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Icon 00-index.txt 14,186 1994/9/7 [03:30:00]
Icon 010.lbr 8,192 1993/6/8 [23:43:50] @ is a short little program that lets you controll the position of the cursor during alias or zex file execution. I've found it
Icon 617exch.lqt 5,888 1993/6/8 [23:43:38] A text file that lists the town in which every telephone exchange in the 617 (Boston metro) Area Code area is located.
Icon 617exch.lst 9,216 1994/9/2 [22:27:26]
Icon arc11.cyd 1,152 1993/6/8 [23:56:56] An ARUNZ alias script for processing ARK/ARC type files.
Icon arc20.arc 70,144 1993/6/9 [00:01:26] ARC is a universal file archive program. ARC 2.0 will handle SEA and PK compatible ARChive files (except for "squashing" used by
Icon arc20com.arc 24,576 1993/6/9 [00:20:20] This is Tilmann Reh's ARC20 compiled to run in a typical 58K (DOS entry at D406h) CP/M or Z-System. ARC20 is somewhat more
Icon archiv.lbr 12,160 1993/6/8 [23:49:30] Archive hard drive disk files to a floppy (or even floppy to floppy). User decides which programs to backup and which not.
Icon area17.lbr 15,744 1993/6/9 [00:11:22] No description available.
Icon areacode.lbr 5,248 1993/6/9 [00:04:28] A database of telephone area codes and cities and states for use with JetFind, the string searcher written by Bridiger Mitchell
Icon ark11u.ark 28,928 1993/6/8 [23:57:34] This is a patch for ARK11 that will allow it to incorporate CP/M-Plus file date stamps into the archive.
Icon arkts.ark 5,120 1993/6/8 [23:59:54] Routine to read clock and load the five bytes in .ARK for time stamping. Uses the same concept that TIMESTAMP does by
Icon asciimp1.lbr 3,712 1993/6/8 [23:50:50] ASCII.COM prints a chart of ASCII characters to screen, ASCII.TXT is same thing for printing out on paper, ASCII.Z80 is
Icon bd04.lbr 11,520 1993/6/8 [23:44:06] Bad block locator scans disk and reports bad sectors and any files that may occupy those sectors, creates a LOCKED OUT file.
Icon ccf.lbr 9,984 1993/6/9 [00:04:42] Multi-purpose file manipulation utility copies, concatenates, adds records with specific fill character and (attention
Icon cfa03.lbr 27,008 1993/6/9 [00:05:20] No description available.
Icon cfx09.zip 24,576 1993/6/8 [23:50:42] CFX09.ZIP allows manipulation of CP/M-format archives files under MS-DOS.
Icon clrrsx11.zz0 4,608 1993/6/9 [00:14:58] No description available.
Icon cntlh11.lbr 14,592 1993/6/9 [00:07:42] CNTLH version 1.1. This program is an invaluable aid to editing of captured telecommunications "chat" files. See .DOC file for
Icon csweep3.lbr 13,824 1993/6/9 [00:22:22] CSWEEP is an excellent file copy utility. It supports archiving, disk stat reporting, ambiguous exclusion, CRC checking and much
Icon descript.ion 8,395 2015/10/25 [22:43:20]
Icon dif22.lbr 25,344 1993/6/8 [23:44:40] Unix-style text file comparison based on Chuck Forsberg's version. Runs 25percent faster than my previous version. Carl Mascott
Icon dow002.lbr 7,040 1993/6/8 [23:51:04] Demonstrates the use of ZSLIB and SYSLIB to print the day of the week (spelled out), date, and time. Type 3 programs that will
Icon dyowk01.z80 3,072 1994/9/2 [22:23:22]
Icon dyowk01.zz0 1,920 1993/6/8 [23:59:46] This module calculates the day of the week from mm-dd-yy type input.
Icon egutil53.lbr 145,920 1993/6/9 [00:10:52] Speaking of the great Eric Gans, this is his latest collection of utilities.
Icon exl12.lbr 7,808 1993/6/8 [23:51:46] EXL is a program that will type or print squeezed (.?Q?) crunched (.? or LZH compressed (.?Y?) files. It will also
Icon fcrlzh20.lbr 58,880 1993/6/9 [00:02:44] An adaptation of C.B. Falconer's FCRUNCH to bring LZH encoding to 8080/8085/v20 users. LZH encoding compresses further than
Icon files.bbs 8,798 1994/9/14 [17:01:14]
Icon files.pcb 31,197 1994/8/25 [18:47:02]
Icon filt84.lbr 29,184 1993/6/8 [23:50:10] Sets or expands tabs and removes unwanted characters in ASCII text, WordStar documents, or assembler source files. Command
Icon finrp28z.lbr 3,968 1993/6/9 [00:11:00] This program is the latest version (2.8) of Eric Gans' fine find/ replace utility, patched to recognize ZCPR3 du: and named
Icon form7.lbr 9,472 1993/6/8 [23:44:54] No description available.
Icon kfont14.lbr 24,832 1993/6/9 [00:12:00] Latest version of CP/M large-type printing program. Runs on all machines with minimum 40k TPA. Requires Epson-compatible dot
Icon kwiklist.lbr 21,120 1993/6/9 [00:12:30] Powerful, multi-featured, relational list database for Cp/M. Creat compiles, updates, edits, prints and sorts all kinds of
Icon led02.lbr 9,856 1993/6/9 [00:05:54] LED is now easier to adapt. Key stroke bindings included in the calling program (easier to change). Extension Commands allow
Icon lh-cpm12.lbr 53,120 1993/6/9 [00:22:02] CP/M utility to view and extract directory and member files in DOS' LHARC (".LZH") archives. Includes view-only and
Icon ludef5.doc 16,640 1994/9/2 [22:23:22]
Icon ludef5.dzc 8,064 1993/6/9 [00:05:32] The final authority on structure of LBR files. Deserves review by anyone dealing with libraries and library tools as CPM and Z
Icon lzh21src.lbr 68,992 1993/6/9 [00:16:30] The source code for LZH encoding and decoding as used in CRLZH. Contains full source, pre- assembled object modules, notes, and
Icon make27.lbr 25,984 1993/6/9 [00:23:34] Update to MAKE adds existance checking and query if there exists a file on the destination DU:. Also supports attribute bits,
Icon memcom1.lbr 4,096 1993/6/8 [23:45:00] These programs establish a virtual "ram disk", drive E: (current default), of various sizes, using space from the TPA. All that
Icon meyersrc.lbr 237,568 1993/6/8 [23:56:52] This is an archive of Z80 source code to many of the CP/M utilities written by Eric Meyer, best known as the author of
Icon ncrck.obj 1,920 1993/6/8 [23:45:06] No description available.
Icon neat6.lbr 5,888 1993/6/8 [23:45:14] No description available.
Icon nlupatch.lbr 2,304 1993/6/8 [23:45:20] C.B. Falconer's patch to NULU V1.51 replaces the CRC calculation algorithm with a significantly faster one. Use MLOAD to
Icon notepad.lbr 23,168 1993/6/8 [23:45:50] Utility allows you to create "notes" (up to 20 lines each) which are indexed not only by name but by date. Menu driven, complete
Icon nswp27.lbr 31,744 1993/6/8 [23:46:32] No description available.
Icon nswpfix.lbr 20,864 1993/6/8 [23:51:34] Instructions on how to patch NSWP207.COM to eliminate a bug in the coding which prevents it from reading drives containing
Icon onecopy.obj 896 1993/6/9 [00:11:26] PIP a file from one disk, to another on machines with only 1 drive!
Icon patch0go.lbr 16,384 1993/6/8 [23:46:54] The POKE & GO technique for non-Z3 (and non RCP Z3) environments, in COM file form.
Icon q.lbr 1,024 1993/6/8 [23:46:58] No description available.
Icon qk-21.lbr 13,568 1993/6/8 [23:47:16] This is a jor rewrite of tckKey keyboard macro program. It now includes a REMOVE command so that it can be removed from the
Icon ql-zcpr3.not 3,968 1994/9/2 [22:23:24]
Icon ql-zcpr3.nzt 2,304 1993/6/9 [00:05:38] No description available.
Icon ql41.lbr 116,736 1993/6/9 [00:26:08] QL41 is one of the the most flexible and powerful file viewing util-ities available for CP/M. It combines some of the best
Icon rlegraf1.lbr 93,952 1993/6/9 [00:19:30] A collection of Run Length Encoded (RLE) graphics files from various sources. These can be used to try out PRTRLE. Be
Icon rleprt16.lbr 25,344 1993/6/9 [00:22:58] This library contains BASCOM source/object and an article from Volume 1 Number 4 Eight Bits And Change on RLE Graphics. This
Icon roman10.lbr 14,208 1993/6/9 [00:17:26] A vital ZCPR3 utility that converts between decimal numbers and Roman numerals. Works from the command line, or in interactive
Icon rsx2.lbr 15,616 1993/6/9 [00:13:28] Modification to J.Lopushinsky's SETRSX program that allows his wonderful LBRDSK23 to run properly under BGii (and ZCPR33) or
Icon rsxmaker.lbr 27,776 1993/6/8 [23:47:54] This is a very well documented package on Resident System Extensions, a technique formalized in CP/M Version 3 but equally
Icon rsxmap.lbr 12,288 1993/6/9 [00:12:56] Displays installed RSXs and memory usage for CP/M Plus systems.
Icon scan25.lbr 72,064 1993/6/9 [00:04:18] A 6k ZCPR3 buffered bi-directional video oriented text file display utility using the basic WordStar command set to view
Icon scan25bg.lbr 7,808 1993/6/9 [00:20:34] A version of SCAN25 patched with BGii-TYPE commands to replace the normal WordStar command set. Includes command overlay. See
Icon sd138b.lbr 78,976 1993/6/8 [23:59:40] SD138 is a Super Directory Program for use on any and all system's by selectively enabling/disabling options. It contains
Icon setdru.art 17,408 1994/9/2 [22:23:22]
Icon setdru.azt 8,448 1993/6/8 [23:48:08] * FURTHER ADVENTURES WITH CORRECT-IT: Z80DOS, PUBLIC FILES AND SETDRU * - or -* 'WHERE'D THAT FILE COME FROM?'" * * A Modern
Icon setmrg21.lbr 5,760 1993/6/9 [00:13:06] The only advance over v2.0 is the inclusion of SLMQUIET.COM, a version of SLM which does not write a banner or any other text
Icon split45.lbr 18,432 1993/6/9 [00:06:20] A very fast, very flexible file splitter for use with editors like VDE which have limits on the file size or for backing up
Icon sstat19.lbr 45,696 1993/6/9 [00:07:20] A updated for ZAS assembly Super STAT program written by David Jewell, about 2 years ago. Main feature is screen high-lighted,
Icon statpat3.lbr 3,072 1993/6/9 [00:12:38] Enhancement to the 1987 Z33+ adaptation patch for the original CP/M 2.2 utility STAT.COM. This update adds response to the
Icon timofday.lbr 10,624 1993/6/9 [00:19:46] ALIAS.CMD insert for your startup alias to display a different pretty message to you depending on what time of day it is -
Icon tlzh20.lbr 61,056 1993/6/9 [00:14:50] TYPELZH version 2.0 incorporates the ability to handle files encoded with LZH algorithm version 2.0 (July '91). Treats files
Icon tpa33a.lbr 11,648 1993/6/9 [00:20:52] Reports the amount of memory available in your TPA and allows you to temporarily lower the size of the TPA. Useful for
Icon trim.lbr 5,760 1993/6/9 [00:16:40] Another one of those fast little Z-Tools. This one's for truncating object (usually *.COM) files to a given address,
Icon txt2.lbr 11,008 1993/6/8 [23:48:24] A typically workmanlike Joe Wright revision of Thomas Hill's very useful tool for creating assembly language "DB" statement
Icon tzinst15.dzc 1,536 1993/6/8 [23:48:28] No description available.
Icon uf.lbr 16,128 1993/6/8 [23:57:56] No description available.
Icon unera.obj 1,408 1993/6/8 [23:50:54] No description available.
Icon unera32.lbr 21,504 1993/6/8 [23:48:58] Recovers ERAsed files. A more polished, smoother version of UNERA31. Works well under ZCPR33 too.
Icon wildcat.txt 8,688 1994/9/14 [18:05:38]
Icon wordct31.lbr 2,304 1993/6/8 [23:49:02] WORDCT is a very fast, very small (2K) wordcount utility that uses the number of words, rather than relying on the number of
Icon worddemo.lbr 7,424 1993/6/9 [00:16:52] This collection of utility files provides a demonstration of a word processing environment under ZCPR, and especially of a
Icon wordwork.lbr 7,936 1993/6/9 [00:17:04] Dreas Nielsen's VMENU word processing system.

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