful for scripting your way through banking and other touch-tone based response systems, but could be combined with other Z-System tools to implement a phone number directory, among other potential uses. Type 3 (@100h) and Type 4 versions included, both well under 2K.
Icon dif13.lbr 29,568 1993/6/7 [20:41:22] Compares two text files for differences and offers several forms of output via command line options and versatile redirected output. The ZCPR3 program error flag is set on error or if the two files do not match. DIF should run fine under vanilla CP/M, but piping is available only under ZCPR3. Version 1.3 corrects bug in LST: and NUL: output redirection.
Icon dio21.lbr 14,080 1993/6/7 [20:42:06] A revised DIO package for the Z version of BDS C. Works like the old one, but adds additional Unix-like redirected output options, including appending with ">>", output to printer or bit-bucket, and piping that will use all the Z resources, including the path, ARUNZ, and LX. All but piping still works under vanilla CP/M.
Icon dsb8100.inf 2,688 1993/6/7 [19:47:34] Product description for a new 64180-based computer system. Please read it and respond to Davidge and to me if you find it of interest to you. Joe Wright, Alpha Systems.
Icon dsknum15.lbr 26,240 1993/6/7 [20:52:30] DSKNUM creates consecutively numbered disk labels (null files) for use by the most popular disk cataloging programs, such as MCAT, NCAT, and FATCAT. The last number used is stored internally so you don't have to remember where you left off. Requires ZCPR 3.3 or higher. Version 1.5 adds ability to use lower-case disk labels. Type-3 version included.
Icon dstats12.lbr 18,944 1993/6/7 [19:20:30] ZCPR3 disk/user statistics utility displays maximum directory entries, block size, disk capacity, allocated and free space, and a list of active user areas. For each active user area, it displays any label filename found (-LABEL), the number of files, directory entries and disk space used, and summarizes the total number of files, directory entries and disk free space. Except under Z3PLUS, a disk allocation bitmap may be displayed. See DSTATS12.NZW/HZP.
Icon elapse11.lbr 12,800 1993/6/7 [20:22:16] ZCPR33+ Type 3 (at 8000h) Ampro LB SmartWatch elapsed time utility can measure and display time elapsed between invocation with the 'S' option (save current time to Registers 24-31) and invocation with no option (display current date/time plus elapsed time) to hundredths of a second in the form: Elapsed time: 00:00:00.00 Vers 1.1 adds CFG file for configuration of starting Register. See ELAPSE11.HLP U/L by Terry Hazen, 12/29/92
Icon entrprs2.lbr 18,304 1993/6/7 [20:43:36] This .lbr contains two files describing the modification of Kaypro CP/M computers to run a 22 mb hard drive, the first file gives the complete method for a Kaypro 10 or floppy machines. The second file contains additional thoughts based on experiences modifying Kaypro 2 and Kaypro 4 computers.
Icon files.bbs 54,990 1994/9/14 [17:01:10]
Icon files.pcb 97,485 1994/8/25 [18:44:50]
Icon filesz14.lbr 13,824 1993/6/7 [20:01:10] Shows file size in records, pages, and kilobytes. Accepts an ambiguous file specification, and is useful for patching and saving, satisfying your curiosity, or watching your COM file grow as you add enhancements. For ZCPR3 or vanilla CP/M. v1.4 has new options, enhancements, and ZCNFG configuration. Still 1K.
Icon fixt0d.lbr 5,376 1993/6/7 [20:31:48] Fix up checksums in DateStamper !!!TIME&.DAT file. This utility recomputes the checksum for each record, and writes a corrected value if necessary, reporting any changes. Run this on a drive that has a damaged !!!TIME&.DAT file to restore the file to operation. Does not alter the dates -- if they require fixing, use DATSWEEP or another utility to reset dates/times.
Icon flife12.lbr 29,440 1993/6/7 [20:39:56] No description available.
Icon flife13.lbr 36,992 1993/6/7 [20:29:46] A version of the Game of Life, written by Jim Petersen in 1985, and upgraded to Z-System by Biff Bueffel. An extended tcap is desirable, but not required. Will run under plain CP/M if properly installed with TCSELECT. Version 1.3 includes some additional features, fixes some bugs, and adds some options configurable with ZCNFG.
Icon fsplit10.lbr 26,880 1993/6/7 [20:03:16] A ZCPR3 utility that splits a large file into several smaller ones by record count, by line count, or at a marker character within the file. Options for splitting text files only at the end of a line or object (binary) files on record boundaries. Under ZDDOS and ZSDOS create date stamps are transferred to the new files.
Icon gotoline.lbr 1,024 1993/6/7 [19:50:50] A tiny macro for ZMATE to put your cursor on a specific line number. This should be one of your permanent macros if you ever edit source code.
Icon gst03.lbr 47,360 1993/6/7 [19:40:04] Graphic Script Tools, version 0.3. This is an updated release for VLIB4D of Dave Ramsey's tools to exploit the extended TCAP. This allows the Z-System user to make user of graphics features in ARUNZ and ZEX scripts. Bob Dean July 5, 1990
Icon hgenscsi.lbr 18,048 1993/6/7 [20:38:08] Ampro LB/Z80 improved HGEN and SCSIBOOT EPROM. Allows automatic bootup from non generic SCSI/SASI controllers (such as Xebec 1410 and DTC510) without first booting from floppy.
Icon i2yb-1.aym 6,784 1993/6/7 [20:14:00] I2YB-1.ASM is an IMP 2.xx overlay for the 9 or 12Mhz YASBEC. simply, it is a re- engineered I218-4.ASM overlay for the SB-180, with all of the 6Mhz code stripped out, and minor cosmetic repairs to the code. Use this overlay's Divisors, when adapting BYE 5.xx for use with the YASBEC as well.. (Yes, it HAS been done!)
Icon itoz14.lbr 54,272 1993/6/7 [20:55:32] A major rewrite of Robert Doolittle's extended Intel to Zilog translator. It's now a ZCPR3 utility with a completely new user interface that knows about DU and DIR specs, error and quiet flags, etc., but also runs under vanilla CP/M. ZSDOS create dates preserved. No longer warm boots. ZCNFG configuration. Includes HLP-type documentation and utility to add pseudo-ops and macro names that would otherwise be unrecognized.
Icon jthlib14.lbr 15,488 1993/6/7 [20:21:58] Custom routines originally developed for use in REMIND and ZP fill somewhat special purpose needs by doing things slightly differently than the corresponding standard library routines or by providing new services that I found useful and worth sharing. Vers 1.4 adds a new routine that allows a default du:fn.ft spec to be modified by command line tokens and drops routines now included in VLIB. See JTHLIB14.HZP.
Icon just13.lbr 41,984 1993/6/7 [20:45:56] A ZCPR3 version of Irv Hoff's utility to justify ASCII and WordStar text files, with many new features. It is fast, easy to use, and produces even margins by a unique fill method that produces handsome documents. Full command line operation, DU support, error flag setting, quiet mode, transfers create date under ZSDOS, ZCNFG configuration. Version 1.3 fixes a bug and adds a display option.
Icon keymap.lbr 3,200 1993/6/7 [19:28:02] This program allows terminals without function keys to act as if they have many. A control key, followed by any other key, generates an arbitrary input string. Must be assembled with appropriate load addr (inside iop), then linked with syslib. -J. Glomph Black 18 Dec. 1987
Icon laston10.lbr 7,296 1993/6/7 [20:40:08] Beta versions of 2 new RCP/M utilities. Initially intended for PBBS Systems running BYE510 (require BYE510 for BYEBDOS calls), but can easily be modified for other BBSs. Complete SOURCE code will be released after initial 'bug-report' period. Please try them and report both positive and negative feedback. Thanks... [Holly Park RCP/M (201) 757-1491 2400 baud and still PC-Pursuit.]
Icon lcs10.lbr 20,352 1993/6/7 [20:04:18] If you regularly use an MS-DOS machine, this ZCPR3 utility may make the transition more comfortable. It loads character sets to Wyse 60 and Televideo 965 terminals, including a Roman font similar to that on MS-DOS machines and a Courier font somewhat easier to read than the native one. Provision has been made for a user-defined font for those who want to design their own.
Icon lexicon.lst 3,328 1994/9/2 [22:18:58]
Icon lexicon.lzt 2,176 1993/6/7 [19:51:52] Humorous definitions of computer terms
Icon lhh12.lbr 32,384 1993/6/7 [19:27:04] Utility for displaying ZCPR3 HLP files, which may be stand-alone or within libraries, and may be LZH-crunched or uncompressed (works like LBRHLP does for GEL-crunched and squeezed files). Version 1.2 has a couple of new navigation commands and adds help file documentation.
Icon list10.lbr 6,400 1993/6/7 [20:03:26] Sends files, unaltered, to the CP/M LST device. No extra formfeeds or resets are sent. The printer receives only the contents of the specified file. The only available option is "G" (graphics mode), which will cause LIST to ignore the CP/M end-of-file character (^Z).
Icon logmake3.lbr 18,944 1993/6/7 [20:17:42] Log Maker is a 'chat sript' production utility to be used with the telecommunications program QTERM and any modem using the 'AT' command set. Features: Auto Step Down baud rate adjust (like IMP), 'Super Fast' re-dial of busy numbers for quick access to busy systems, extended scripts for 'Auto Login' to the dialed system and 'Auto Abort' of numbers that don't answer or are answered by voice.
Icon lt31.lbr 64,768 1993/6/7 [19:43:44] Type normal, LZH-encoded, crunched or squeezed files - whether standalone or in a .LBR. If wheel is on, can also easily extract any/all files, and uncrunch and/or unsqueeze at the same time. Version 3.0 incorporated Version 2.0 of LZH encoding; version 3.1 corrects a bug in version 30 (and probably all versions back to 25) that prevented LT from accepting USER specifications as a SOURCE of data.
Icon make.arc 24,192 1993/6/7 [21:10:54] MAKE is a powerful utility for CP/M-3. MAKE is compatible with Microsoft's MAKE utility for the IBM PC. It allows for conditional execution of commands depending on date&time stamps of the files concerned. It recognizes the CP/M-3 Error Flag and stops when that flag is set. It also uses the CP/M-3 Drive Search Chain to search for source files.
Icon maklib12.lbr 24,576 1993/6/7 [20:32:22] AUTOMATED LBR-builder for DateStamper/ZSDOS users. ZFILER/ARUNZ scripts crunch "comment text" into files, insert into LBR, preserve all datestamps. Uses ZFILER's group macro feature. Tag files you want in LBR, enter LBR name, sit back and watch. Scripts limit "comment" to exactly 19 characters, maximum allowed by LDIR-B. Target LBR can previously exist or not. Nice display. V1.2: fix to ERASE.COM, optional rename, long essay re ZEX. -- Rick Charnes
Icon marksale.txt 4,736 1993/6/7 [20:26:58] List of computer hardware and software for sale.
Icon mdmprt03.txt 15,872 1994/9/2 [22:18:54]
Icon mdmprt03.tzt 8,320 1993/6/7 [21:01:40] Specifications for the XMODEM protocol. Uploaded for Hal Bower.
Icon mex-myz1.lbr 64,000 1993/6/7 [20:45:00] This library contains a copy of Ron Fowler's MEX (Modem EXecutive) which runs under the MYZ80 emulator on an IBM PC. The port and dialer overlays, sample phone and key files, documentation and help files are included.
Icon moec28.lst 20,736 1994/9/2 [22:18:58]
Icon moec28.lzt 12,160 1993/6/7 [20:21:28] No description available.
Icon more12.lbr 25,600 1993/6/7 [20:40:42] MORE pages text files and optionally numbers lines. It also offers several forms of input and output, including ambiguous filenames, redirection, and piping. The ZCPR3 program error flag is set on error. MORE should run fine under vanilla CP/M, but piping is available only under ZCPR3. Version 1.2 corrects bug in LST: and NUL: output redirection.
Icon mouse-do.lbr 26,880 1993/6/7 [20:28:24] Documentation, help, articles etc. on the Mouse language.
Icon mouse-ex.lbr 21,376 1993/6/7 [20:35:48] Example Mouse program source code.
Icon mouse-ps.lbr 26,624 1993/6/7 [20:36:24] This library contains the Pascal source code for the Mouse interpreter. This is Turbo Pascal version 2.0 for CP/M 80.
Icon mouse-zs.lbr 13,440 1993/6/7 [20:38:28] This library contains the Z80 macro assembly language source code for the Mouse interpreter.
Icon myz80-1.uyd 4,480 1993/6/7 [20:52:38] This is a revision of a recently upload article (which may be deleted). It contains what I've recently learned from Tom Mannion and Howard Goldstein about how to write AUTOEXEC/CONFIGSYS.YECHH files as well as a lot of stuff about MYZ80, Z System and 4DOS. I am thoroughly enjoying my 486/50 and am leaving you this FOR file calling with MEX at 2400 baud from it. That's a CP/M MEX, not MEX -Plus. Enjoy! - Lee Bradley
Icon myz80111.zip 105,472 1993/6/7 [19:30:20] Latest demonstration version of the MYZ80 Z80 emulator for AT class PC's by Simeon Cran. Changes in this version include improved terminal emulation, better control of screen colors, improved disk performance under CP/M 3 and several bug fixes. Released 4/27/93.
Icon myz80clk.lbr 4,608 1993/6/7 [20:10:18] Quicky ZSDOS/ZDDOS clock driver for MYZ80. See notes in source code.
Icon myz80com.txt 3,584 1994/9/2 [22:18:54]
Icon myz80com.tzt 2,304 1993/6/7 [20:03:42] A message from Simeon Cran, author of MYZ80, with information about accessing PC COM ports via MYZ80. This message was originally captured from the CPMTECH echo and uploaded to Z-Node #12 by Russell Boyce.
Icon newbas12.lbr 15,488 1993/6/7 [21:08:28] dBase II overlay options allow skipping date question and sign-on, add INKEY function, permit loading overlay files from an alternate drive, and several other mods. Under Z-system or CP/M-Plus, dBase can be called from any drive on your system. Version 1.2 fixes several bugs and adds a few improvements. Now in Zilog mnemonics.
Icon newcfg.lbr 31,104 1993/6/7 [19:18:54] Contains new CFG files for ZCNFG20, ZMAC, and ZML16. Previous versions contained a benign error that is now detected by ZCNFG20. Earlier versions should be discarded and replaced by these downward compatible files. Al Hawley, Ladera Z-Node (central) 09/20/91
Icon nkyclk03.lbr 5,376 1993/6/7 [20:02:12] NuKeyClock is a utility to load the current date/time from internal clock to the NuKey IOP buffer so the time or date string is available as a macro. V. 0.3 corrects a bug in earlier release.
Icon nzdec23d.lbr 6,272 1993/6/7 [21:06:46] Extended TCAP based upon VLIB4D, this version updated to add hashed block and full block graphics characters (full block uses hashed block too). Now fully compatible with Gene Pizzetta's DIRBAR and GREET10, which requires that every graphics character be defined. Bob Dean 11/6/90
Icon oe17.lbr 23,552 1993/6/7 [20:23:26] A ZCPR3 utility that prints the odd- or even numbered pages of NewWord and WordStar files for two-sided documents. Accepts a list of files and sets the program error flag on error. Version 1.7 handles both Epson FX and LQ printer drivers. Although not tested, OE should also work with MX and RX drivers.
Icon onpack.lbr 63,232 1993/6/7 [21:04:22] Source code release of the ONCALC and ONADD programs developed by Ron (MEX) Fowler for the ON! Computer in 1986 and 1987. Released with permission of Oneac Corp. and NightOwl Software. Should work as-is on any Z-System computer with an ADM3A-compatible CON: device -- this big category includes Kaypros, Televideo and Wyse terminals, and many more. Full terminal independence would be relatively easy to implement with VLIB. November 22, 1990
Icon ord-v303.sus 22,784 1994/9/2 [22:19:00]
Icon order.lbr 7,424 1993/6/7 [19:59:44] A tiny (under 3K!), very simple and generic ZCPR3/DateStamper program for order entry in a small mail-order or phone-order business. Creates a printed order as well as appending all data to a master order file on disk. Currently does no arithmetic or data checking, with some additional work this stuff could probably be crammed into it without exceeding 4K -- any takers? From 1988, released September 7, 1990. U/L by Bruce Morgen 09/07/90
Icon order.szs 10,112 1993/6/7 [20:02:40] File containing an order form and product listing for the Z-System Software Update Service (ZSUS) as of Vol. 3, Disk 3.
Icon parmlib1.lbr 6,656 1993/6/7 [20:59:52] In answer to Jay Sage's call for more Z80 library functions, PARMLIB performs several of elemental functions to aid in the frequent task of parsing the CP/M command line. Several generalized routines are also included. For examples of use, see my file ZLT13A.LBR. - Carson Wilson
Icon part35.lbr 3,456 1993/6/7 [21:06:36] This library can be used to partition a Apple Prodos disk into a hybrid Apple/CPM disk if you are useing Steve Hirsh's 3.5 unidisk driver.
Icon password.lbr 2,048 1993/6/7 [20:42:10] Nice password program. Can be used in regular CP/M or on a ZCPR3 multiple command line. Does not show keystrokes when you enter a password.
Icon pcpifile.lst 9,600 1994/9/2 [22:18:54]
Icon pcpifile.lzt 3,840 1993/6/7 [19:20:04] Catalog of PCPI Applicard-oriented files on GEnie. -Bill Tishey
Icon piprsx.arc 7,424 1993/6/7 [21:11:18] PIPRSX is an extension for CP/M-3 PIP. When attached to PIP via GENCOM, it enables PIP to copy files with their byte count value and their archive attribute. It also copies the update date&time stamp to the destination, where it becomes the create and update date&time stamps. However, this won't work with interrupt-driven real time clocks. Last but not least, you may now use DU: specification with every filename you enter.
Icon pmautoae.obj 30,976 1993/6/7 [20:31:40] PMARC is a very fast and highly efficient ARChiver for CP/M. The fil PMAUTOAE.COM is a self-extracting ARChive containing PMARC, PMEXT (fo extracting files from PMArchives), PMEXE (generates self-extracting programs that will load into memory and execute), PMSFX for making self-extracting PMArchives, and PMCAT for performing maintenance on PMArchives. This set of utilities rates *****! Highly recommended!
Icon ramfix.lbr 12,928 1993/6/7 [20:51:54] This is a collection of three programs to help with possible problems on the SB180(FX) RAM disk. 6 Mar 88
Icon rcom10.lbr 7,808 1993/6/7 [19:40:16] No description available.
Icon reldmp.mac 13,952 1994/9/2 [22:18:56]
Icon reldmp.mzc 4,864 1993/6/7 [20:42:34] Dump REL file disassembly to printer
Icon remind19.lbr 40,192 1993/6/7 [20:02:02] ZCPR3 + DOS_clock appointment reminder utility displays and can print a calendar for the current month, and a sorted and paged list of dated appointment reminder lines with optional time entries, from a text datafile, starting with any currently dated reminders and including upcoming reminders for the current month, a specified month or all upcoming reminders. Uses language-dependent message text overlay. V1.9 improves datafile parsing. See REMIND19.HZP.
Icon revfn11.lbr 16,512 1993/6/7 [19:51:34] REVFN reverses the case of a filename, making it upper-case if it's lower, lower-case if it's upper. Written primarily to allow the renaming of lower-case disk labels created by DSKNUM, REVFN may also be useful to convert filenames inadvertently saved in lower-case by MBASIC. File attributes (R/O, SYS, ARC, etc.) are maintained. For ZCPR3 only. Version 1.1 now properly handles filenames beginning with a slash.
Icon royaloak.lbr 27,264 1993/6/7 [21:09:06] A directory listing of files from Royal Oak RCP/M, Royal Oak, Mich. dated 8/91. Royal Oak went offline in September, 1991 due to equipment failure. However, RO Sysop Bob Clyne has painstakingly backed up the collection and sent them to DHN* RCP/M to continue to make them acessible to the CP/M community and we are in debt to Bob. Cataloging is underway by an informal group of interested parties, for eventual complete restoration to online access.
Icon rs232ts2 7,168 1993/6/7 [19:40:26] 7168 reads the status byte from an RS232 control port and places it in ZCPR3 user register 8. Registers 0 through 7 contain either 1 or 0, depending on bits of the status byte. Optional wheel protec-tion and I/O port selection are set by patching well marked bytes in the first sector of the program. If RS232TST is wheel protected and if the wheel byte is reset, RS232TST returns an error code 6, making it effectively invisible to non-wheels.
Icon sanyotcp.lbr 4,992 1993/6/7 [19:20:38] Sanyo MBC-1200/1250 extended TCAP as used by Mike Finn on his Sanyo. Uploaded for the extended TCAP project.
Icon sb180fix.txt 1,408 1993/6/7 [20:36:28] This txt file describes hardware mods to the SB180 original version to enable hardware hand-shaking. This is a copy of a note from Ke Ken Davidson from MicroMint.
Icon sdd301p2.lbr 2,816 1993/6/7 [21:11:26] A Z-System conversion patch for SDD Version 3.01 as supplied with Plu*Perfect DosDisk(tm). Changes help and option syntax to Z-System conventions, allows SDD to respond to Z-System Named Directory specifications, obtains SDD's MaxDisk, MaxUser, Clear Screen, HiLight On, and HiLight Off data from ZCPR3 ENV and TCAP. A Z80-compatible CPU and ZCPR 3.3 (or later) equivalency are required. This version fixes a clear-screen bug. Sept. 4, 1990
Icon sdiff15.lbr 9,856 1993/6/7 [20:02:26] Displays file size in kbytes, records, and bytes. If two files specified, displays size difference. ZCPR3 aware.
Icon set13.lbr 18,048 1993/6/7 [20:05:52] A program for Epson QX-10 Z-System users to access features of the CPM B2.2x SETUP.COM program without having to drop out of Z- System. This program is written in BDS-C vZ2.0.
Icon setkpclk.lbr 3,968 1993/6/7 [21:02:30] SETKPCLK sets Kenmore ZTIM-I clock on Kaypro computers. Interactive, menu-driven, continuously updates screen with your changes. Fast, easier to use than ZTIM-s programs. Written in Z80 assembler, com- piled with ZMAC and linked with ZML. Source included in Library. Uses ZSLIB and SYSLIB. ZDDOS specific.
Icon sfxio.z80 14,592 1994/9/2 [22:18:58]
Icon sfxioapp.zz0 6,912 1993/6/7 [19:47:16] Enhanced version of SYSLIB SFXIO module - byte-oriented file I/O. New entry point, FXA$OPEN, allows appending to an existing file.
Icon skunk16.lbr 30,208 1993/6/7 [20:27:40] This is a dice game. This release features character graphics, an external luminary file and computer speed detection. Written in Microsoft Basic. Works out of the box under Z-System.
Icon slmt.lbr 6,144 1993/6/7 [19:47:24] Sets left margin and standard tab stops on daisywheel printers using the Diablo 1610 command set, including many popular Brother, Dynax, Comrex, Morrow and other models. Facilitates printing source code and other tabulated files with word processors like VDE which do not expand real tabs to spaces in nondocument files. Includes SLMT.CIM, which runs in high memory in Z33 environment, allowing VDE to restart with GO . Fred Haines, 2-88
Icon slrhlp2.lbr 9,088 1993/6/7 [21:02:44] Standard Z-System help files for SLR's assemblers (Z80ASM, SLR180, and SLRMAC), linkers (SLRNK and SLRNK+), and librarian (SLRIB). Covers syntax, command line options, and assembler pseudo-ops.
Icon sortmk22.lbr 32,512 1993/6/7 [20:35:18] SORTMK is a fast Z80 (or equivalent) program that sorts small ASCII text files on several keys in ascending or descending order. File sizes can range up to about 20K bytes, depending on your TPA and the sort keys. Runs on Z80-based Z-System or "vanilla" CP/M; accepts Named Directory file names if ZCPR3 is present.
Icon speedup1.lbr 26,496 1993/6/7 [20:43:10] SPEEDUP1 contains the source code for the Resident System Extension described in Issue #41 of The Computer Journal as an example of an application for LINKPRL mini-linker to generate Page Relocatable Files. SPEEDUP is a Disk Directory Cache program that significantly speeds accesses to disk files. Hal Bower
Icon swbio10.lbr 37,760 1993/6/7 [19:44:34] This library contains source and object for the diskette track-swapping NZCOM virtual BIOS detailed in issue #55 of TCJ. Included is the disk directory initialization utility mentioned in that article. Roger Warren
Icon swdemo15.lbr 74,240 1993/6/7 [19:39:02] YES, WE DO EVEN MORE WINDOWS! This file contains three demo programs and new product announcement of a fast, compact, and portable set of windowing library subroutines for CP/M, IBM PC, and any other micro/mini/mainframe computer. NO special terminals, hardware, or the like are needed. Imbedded TCAP for vanilla CP/M, Z-System TCAP are both referenced. Support for proposed new Z3 TCAP added (imbedded also).
Icon swtime10.lbr 28,928 1993/6/7 [20:10:10] SWTIME10.LBR is a program to set a Dallas 1216E SMARTWATCH and then automattically set the Heartbeat watch program for the SB180 and SB180FX to the current time from the SMARTWATCH. From Znode #38.
Icon swx10.lbr 19,328 1993/6/7 [20:00:10] The original version of this XBIOS utility to support the Dallas Semiconductor SmartWatch did not include options to display the time or to display it continuously. This version adds those abilities, plus an option to allow setting the terminal time on Wyse and TeleVideo terminals that display the time in the status line. For XBIOS only.
Icon swz10.lbr 19,328 1993/6/7 [20:04:46] This is a replacement for SWX and SWTIME if you run ZSDOS on your SB180. SWZ reads a SmartWatch chip and sets the system "heartbeat" clock via ZSDOS. It works under both the Micromint BIOS and XBIOS. In addition, SWZ will display the SmartWatch time once or continuously, and optionally allows setting the time on Wyse and TeleVideo terminals as it sets the system clock.
Icon szap4a.lbr 75,392 1993/6/7 [20:57:10] SUPERZAP, which had already been extended to work with both CP/M-2.2 and CP/M-Plus, has now been extended to work with Z-System. This contribution comes from Gorm Helt-Hansen of Denmark.
Icon t12.lbr 24,704 1993/6/7 [20:13:38] T12 is a modified version of ZLT12 that defaults to no paging, does not print a header at top of file, and sends all characters (including control characters) to the console. It is for using screen display files such as those terrific displays done by Rick Charnes, but T12 allows DU and DIR specs and squeezed, crunched, and LZH files in libraries. Thanks Rick!
Icon tbmsbios.lbr 33,280 1993/6/7 [21:13:10] TBMSBIOS is a response to Advent Products' issue of vaporware support (as advirtised in TurboROM documentation files) for the MicroSphere ramdisk, which Advent considers to be "a piece of junk". I own a MicroSphere ramdisk which I like quite well, and have written a BIOS and a couple of tools to support it under TurboROM. All sources are included. Lindsay Haisley
Icon tcap-tvi.lbr 15,360 1993/6/7 [19:20:58] A group of VLIB4D-compatible TCAPS for my Televideo 965 terminal, but most of them will probably also work on 955's. Includes one for reverse video highlighting, one for 7-bit graphics, one for 8-bit graphics, one for the Wyse character set, and one for the IBM character set.
Icon tcjndx52.lbr 8,704 1993/6/7 [19:42:16] TCJ.MAG is a very basic WordStar-format line oriented text file index to The Computer Journal, including issues #22-#52. It can be rapidly searched using ZFIND. The alias TCJ (zfind [du:]tcj.mag $*) can be used to speed searches. Modify and/or expand the index to suit your own areas of interest.
Icon tclock.lbr 13,952 1993/6/7 [20:59:36] A clock displaying routine by Al Hawley also includes a BYE routine for ZSDOS/ZDDOS
Icon terminal.lbr 12,928 1993/6/7 [20:46:56] This is a collection of small files used to change the settings on a ZRT-80 terminal emulator card (Heath 19 type). The files can be modified quite easily to provide a painless way of changing the parameters via software.
Icon tline12.lbr 3,712 1993/6/7 [19:30:48] TLINE is a tiny in-line editor module. Only backspace and delete are available for editing input line. Rejects other control characters, except carriage return and control-C. Carriage return ends edit, buffer contains null terminated string. ^C aborts editor, buffer contents not terminated. Version 1.2 has some code optimizations courtesy of Howard Goldstein.
Icon tpatch.lbr 74,368 1993/6/7 [19:50:46] This is a large collection of powerful extensions to Turbo Pascal versions 3.0 and 3.01a. Z-System functionality is added. Herbert Oppmann, Germany
Icon tpdir.lbr 7,552 1993/6/7 [19:18:14] DR1.PAS by Mike Yarus, 1985. DR1 is a directory program that can be included in Turbo Pascal code to display an alphabetized list of files and their size for any drive/user. Also displays various drive statistics - size, space left, etc.
Icon tvi-hash.lbr 1,280 1993/6/7 [20:52:58] Televideo terminals have no hashed block character for the extended TCAP, but this short alias for your ARUNZ ALIAS.CMD file will install one on terminals which allow font loading. That includes the TVI-965, but I don't know about earlier models.
Icon tvi970-1.lbr 7,808 1993/6/7 [20:57:22] TCAP4D for the Televideo 970 Terminal. An "F" key programming program. A clear program to return to default settings when things get barfed! This TCAP uses the hash block for the solid block and the "*" for the hashed block. Tests OK for ZDE16, SCAN24, QTERM, type, and BOX. TCAP cannot fit both "RC:" (read current cursor position) and "CDO:" (cursor OFF) into space. "RC:" is required to run BOX sucessfully!
Icon txt2db13.lbr 70,784 1993/6/7 [20:12:42] TXT2DB13 translates text files into DB statements suitable for inclusion in Assembly source files as terminated strings. Such strings are very useful for menus, help screens, and other screen displays. V1.3 fixes a few bugs, increases the range of synthetic labels generated, and provides configuration of the FormFeed character. The new CFG file uses the new functions in ZCNFG21, which is included and must be used to configure this version.
Icon txt55.lbr 7,680 1993/6/7 [19:31:12] This is an update to a classic CP/M utility which lets you turn readable text into runnable programs. The library also contains an article which will appear in the premier issue of Eight Bits And Change, a national computer and humor magalog. For the Z-System enthusiast, this library also contains some pretty interesting arunz aliases which may be used with txt. Enjoy!
Icon u3-104.lbr 9,600 1993/6/7 [21:02:58] U3 is a CP/M-Plus utility for recovering erased files and for changing the user area of a file. It accepts ambiguous filespecs and works with sector sizes of 128, 256, 512, 1024 bytes. It will not work with earlier versions of CP/M.
Icon unjust13.lbr 21,888 1993/6/7 [21:11:58] Tried to edit a document with WordStar that is justified with ASCII spaces? UNJUST replaces multiple white-space character strings in text files with a single space, (two spaces after periods), removing all soft spaces and tab characters, and all white- space at the beginning and end of lines. Preserves create date stamps under ZSDOS. Version 1.3 corrects an occasional bug in renaming the output file. ZCPR3 only.
Icon unlzhcpm.zip 11,520 1993/6/7 [20:05:28] Decodes CP/M LZH encode files on MSDOS machines. Optional 'type to screen' mode.
Icon unzip18.lbr 25,472 1993/6/7 [20:46:36] UNZIP dissolves MS-DOS ZIP files. Accepts DU and DIR specs for ZIP file and as destination for extracted files. Output filenames are supported. Can be aborted with ^C without leaving partial files on disk. Version 1.6 has much faster disk I/O and no longer checks CRC's when listing names of files not being extracted. Version 1.8 corrects a few bugs. -- Howard Goldstein, 4/16/92
Icon upgrade.lbr 5,504 1993/6/7 [20:42:26] This is an article on upgrading a system from 64K chips to 256k. It should be useable on any 8 bit computer. Figure.1 gives a schematic of the circuit needed to support the memory upgrade.
Icon vrslib10.lbr 18,048 1993/6/7 [19:48:26] Jim Leth's 'version' management program - a set of utilities and a 'concept' using ARUNZ , VMENU, and NULU. Looks great - creativity with Z.
Icon wildcat.txt 55,014 1994/9/14 [18:05:36]
Icon ws4-my.lbr 7,552 1993/6/7 [19:53:30] Overlay for WordStar CP/M Release 4 for use under the MYZ80 CP/M emulator on IBM-AT compatible machines. After your WordStar receives a copy of this overlay, several video attributes will be used so that you can see the effect of various printer code toggles, such as ^PB (boldfacing), ^PS (underlining), etc. Text within marked blocks is in reverse video.
Icon ws4kpd.ark 15,104 1993/6/7 [19:48:48] The Kaypro keypad and cursor keys can be reprogrammed for any WordStar commands. Here are two forms of an overlay (8080 and Z80) for WordStar 4.0 that will set those keys to your own functions when WS is run, and reset them to their original values when exiting WS. Also included -documentation for the overlay and a brief tutorial on how the programmable keys work.
Icon ws4pat2.lbr 2,944 1993/6/7 [20:59:58] No description available.
Icon wszds10f.lbr 8,320 1993/6/7 [20:08:34] A patch for WS 4 which preserves the ZSDOS 'Created' file stamp. Fixes a potential problem of a rarely used configuration for P2DOS and DateStamper. HEX files are included here for use of MORPAT or EXTRA (If you have already used part of EXTRA you must use the assembly file to create the patch). Biff Bueffel/Dave Chapman
Icon x10-s34.lbr 104,960 1993/6/7 [20:17:16] X10.COM is a program to control the X10 Powerhouse CP-290 Computer Serial Interface. Allows access to the power of the CP-290 and the X10 home control system which controls AC power in your home through the use of electronic modules(such as Radio Shack Plug'n Power) which send commands over existing wiring. Uses ZCPR3 features even under 'plain vanilla' CPM. Extended TCAP required of Z3 users. See X10-C34 for COM files. 08/26/92
Icon xbnote.lbr 10,624 1993/6/7 [19:49:02] These are notes on integrating NZCOM with SB180 XBIOS. To date I have gotten the DateStamper BSX to work with NZCOM. Al Hathway.
Icon xbnote11.lbr 15,872 1993/6/7 [19:30:42] More notes on integrating NZCOM with the Micromint SB180 XBIOS. Al Hathway.
Icon xdro10.lbr 8,448 1993/6/7 [20:03:38] An extended replacement for ZCPR3's DRO, SRO, and SRW, sets disk drives read only or resets them to read write. The ZSDOS "sustain" flag is handled correctly. Checks maximum disk byte and drive vector. Wheel protected. Also runs under vanilla CP/M.
Icon xtail11.lbr 11,904 1993/6/7 [20:13:00] A ZCPR3 utility that displays the command tail as parsed by the command processor. Both the default and alternate (secondary) file control blocks are displayed as a hexadecimal dump and in ASCII, as i the complete tail in the default DMA buffer. This program can be useful for anyone exploring programming in the ZCPR3 environment. I found it invaluable when I wrote it several years ago.
Icon xxi10.lbr 40,576 1993/6/7 [19:41:18] Does anybody really program in Extended Intel mnemonics anymore? Well, I do, so here's XXI to convert assembly source code written in Zilog Z80 mnemonics to Extended Intel mnemonics. Extended Intel is used by SLRMAC, and by Digital Research's MAC and RMAC with Z80.LIB. Opcodes for registers X and Y that include displacements are flagged, but not translated. ZCPR3 is required.
Icon yasbec10.lbr 6,272 1993/6/7 [20:30:58] A collection of text files gathered from Socrates Z-Node 32 about the YASBEC semi- populated computer including source and description of the board, parts lists, and vendors for the parts you must supply to finish the board. This library is current through 09/22/91 and replaces YASBEC.LBR. Mike Finn DHN*/PACS CP/M SIG.
Icon yasmem10.lbr 10,368 1993/6/7 [20:52:54] YASBEC 128MEM4 B/P Bios memory test utility performs memory tests on the static RAM chips installed on the YASMEM board and displays errors. Also useful for determining the minimum number of wait states required for reliable memory access. Configured for use with 128MEM4 PAL but may be reconfigured for use with other memory PALs. See YASMEM10.HZP.
Icon z-4-at11.arc 14,976 1993/6/7 [20:22:38] This is a primer on Simeon Cran's MYZ80 emulator for AT-class computers and on bringing up Z-System and using Z-System tools under it. This release incorporates many suggestions made by Howard Goldstein. It may be browsed with the Z-System HELP utility - Lee Bradley 08/24/92
Icon z3bas.lbr 52,224 1993/6/7 [20:54:06] Z3BAS.LIB - a collection of routines written in MBASIC which may be used in MBASIC programs to access Z System environment data. Currently, Z3 environment address calculation, tcap string building, cursor motion macro interpreter, quiet and wheel byte etc. status implemented. By using BASCOM and L80 and a tiny Z3HDR.REL file, MBASIC programs can become Z3 utilities. Lee Bradley, 06/20/90.
Icon z3help02.lst 44,416 1994/9/2 [22:18:58]
Icon z3help02.lzt 13,312 1993/6/7 [19:35:16] Update to last fall's list of Z3HELP files. Includes updates through Z3HELP38.LBR. Use to determine which files you're missing or need to update. 4/1/91, Bill Tishey
Icon z3help37.lbr 34,816 1993/6/7 [19:42:04] New files and updates to Bill TIshey's Z3 help system. 2/24/91 -wat
Icon z3help43.lbr 103,680 1993/6/7 [20:34:36] The first of four recent update LBRs to the Z3HELP system. Over 100 files have been modified and 500k added to the last release (4/18/91) The new system totals 571 files in 1,700k. -Bill T.
Icon z3help44.lbr 15,360 1993/6/7 [20:20:16] Update 44 to Bill Tishey's Z-system help files.
Icon z3hlp43b.lbr 125,312 1993/6/7 [19:23:40] Part 2 of Z3HELP43. This update to the Z3HELP system is a major one and had to be split into 4 parts. Over 100 files were modified/ added, bringing the system to 1700k (over 500k more than the last release). 11/22/91, Bill T.
Icon z3hlp43c.lbr 78,464 1993/6/7 [20:19:30] Part 3 of Z3HELP43. This update to the Z3HELP system is a major one and had to be split into 4 parts. Over 100 files were modified/ added, bringing the system to 1700k (over 500k more than the last release). 11/22/91, Bill T.
Icon z3hlp43d.lbr 103,808 1993/6/7 [20:26:18] Part 4 of Z3HELP43. This update to the Z3HELP system is a major one and had to be split into 4 parts. Over 100 files were modified/ added, bringing the system to 1700k (over 500k more than the last release). 11/22/91, Bill T.
Icon z3tcap27.lbr 17,792 1993/6/7 [20:41:46] Noticed the last version of Z3TCAP wasn't here...here it is.
Icon z8020.lbr 9,216 1993/6/7 [19:31:00] Joe Wright's version of Z80.LIB, macros that allow 8080 only assemblers like MAC and RMAC to produce Z80 code.
Icon z80lib.lbr 21,760 1993/6/7 [21:02:10] Z80.LIB is a set of macros that allows the use of "extended Intel mnemonics on any 8080 macro assembler. Also in the library are a couple of WordStar doc files equating Zilog and extended Intel mnemonics, one brief, the other with opcode explanations. This was uploaded for Rick Charnes.
Icon zapn01.lbr 10,624 1993/6/7 [20:08:18] An application note by David McCord on using and programming shells under ZCPR3. Brief and a little dated, but it might still be of interest. This was uploaded primarily for Pete Pardoe.
Icon zcasm15.obj 17,152 1993/6/7 [21:12:24] ZCASM15.C, distributed with the BDS C 2.0 package, will NOT compile properly under BDS C vs. 1.6 and 2.0. This is the compiled version, using BDS C vs. 1.5a which works as advertised and converts .ASM files with Zilog mnemonics to files suitable for assembly with M80/ L80 into .CRL files for use with BDS C. Users should determine that the CRL format required by newer versions of the BDS linkers remains the same.
Icon zcsrc.lbr 36,864 1993/6/7 [20:39:16] ZCSRC released February 1992 by Richard Brewster contains the C source code for ZCOPY21, plus the IO library in 8080 assembler, as well as the COM and DOC files. I hope that an eager BDS Z programmer might like to make ZCOPY into a Z System utility. I have not released the source until now. I am also currently releasing the source to ZGREP11 as ZGSRC.LBR.
Icon zd-xb11.lbr 10,752 1993/6/7 [21:08:06] XBIOS 1.2 won't run on my SB180, so I couldn't load ZSDOS or ZDDOS. I finally kludged my way through a manual installation. Included here is a text file explaining one person's solution to the problem, and new SYS.ENV and Z3BASE files. Thanks, Jay, for the help.
Icon zd16oz8d.lbr 4,992 1993/6/7 [20:00:50] ZDE v1.6 patch to allow ZDE to maintain create date/time stamps while using Z80DOS v2.4.
Icon zdateset.lbr 4,736 1993/6/7 [21:00:34] Dbase II CMD file to read a clock via the ZSDOS function 98 and set the Dbase DATE(). Uses an assembly language routine to accomplish this. Make this the first CMD requested in your program or incorporate it into your main CMD file. The DBASE date setting routine is skipped when you do 'DBASE PROGRAM' so ZDBDATE will not work to set the date in this circumstance. Biff Bueffel 07/07/91
Icon zdbdat11.lbr 5,632 1993/6/7 [19:44:44] Overlay for dBase II versions 2.41 and 2.43* that will load the date into dBase using the ZSDOS GET-TIME function. If the clock is not functioning, the routine will default to the standard dBase date routine. Version 1.1 corrects a problem when used with NEWBASE.
Icon zde-docs.lbr 58,624 1993/6/7 [19:34:58] The complete documentation for ZDE in one place - the main doc file, table of contents, quick reference and what's new from ZDE10, as well as the new updates from ZDE13 and ZDE16. Also contains the fix to ZDE16 for those BIOS's that modify the AF' register.
Icon zde-prn2.lbr 2,688 1993/6/7 [20:46:02] Same as ZDE-PRN1.LBR except with addition of two ZDP files: one for Okidata 92/182/etc. and the other for Juki 6100/Kaypro Daisy Wheel printers.
Icon zde16.lbr 48,384 1993/6/7 [21:07:50] Z System Display Editor, version 1.6. A small, fast, powerful WordStar-type text editor for all CP/M and compatible systems with the Z80 processor. In some ways superior to its big brother VDE, this version of ZDE adds fully functional Auto-Indent capabilities, Proportional Formatting, Auto- Recall of last response to prompts, Global Find/Replace, Return to Previous Position (^QP) and more to what many felt was already the best editor available for CP/M. ---
Icon zdemacro.lbr 3,072 1993/6/7 [20:17:48] ZDE macro keys. Most of them are derived or directly from the SAMPKEY files found in ZDE16.LBR. But the one macro key that prompts the distribution of this .LBR is a macro which both softens a hard-carriaged paragraph *AND* then reformats the paragraph. SAMPKEY had a Soften key, but it did not reformat the file -- you had to use another macro key to reformat the file. For ZDE, install with the command ZDENSTAL ZDE ZDEMACRO.ZDK.
Icon zdt12.lbr 20,480 1993/6/7 [19:36:22] ZDT is the Z-System Day Timer/Personal Scheduler, a daily planning calendar based on ZDB. Requires ZCPR 3.0 or higher, VLIB4+ and extended TCAP. Full data entry and editing, search, and printing capabilities. Help and configuration files included.
Icon zerr16c.lbr 50,176 1993/6/7 [19:19:58] ZERRLSH, Version 1.6c October 31, 1992 Rob Friefeld This update of the ZCPR3.3 error handler incorporates changes in the LSH history correcting mechanism. Four versions are included: Since version 1.6b, further improvements in Fixed Log LSH version.
Icon zf11.lbr 142,336 1993/6/7 [19:16:52] Version 1.1 of the ZFILER shell (at last). This version includes a language overlay structure that makes it easy to change the screen displays to adapt them to foreign languages or users' preferences -- Jay Sage
Icon zf11src.lbr 111,104 1993/6/7 [19:47:04] This is the source code to version 1.1 of ZFILER. I hope that someone will complete and improve the CFG file and that someone will add code (with assembly option) for a version of ZFILER that acts as a ZCPR2-style shell (adding a command to reinvoke itself at the end of any other commands it pushed into the command line). -- Jay Sage
Icon zfileb44.lst 42,880 1994/9/2 [22:18:58]
Icon zfileb44.lzt 17,792 1993/6/7 [20:19:54] Brief listing of Z-system files giving version number and a few stats See the companion file, ZFILEV13.LZT, for a verbose version.
Icon zfilev13.lst 180,096 1994/9/2 [22:18:56]
Icon zfilev13.lzt 81,408 1993/6/7 [20:07:38] Verbose listing of Z-system files giving latest version number, stats and a 3 line description. See the companion file, ZFILEB44.LZT for the brief version.
Icon zfind15.lbr 34,688 1993/6/7 [20:48:10] ZCPR3 string search utility very quickly finds ASCII strings in text files using the Boyer-Moore string search algorithm. Similar to Irv Hoff's FIND.COM, but MUCH faster. Matched string can be displayed in either the line or the delimited block in which it was found and the output can be written or appended to a file. Fast lookups in magazine article index or MAST.CAT files. Fixed bug causing very large files to be searched more than once. See ZFIND15.HZP. U/L by Terry Hazen, 09/13/92
Icon zgolf22.lbr 19,840 1993/6/7 [20:47:22] A solitaire card game for ZCPR3 systems with an extended TCAP. Version 2.0 used VLIB graphics for screen displays and fixed some bugs. Version 2.1 added some convenience features and a great WIN screen. Version 2.2 adds some alternate commands and a few tuneups.
Icon zgsrc.lbr 43,008 1993/6/7 [19:24:36] ZGSRC released February 1992 by Richard Brewster contains the C source code for ZGREP11, plus the IO library in 8080 assembler, as well as the COM and DOC files. I hope that an eager BDS Z programmer might like to make ZGREP into a Z System utility. I have not released the source until now. I am also currently releasing the source to ZCOPY21 as ZCSRC.LBR.
Icon zhlpncf1.lbr 4,992 1993/6/7 [20:21:36] No description available.
Icon zhlpsub2.lbr 14,208 1993/6/7 [20:51:36] Bill Tishey's Z3HELP series is a terrific colletion of up-to-date Z-System help files. ZHLPSUB2.LBR are .SUB files to make mass- updating original Z3HELP-x.LBR files easy. Version 2 adds a library compression step using Michael Carson's Z system standalone CL, and W. included.
Icon zhlpsubs.lbr 5,248 1993/6/7 [20:03:52] ZHLPSUBS.LBR are .SUB files to make mass updating original Z3HELP-x.L easy. Bill's periodic updates (start with v04, up to v20 at this date) are extracted in order with LBREXT so the last updates over-write prior ones, to the DU: of choice. Then these last versions are written back to the Z3HELP- x.LBR's with LPUT. Modify DU: for your system (allow 1.5 Mb), an can use for future releases. B. Dean 3/10
Icon zipdir13.lbr 21,248 1993/6/7 [19:48:02] CP/M program to list the directory of .ZIP files created by Phil Katz's MS-DOS utility, PKZIP. The listing shows each member filename along with it's compressed and uncompressed lengths, compression method and ratio, time, date, and CRC value, as well as totals for the above. Ready to go .COM file and Z80 source included. Good for RCP/M use, now requires no re-assembly or patching. Version 1.3 fixes some bugs.
Icon zipp.lbr 8,448 1993/6/7 [21:02:22] Many public domain utilities exist which can execute the concatenation of files (i.e. join them end to end). The program ZIPP was written to join up to seven ASCII files in a side to side or column sense. This is useful in data analysis, spreadsheets, and reports.
Icon zlt15.lbr 39,936 1993/6/7 [20:11:10] ZLT (Z-system Library Typer) will type crunched, squeezed, LZH-encoded, or normal text files or library members. Version 1.5 fixes a bug in the option parser, has an improved built-in help message, and no longer restricts non-wheel ussers to files in the current directory. Howard Goldstein, 9/12/91
Icon zmac.doc 9,856 1993/6/7 [19:51:48] This bulletin describes the new Z-system Assembler, Linker, and Library Manager (ZMAC/ZML/ZMLIB) introduced at the Trenton Computer Festival. Includes reproductions of the slides, technical presentation notes, and Assembly Language programming references.
Icon zman-new.lbr 97,024 1993/6/7 [21:06:28] This is the Z-System Users Guide published by Echelon in 1986. It's in somewhat rough form (CHAP8.NEW lacks indexing marks and is not right-justified like the others) and contains some obsolete information, but it's still the best user-oriented guidance on Z-System available. Aside from this FOR, all files are exactly as I submitted them to Echelon, right down to the ancient version of UNCR.... Bruce Morgen
Icon zml16.pat 1,152 1993/6/7 [20:08:22] Patch for ZML16 corrects inappropriate error abort when making Type 3 .COM files, and another obscure and inappropriate error abort. A must for owners of ZML V1.6.
Icon zmsave11.lbr 8,832 1993/6/7 [20:54:20] This is a utility for use with the ZMATE text editor. In case of premature or unintended exit from ZMATE, this program will try to recover the text that was left in all 11 edit buffers and write the data to files. This is a very old program that I wrote over four years ago for use with PMATE. I have made a couple of small changes, but I can now see quite a few ways in which it could be enhanced further. Jay Sage, May 23, 1990
Icon znodes67.lst 3,840 1994/9/2 [22:18:58]
Icon znodes67.lzt 2,432 1993/6/7 [19:35:34] Updated list of Z-Nodes as of November 16, 1992. -- Jay Sage
Icon zp17a.lbr 97,280 1993/6/7 [19:33:42] ZCPR3 screen-oriented file/disk/memory record patcher uses the ZPATCH command set and requires a VLIB4D+ extended Z3TCAP. One- record cache can be exchanged with a file, disk, or memory record. 'HP' RPN integer calculator may be called up at any time for hex, decimal, binary or character mode calculations. Version 17a fixes some cache mode bugs, an edit mode screen refresh bug and corrects the return references in the HP help files. See ZP17.HZP.
Icon zpatch13.lbr 49,024 1993/6/7 [19:26:20] zpatch update see for file! Command editor works like Edfile but for ZCPR
Icon zpath.lbr 12,416 1993/6/7 [20:22:54] The source code for Zpath haas now been entered into the public domain.
Icon zpf2asc.lbr 8,064 1993/6/7 [20:13:50] Converts Perfect filer database files to ASCII comma-delimited format. A Z80 assembler version (4 times as fast) of the prior PF2ASCII utility by Joe Mortensen. Source code included.
Icon zplot10a.lbr 86,528 1993/6/7 [20:59:16] Plotting utility for dot matrix printers. Includes Z280-specific version as well as regular Z80.
Icon zpm3.lbr 31,744 1993/6/7 [19:25:16] ZPM3 by Simeon Cran. A replacement BDOS for Z80 CP/M PLUS (and Z3PLUS) machines. Implements bug fixes and performance enhancements over the DRI BDOS, as well as built-in command history, with no increase in size. Install by relinking your BIOS, or by running a supplied program.
Icon zpm3n08.ark 50,432 1993/6/7 [19:37:26] This is release 8 of the new Z80 BDOS for CP/M Plus from Simeon Cran. ZPM3 adds new features, fixes bugs, and runs faster and smoother than DR's BDOS. Included are utilities to aid installation in an existing BIOS. Uploaded 10/12/92 by Randy Winchester
Icon zquirk.doc 3,072 1994/9/2 [22:19:46]
Icon zquirk.dzc 1,920 1993/6/7 [21:13:16] Describes a pitfall (pratfall is more like it) in the use of Z system get-poke-go aliases when through user error or idiocy the file sought by the GET command can't be found. Warns of possible serious conse- quences. Suggests that future RCP's might include a fix. Not a big deal.
Icon zremot03.ins 1,920 1993/6/7 [20:59:40] Assembly and linking instructions for ZREMOTE. To be used with the source files in ZREMOT03.LBR.
Icon zremot03.lbr 16,000 1993/6/7 [19:51:12] Here is a skeletal implementation of the BYE protocol stripped down to bare essentials and implemented as a true RSX (Pluperfect standards). The package comprises a collection of modules which are to be assembled separately and then linked. ZMAC/ZML or equivalents like SLR or M80/L80 may also be used. This package works for tying two computers together and transfering files (using KMD, ZMD, etc.) in the same way as BYE.
Icon zrun.arc 45,056 1993/6/7 [20:09:32] Run CP/M on MS-DOS.
Icon zs13.lbr 38,016 1993/6/7 [20:50:02] ZSWEEP 1.3 corrects some outstanding bugs and incompatibilities with NZCOM/BGii (thanks again to Bruce Morgen). No new features have been added at this time. Full source is included. U/L by Pete Pardoe, 09/11/91
Icon zsdhlp2.lbr 24,448 1993/6/7 [20:28:58] A group of help files for programming under ZSDOS. Includes all system function calls; standard BIOS function calls; and charts of the various structures, including the file control blocks, disk parameter headers, date specifications, etc. Release 2 corrects a couple or errors in function descriptions.
Icon zsdospm.ad 5,632 1994/9/2 [22:18:56]
Icon zsdospm.az 3,328 1993/6/7 [20:42:18] Advertisement for the ZSDOS Programmer's Manual. This is the manual ZSDOS programmers have been waiting for. Complete description of the ZSDOS interface includes many useful tables and diagrams. Also contains lots of previously unavailable general information about CP/M. The manual is printed in the convenient 8.5 x 5.5 inch form factor using multiple proportional fonts and line graphics wherever possible for clarity and attractiveness. Available NOW!
Icon zslsrc36.lbr 278,656 1993/6/7 [19:59:26] Full source code and utility files for ZSLIB 3.6. Relocatable libraries and documentation are available as ZSLIB36.LBR.
Icon ztime14.lbr 40,320 1993/6/7 [21:10:20] No description available.
Icon ztype11.lbr 38,272 1993/6/7 [21:01:26] Text file display utility for ".ZIP" files. .ZIP files are libraries of compressed subfiles created with Phil Katz's PKZIP file archiving program for MSDOS. Ztype allows CP/M users to view the contents of such files without first extracting them. ZTYPE works with all CP/M 2.2, 3.0, and compatible systems having at least 45.5k of TPA. BDS C source included. Version 1.1 corrects a bug which caused ZTYPE to fail under certain conditions (see ZT.C). 04/27/91 by Carson W.
Icon zxd162.lbr 27,904 1993/6/7 [20:24:04] The source code for Zxd162 has now been entered into the public domain.
Icon zxd166.z80 38,400 1994/9/2 [22:19:00]
Icon zxd166.zz0 18,816 1993/6/7 [20:00:42] Latest version of the ZSDOS Directory Lister. Recognizes pending ZSDOS2, DosDisk, ZSDOS, DataStamper, CP/M+ information. Displays file sizes up to 999,999 Kb for LARGE drives. Hal Bower
Icon zzap21.lbr 41,344 1993/6/7 [19:27:58] ZCPR3 program to work directly on the disk itself. This is a minor update to ZZAP 2.0 to check for the existence of a TCAP entry and to verify that the extended TCAP definition for Clear to End of Screen is present. If either check fails, the program will abort. U/L by Howard Schwartz

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