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Icon 00-index.txt 11,467 1994/9/7 [03:29:50]
Icon bprinter.hlp 4,096 1993/6/8 [00:17:12] No description available.
Icon calcrcp.z80 14,976 1994/9/2 [22:23:14]
Icon calcrcp.zz0 7,552 1993/6/8 [00:20:18] Eric Meyer's classic HP.COM redone as a Z3 RCP that cam be run without leaving your text editor. Very handy idea by Carson Wilson.
Icon cled15.lbr 38,784 1993/6/8 [00:15:16] RCPCLED, Version 1.5 update has some improvements and smaller code size. U/L by Rob Friefeld
Icon cled15.not 1,536 1993/6/8 [00:15:20] Note on modifying CLED 1.5 code for compatibility with AT task scheduler.
Icon debugrcp.aqm 19,584 1993/6/8 [00:24:24] There have been a number of requests for this RCP that gives you a memory resident MU3 (the memory utility for Z3 that reads what you have in memory). You asked for it and you got it.
Icon debugrcp.asm 28,160 1994/9/2 [22:27:26]
Icon descript.ion 6,500 2015/10/25 [22:43:22]
Icon fcp10.lbr 17,792 1993/6/8 [00:14:26] New flow control package with many new features, the most significant being: 1) new commands AND and OR for combining tests, IFQ for displaying entire IF status; 2) automatic detection of colon in command invocation so that the transient IF.COM (COMIF) can be used even if the option is coded in the resident FCP; 3) ability to load the transient IF.COM in high memory so as not to affect the TPA and allow use of the GO and SAVE commands after transient IF processing.
Icon files.bbs 6,821 1994/9/14 [17:01:24]
Icon files.pcb 11,342 1994/8/25 [18:50:02]
Icon gkey2.lbr 7,040 1993/6/8 [00:27:24] a simple but small and useful key-definition program for any CP/M or Z-System computer.
Icon iopclk10.lbr 22,656 1993/6/8 [00:15:54] IOPCLK loads and removes a ZSDOS clock NZCOM IOP module which runs in the background to display the current date and time in a specified host computer message field on your terminal. IOPCLK updates its display every second (mm/dd/yy hh:mm:ss) but can be configured to update it every minute (mm/dd/yy hh:mm). IOPCLK must be configured (using ZCNFG) for your terminal. See IOPCLK10.HZP.
Icon iopldr11.lbr 14,208 1993/6/8 [00:16:14] IOPLDR is a generalized IOP loader REL module that may be linked to load and remove a target custom NZCOM IOP module. It performs all required pre-load checks, environment validation, and it loads and relocates the IOP module to the NZIOP buffer for execution and also removes the loaded IOP module. It is designed to be called by a simple user- written custom loader. See IOPLDR11.HZP.
Icon mkz3bas2.lbr 7,424 1993/6/8 [00:17:24] A slightly spiffed version of Herbert zur Nedden's simple Z-Tool for creating an old- fashioned Z3BASE.LIB for the running ZCPR 3.3 or later Z-System. This makes it possible to reassemble older, non-relocatable system segments (such as the Ampro and Micromint BIOS source files, BYExxx.ASM, etc.) for use in more modern Z environments.
Icon nukey.hlp 15,744 1994/9/2 [22:23:14]
Icon nukey.hzp 8,448 1993/6/8 [00:14:02] No description available.
Icon nukeyclk.lbr 4,864 1993/6/8 [00:13:50] NuKeyClk is a ZCPR33+ program which reads the current date and time from internal clock and loads them into memory for use as a NuKey macro string. This makes it easy to put the right date in a Word-star or other document. Written in Z80 assembler with ZMAC, ZML, and the V4LIBs and ZSLIB routines. Requires Z- system. Written by Joe Mortensen
Icon nukeyfix.wy 2,816 1993/6/8 [00:15:24] NuKey gives some people problems. This text file provides some ARUNZ aliases which work reliably and get around the problems.
Icon nzfcp13.lbr 32,512 1993/6/8 [00:16:56] Source code plus the compiled Flow Control Packages (FCP's) distributed in FCP.LBR as part of the Z System. The precompiled modules are in Z-Relocatable form, and must be loaded with JetLDR, NZCOM, or Z3PLUS. Now features interactive assembly of code a-la- Z34RCP11 under the SLR or ZMAC assemblers. Macro now reports length of resulting FCP in records and bytes following assembly. JetLDR signons also automatically generated. 9/15/90 Carson Wilson
Icon rcpspace.lbr 7,936 1993/6/8 [00:27:36] No description available.
Icon rcptraps.lbr 10,624 1993/6/8 [00:27:52] No description available.
Icon rcpzrl11.lbr 120,832 1993/6/8 [00:27:02] Z-System Resident Command Package (RCP) in Z relocatable form, version 1.1. NZ-COM, JetLDR, or Z3PLUS is required to use these files. The modules are named as RCP-nnxy.ZRL where "nn" is the size of the RCP in records, "x" is either "F" for floppy systems or "H" for fixed disk systems, and "y" is "C" if the new command line editor shell is included. You probably won't want to download all of the .ZRL modules. See Z34RCP11.LBR for source code. U/L by Carson Wilson
Icon recorder.hlp 6,016 1993/6/8 [00:17:06] No description available.
Icon setiop.lbr 14,976 1993/6/8 [00:28:14] A ZCPR3 system utility for those who don't want to put IOP intercept code in their BIOS. SETIOP installs the intercept vectors after LDR has loaded the IOP into place. Until the vectors are installed, the BIOS uses its own I/O routines and makes NO reference to the IOP. Saves space in BIOS, and may be necessary for those who can't modify their BIOS. Contains a standard DUMMY IOP with discussion of the principles.
Icon sltrap.lbr 26,496 1993/6/8 [00:28:50] No description available.
Icon sysdef11.lib 3,072 1993/6/8 [00:23:58] Macro/include file with definitions for common symbols, such as the DOS function numbers.
Icon sysenv.asm 640 1993/6/8 [00:27:04] No description available.
Icon sysenv.lib 3,328 1993/6/8 [00:19:34] No description available.
Icon sysenv2.lbr 4,992 1993/6/8 [00:27:14] This is a upgrade for SYSENV that is specific for ZCPR34. It also supports the Extended TCAP that Joe Wright did for WS4 and ZCPR33. Note that the values included in the SYSENV and the included Z3base fit my SB180 system. I gave credit for this to Jay, but any mistakes in it are mine. Steve Mendelson
Icon sysiop21.lbr 47,616 1993/6/8 [00:23:52] Sysiop21.lbr was released by the original author of sysiop2 (Edi Cram p) shortly after his original release, and fixes several bugs in the original version and adds more facilities.
Icon wildcat.txt 6,665 1994/9/14 [18:05:44]
Icon xb11.doc 18,816 1994/9/2 [22:23:16]
Icon xb11.dzc 9,856 1993/6/8 [00:29:04] No description available.
Icon z33rcplt.lib 5,504 1993/6/8 [00:20:26] This very slightly modified file is from the Z33RCP.LBR. The TYPE command no longer allows control characters to be sent to the screen. The control characters in WordStar files sometimes cause problems on my terminal. In particular, lines ending in soft hyphens were double spaced, which caused the top lines to scroll off before the page pause. If you have similar problems, this is for you.
Icon z34rcp11.lbr 109,568 1993/6/8 [00:22:50] Z-System Resident Command Package (RCP) in source code form, version 1.1. Complete Z80 source code to the RCP plus documentation, for ZCPR versions 3.3 and above. Adds several exciting new commands and features and fixes various bugs in the previous release. See companion file RCPZRL11.LBR for pre-compiled RCP modules which may be loaded with NZ-COM, Z3PLUS, or JetLDR. U/L by Carson Wilson
Icon z3key14.lbr 67,072 1993/6/8 [00:18:50] Z3KEY14.LBR is a general cleanup of the code and reorginization for easier installation. The Z3KEYRCP.Z80 code has been modified for the ZASM.COM assembler which is included in the library so everyone will have the right assembler. The Z3KEY.COM utility is now self installing for the environment descriptor. Type Z3KEY // for help.
Icon zap.lbr 19,840 1993/6/8 [00:19:18] A fairly powerful debugger (much better than DEBUGRCP) implemented as an RCP.
Icon zbye12z.mac 39,936 1994/9/2 [22:27:24]
Icon zbye12z.mqc 24,832 1993/6/8 [00:20:06] Earl Boone's mod of ZBYE, which implements BYE as an RCP, for use with the SLR assemblers.
Icon zsysp14.lbr 5,504 1993/6/8 [00:19:26] 5504 06-07-93 No description available.

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