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Icon 00-index.txt 47,544 1994/9/7 [03:28:20]
Icon descript.ion 27,571 2015/10/25 [22:43:46]
Icon f83-m2.lbr 162,048 1993/10/26 [10:16:12] by Laxen and Perry 4/1/84 160K Forth 83 language, Model 2.0.0. This version was packaged by Ted Shapin on 7/1/84. Very complete.
Icon fancfont.lbr 36,608 1993/10/26 [10:16:16] by SoftCraft 0/0/0 36K Demonstration of the FancyFont (tm) system. Requires an Epson compatible printer.
Icon fanfld10.lbr 39,808 1993/10/26 [10:16:22] by Ron Rock 8/6/87 40K BETA TEST v10.0 of FANFOLD text formatter requires Turbo Pascal to compile.
Icon fanfld22.lbr 83,200 1993/10/26 [10:16:32] by Ron Rock 2/25/90 82K FANFOLD v22.0d reformats text for printing on both sides of paper. This is SHAREWARE.
Icon fanfold.lbr 23,040 1993/10/26 [10:16:36] by Ron Rock 10/1/85 24K Reformats text into two files for printing on both sides of fanfold paper. With Turbo Pascal source.
Icon fanfold8.lbr 52,480 1993/10/26 [10:16:44] by Ron Rock 1/22/87 52K v8.0 for Turbo Pascal 3.0. Reformats text files for printing on both sides of paper. CP/M 2.2.
Icon fanfx3.lbr 25,344 1993/10/26 [10:16:48] by Ron Rock 1/1/86 26K Kaypro/Epson version of FANFOLD reformats text to print on both sides of fanfold paper.
Icon fast.lbr 1,280 1993/10/26 [10:16:50] by Tom Vyse 7/8/82 4K Osborne 1 specific program to increase the disk drive step rate.
Icon fast2.lbr 21,632 1993/10/26 [10:16:54] by David Bennett 10/8/81 22K Utility RSX to speed up disk I/O operations where systems have slow BIOS. ASM source, good DOCs.
Icon fastart.lbr 6,912 1993/10/26 [10:16:56] by Kent Anderson 1/1/85 8K Creates a small and fast startup routine for the Kaypro CP/M computers.
Icon fastlife.lbr 5,120 1993/10/26 [10:16:58] by Carl Flarity 6/8/83 6K A game of LIFE for Osborne 1 video. Include the ASM source code.
Icon fatcat24.lbr 137,472 1993/10/26 [10:17:16] by Steven M. Cohen 1/1/86 136K Fast, easy and powerful menu driven disk catalog program for Z80 systems. ZCPR3 compatible.
Icon fbad5860.lbr 4,352 1993/10/26 [10:17:18] by various 0/0/0 6K Two more COM versions of the FindBAD utility. FBAD v5.8 for Kaypro video, and v6.0 universal.
Icon fbad59.lbr 21,504 1993/10/26 [10:17:24] by Ken Kaplan et al. 3/16/85 22K v5.9 FindBAD disk sectors and lock them out. Includes ASM source file.
Icon fbad60a.lbr 24,704 1993/10/26 [10:17:28] by Tom Head 10/18/8726K FINDBAD v6.0A utility to find bad disk sectors and lock them out. ASM source code included.
Icon ff.lbr 29,312 1993/10/26 [10:17:32] by PowerSoft Inc. 1/1/85 30K FeatureFormat - a self-installing program turns WordStar into a screenplay processor. Shareware.
Icon figforth.lbr 55,808 1993/10/26 [10:17:42] by Bob Bumala 8/1/83 56K KFORTH language from the Forth Interest Group for Kaypro computers.
Icon file13.lbr 7,808 1993/10/26 [10:17:44] by Irv Hoff 2/13/83 8K File search utility finds requested file on any or all disks, any user area. ASM source included.
Icon fileprin.lbr 7,040 1993/10/26 [10:17:48] by Gary W. Addison 1/1/83 8K An MBASIC program for scanning the MAST.CAT disk catalog. Outputs to screen or printer.
Icon files.bbs 28,176 1994/9/14 [17:02:06]
Icon filesize.lbr 1,408 1993/10/26 [10:17:50] by Rob Friefield 7/1/86 4K v1.2 of this 1K program that reports file sizes in number of records, pages, and K-bytes. Z80.
Icon filt.lbr 8,064 1993/10/26 [10:17:52] by Irv Hoff 3/14/84 8K Text filters. Very fast with excellent messages. Includes FILTA, FILTB, FILTW, FILTWC.
Icon filt7a.lbr 5,632 1993/10/26 [10:17:54] by Irv Hoff 5/11/86 6K Versatile text filter for ASCII and WordStar files also processes tabs.
Icon filter11.lbr 4,736 1993/10/26 [10:17:58] by Keith Petersen 1/27/81 6K A filter program for ASCII text files. Includes the ASM source code.
Icon find54.lbr 5,888 1993/10/26 [10:18:18] by Irv Hoff 1/27/86 6K Finds upper or lower case ASCII strings in one or more files. Can create file of output, more.
Icon findbd54.lbr 1,920 1993/10/26 [10:18:20] by unknown 0/0/0 4K FindBAD v5.4 bad disk sector lockout program, universal version.
Icon findu11.lbr 4,352 1993/10/26 [10:18:22] by S. Kluger 8/2/84 6K Find/Unsqueeze searches for a string in ASCII or WordStar, normal or squeezed multiple files.
Icon finrep11.lbr 7,040 1993/10/26 [10:18:24] by Eric Gans 6/6/85 8K Very fast find/replace program works on all types of files, and on multiple files.
Icon finrep21.lbr 9,728 1993/10/26 [10:18:26] by Eric Gans 7/15/85 10K Versatile, fast wildcard find/replace utility for all types of files; multiple files.
Icon finrep28.lbr 11,008 1993/10/26 [10:18:28] by Eric Gans 5/28/88 12K v2.8 of fast multiple file search/replace utility that works on all kinds of files. Very powerful.
Icon fix19.lbr 25,856 1993/10/26 [10:18:32] by unknown 2/4/82 26K A disk probing utility for universal CP/M 2.2 that includes built-in help.
Icon flash.lbr 25,728 1993/10/26 [10:18:34] by Ricky Wong 8/30/86 26K Creates flashcards and then excercises them on the terminal. Good educational program.
Icon flykpro.lbr 17,280 1993/10/26 [10:18:38] by B. Eiben 0/0/0 18K Instrument flight simulator for ADM-3A screens. No documentation, but has internal help.
Icon fogindex.lbr 10,368 1993/10/26 [10:18:40] by Les Bell & George Blat6/17/84 12K v1.2 Analyzes your writing style. Tells how many years of grade school needed to understand it!
Icon form7.lbr 7,680 1993/10/26 [10:18:42] by Irv Hoff 4/27/85 8K Assembly source code formatter adds/removes colon, tabs, changes case, comments, etc.
Icon format.inf 38,272 1994/7/13 [04:32:14]
Icon formatin.izf 14,592 1993/10/26 [10:18:44] by Irv Hoff 3/22/88 16K Informative text file comparing ALPHATXT, RNF13, ROFF4, JUSTIFY, and WordStar text justification.
Icon formfeed.lbr 640 1993/10/26 [10:18:46] by unknown 0/0/0 4K This wonderful micro gem sends a formfeed to your printer so you don't have to push its buttons.
Icon forth-83.lbr 134,528 1993/10/26 [10:19:02] by Henry Laxen & Mike Perry 10/16/83 132K Forth-83 language with Kaypro implementation notesbut should run on other computers too.
Icon freebase.lbr 20,480 1993/10/26 [10:19:04] by D. Brown & N. Nyman 2/1/86 20K FreeBaseIII is a freeform data management system for all CP/M 2.2 and 3.0 computers.
Icon freewill.lbr 43,136 1993/10/26 [10:19:10] by C2 0/0/0 44K California Civil Code for statutory will. Text files that guide you in writing your own will.
Icon front50.lbr 37,888 1993/10/26 [10:19:16] by Claude Ostyn 11/29/8538K Front menu for CP/M replaces A> prompt with a user friendly video screen. CP/M 2.2 and 3.0.
Icon ftnote14.lbr 23,296 1993/10/26 [10:19:20] by Eric Meyer 8/27/84 24K Allows page-bottom footnotes with WordStar. Page numbering automatically maintained.
Icon fu-12.lbr 48,512 1993/10/26 [10:19:28] by R. Donais & G. Cole 1/1/84 48K Nice EDFILE-like full-screen binary editor. Easy to install. WordStar commands, RPN calculator.
Icon fx-80.lbr 5,632 1993/10/26 [10:19:30] by Steve Willett 9/9/84 6K SBASIC program to set up an EPSON FX-80 printer. Menu driven.
Icon fx100.lbr 12,416 1993/10/26 [10:19:32] by Jim Murphy 4/23/85 14K Epson FX-100 printer setup program with Turbo Pascal source code. Also for FX-80 printer.
Icon fxchar.lbr 45,184 1993/10/26 [10:19:40] by Douglas W. Coatney 1/1/84 46K v1.02 Character set generator/editor for Epson FX- 80 downloading fonts. Easy to use. 5 fonts incl.
Icon g-l.lbr 34,560 1993/10/26 [10:19:46] by Jim Woolley 12/16/8134K McGraw-Hill General Ledger system set up for the Osborne 1. Requires CBASIC.
Icon gcsfx10.lbr 3,712 1993/10/26 [10:19:48] by Glencannon Systems 9/19/87 4K Utility to set up Epson FX-85, print a file, or use the printer as typewriter.
Icon germs.lbr 15,232 1993/10/26 [10:19:50] by unknown 0/0/0 16K Game of LIFE - a classic in COM version for ADM-3A compatible terminal. Good implementation.
Icon gfonts.lbr 77,696 1993/10/26 [10:20:02] by Stan Kazmiruk 1/25/87 76K GEEFONT v0.04 plus large font library. NLQ print program for Epson/Gemini compatible printers.
Icon gkey2.lbr 5,760 1993/10/26 [10:20:04] by Eric Gans 5/6/86 6K v1.0 keyboard enhancement program that is small, simple, and fast.
Icon gkx390.lbr 10,624 1993/10/26 [10:20:06] by Eric Gans 1/30/88 12K GKX, formerly GKEY2, v3.90, a keyboard enhancement program. Uses ASCII files to store macros.
Icon 25,984 1994/7/13 [04:32:14]
Icon golf.czm 17,152 1993/10/26 [10:20:12] by unknown 0/0/0 18K A simulator game of GOLF that works on a universal computer screen (text only output).
Icon grab.lbr 15,616 1993/10/26 [10:20:14] by H. M. Van Tassell 2/12/85 16K Searches a WordStar DOC file and GRABs entire paragraph containing key phrase.
Icon graf10.lbr 53,888 1993/10/26 [10:20:24] by Don Brittain 1/3/83 54K A large graphics package for Epson MX compatible dot matrix printers. Complete C language source.
Icon gramatik.lbr 45,824 1993/10/26 [10:20:58] by Aspen Software Company1/1/81 46K Gramatik v1.84 grammar checker. Features user- definable style dictionaries.
Icon grep2.lbr 24,448 1993/10/26 [10:21:00] by H. R. Moran, Jr. 2/28/83 24K UNIX-like utility searches text files for pattern. Includes BDS C source code.
Icon gsigns32.lbr 75,648 1993/10/26 [10:21:08] by Robert W. Bloom 12/22/8674K A versatile banner and sign printing program with Turbo Pascal source code. Z80 only.
Icon gsub10.lbr 4,096 1993/10/26 [10:21:10] by Eric Gans 5/25/85 6K Memory based submit utility can distinguish CCP input from console input within a program.
Icon gsub13.lbr 11,904 1993/10/26 [10:21:12] by Eric Gans 7/3/85 12K v1.3 memory based SUBMIT utility. This version includes conditional expression processing.
Icon handysys.lbr 55,552 1993/10/26 [10:21:20] by Steven Wehrenberg 12/26/8456K Personal productivity software: calendar, notebook etc. for Kaypro 4/10 graphic screen only.
Icon hangman.lbr 19,200 1993/10/26 [10:21:24] by Topaz Programming 1/1/79 20K Neat COM version of classic word guessing game. You can make up your own word lists with this one.
Icon haunt.lbr 15,232 1993/10/26 [10:21:26] by Gene Martin 1/3/88 16K A haunting adventure game for those with Kaypro 4/10 video screens. Requires MBASIC.
Icon help20.lbr 7,808 1993/10/26 [10:21:28] by unknown 0/0/0 8K Online interactive help utility. Included are versions 1.1, 1.8, and 2.0.
Icon hjelp.lbr 42,752 1993/10/26 [10:21:34] by Harold V. McIntosh 10/15/8442K Extended help facility that makes use of libraries and squeezed help files. ASM source included.
Icon holidays.lbr 14,208 1993/10/26 [10:21:36] by Richard S. Altman 5/26/89 14K Programs to display Christian and Jewish religious holidays for any year; Kaypro video; MBASIC code.
Icon hostcm.lbr 2,560 1993/10/26 [10:21:38] by Bob Scott 7/1/83 4K Osborne specific terminal interface program hooks up with HOSTCM mainframe comms program. In BASIC.
Icon hp10.lbr 4,992 1993/10/26 [10:21:40] by Eric Meyer 9/1/84 6K Simple RPN calculator for programmers. HEX, DEC, BIN and ASCII display. Three registers.
Icon hp45-208.lbr 72,064 1993/10/26 [10:21:50] by Loring C. Chien 8/27/88 72K Hewlett Packard 45 RPN scientific calculator shows all registers on screen.
Icon hrdsft11.lbr 3,328 1993/10/26 [10:21:52] by Kenneth M. Toy 1/30/84 4K Converts hard text file to WordStar document file or vice versa. Very fast.
Icon i2.lbr 2,304 1993/10/26 [10:21:54] by Mark Boyd 1/12/84 4K I ("Eye" see!) text files. Also called SCROLL. Page forward/backward, jump, search, etc.
Icon if10.lbr 19,712 1993/10/26 [10:21:58] by Marc C. Brooks 1/4/83 20K Allows conditional expressions in SUBMIT files. ASM source files included. Not for CP/M 3.x.
Icon ilisp-1.lbr 49,536 1993/10/26 [10:22:06] by Richard Fritzson 5/1/85 130K Full CP/M 2.2 Z80 implementation of SCHEME dialect of LISP even has floating point math.
Icon ilisp-2.lbr 81,920 1993/10/26 [10:22:16] by Richard Fritzson 5/1/85 130K Full CP/M 2.2 Z80 implementation of SCHEME dialect of LISP even has floating point math.
Icon imp-c128.lbr 120,704 1993/10/26 [10:22:32] by Irv Hoff 12/25/8118K Improved Modem Program v2.44 for C128 computers with complete installation instructions and DOCs.
Icon imp244.lbr 59,776 1993/10/26 [10:22:42] by Irv Hoff 10/1/85 60K Improved Modem Program v2.44 supports KMD, 2400bps 1K protocols. Requires some assembly.
Icon imp245.lbr 101,120 1993/10/26 [10:23:36] by Irv Hoff 6/1/87 100K IMP v2.45 must be installed for your computer. Preinstalled for Kaypro. Overlays for others.
Icon index30.lbr 7,424 1993/10/26 [10:22:44] by F. J. Greeb 1/1/81 8K An alphabetical directory display which shows file sizes and space remaining on the disk.
Icon insdmbas.lbr 14,080 1993/10/26 [10:22:48] by Bud Stuart & Dave McAf6/1/85 14K INSIDE MBASIC is a nice set of utilities for MBASIC programmers.
Icon inuse11.lbr 6,144 1993/10/26 [10:22:50] by Richard Conn 3/6/82 6K Terminal security program puts "IN USE" on screen, waits for a password. Any terminal. ASM source.
Icon jrtpas3a.lbr 75,264 1993/10/26 [10:23:44] by JRT Systems 1/1/82 132K JRT Pascal v3.0. This is a large release of the Pascal Language. Two LBR files.
Icon jrtpas3b.lbr 58,496 1993/10/26 [10:23:50] by JRT Systems 1/1/82 132K JRT Pascal v3.0. This is a large release of the Pascal Language. Two LBR files.
Icon justify.lbr 26,496 1993/10/26 [10:23:54] by Irv Hoff 3/22/88 26K Text utility for right margin justification. Lots of info on justification included.
Icon k-slave.lbr 40,448 1993/10/26 [10:24:00] by Mark Frank 1/1/84 40K Allows multiple Kaypros to display the same screen output. Has good DOCs, plus Turbo Pascal source.
Icon k10set92.lbr 2,560 1993/10/26 [10:24:02] by Jim Gronek 9/6/84 4K v2.4 printer setup utility for use with Kaypro 10 graphic screen and Okidata ML92 printer.
Icon kamasud1.lbr 74,880 1993/10/26 [10:24:12] by Adam Trent 1/7/85 74K KAMAS Utility Disk 1 for KAMAS v1.1. This library has KAMASLAN.TOP and UTILITIE.TOP v1.
Icon kamasud3.lbr 48,896 1993/10/26 [10:24:18] by Adam Trent 7/24/85 48K KAMAS Utility Disk 3 for KAMAS v1.2 includes UD3DOC.TOP, UTILITIE.TOP v3, and MISCUTIL.TOP.
Icon keybdmon.lbr 1,792 1993/10/26 [10:24:20] by David Nienhiser 12/9/82 4K Displays ASCII/HEX/Decimal representation of any key pressed. For ADM-3A compatible terminal.
Icon kfont14.lbr 24,832 1993/10/26 [10:24:24] by Sam Bellotto Jr. 8/3/88 26K Large type printing program for Epson compatibles. High quality fonts. Shareware.
Icon kfont18.lbr 54,016 1993/10/26 [10:24:32]
Icon kfont389.lbr 89,216 1993/10/26 [10:24:44] by Sam Bellotto Jr. 3/1/89 88K KwikFont v1.8 large type printing program now with all 16 fonts plus installation utility. Shareware.
Icon klean20.lbr 18,816 1993/10/26 [10:24:48] by Steven B. Perkins 9/23/87 20K Intelligent file erasing utility gives numbered, sorted list of files. Turbo Pascal source code.
Icon klist13.lbr 3,584 1993/10/26 [10:24:52] by Douglas A. Kerr 0/0/0 4K Kaypro file list (printing) utility has printer setup, header, etc.
Icon kmd20.lbr 63,616 1993/10/26 [10:25:00] by Irv Hoff & Wayne Maste6/20/86 64K RCPM utility replaces XMODEM. For use with IMP244 and easy to configure.
Icon kmdm795.lbr 11,648 1993/10/26 [10:25:04] by Brown Grier 12/4/82 12K MODEM795 communications program for the Kaypro II only. No source code with this one.
Icon kompare.lbr 3,072 1993/10/26 [10:25:06] by unknown 0/0/0 4K COMPARE.COM and KOMPARE.COM are two 1K programs to compare files on a byte-by-byte basis.
Icon kp-7up.lbr 2,432 1993/10/26 [10:25:08] by Paul Maia 10/12/84 4K Overcomes problem with Kaypro screen displaying unwanted graphics characters due to "bit 7".
Icon kp-db18.lbr 36,224 1993/10/26 [10:25:14] by Steven L. Sanders 10/4/84 36K A mailing list database for Kaypro CP/M computers. Utilizes clock and video if available.
Icon kp-db19.lbr 27,520 1993/10/26 [10:25:20] by Steven L. Sanders 1/21/85 28K Mailing label database for Kaypro computers. More business oriented than KP-DB18.
Icon kpdump.lbr 5,760 1993/10/26 [10:25:42] by unknown 0/0/0 6K Dumps Kaypro screen to printer. Includes versions for Kaypro II and 4/10.
Icon kpgetrom.lbr 1,408 1993/10/26 [10:25:44] by Ken Fowler 12/17/84 4K Utilities to create a binary file image of Kaypro system ROM. Different versions for each Kaypro.
Icon kpgrafic.lbr 11,904 1993/10/26 [10:25:22] by Peter Donnelly 3/1/86 12K Excellent documentation on the use of graphics on the Kaypro 4/10 screen. Text only.
Icon kpgraph.lbr 80,896 1993/10/26 [10:25:52] by Ron Moser 1/5/84 80K Large collection of SBASIC graphics programs for Kaypro 4/10. Many useful subroutines.
Icon kpkeyset.lbr 38,016 1993/10/26 [10:25:56] by Lindsay Haisley 0/0/0 38K Reconfigures Kaypro 4/10 numeric and vector pads. Not for CP/M 2.2U.
Icon kplot.lbr 9,472 1993/10/26 [10:25:58] by David Ring 0/0/0 10K Graphics plotting program for the Osborne 1. Also includes KDRAW. Requires MBASIC.
Icon kpsetpad.lbr 13,440 1993/10/26 [10:26:00] by Flat Iron Software 11/17/8414K A function key program for Kaypro computers with CP/M 2.2F or 2.2G.
Icon kwiklist.lbr 21,120 1993/10/26 [10:26:04] by Sam Bellotto Jr. 1/1/88 22K Demo version of menu-driven Relational Listmaking System. ADM-3A terminal, Z80 required.
Icon kz2-v200.lbr 45,824 1993/10/26 [10:26:10] by Kim Levitt 8/27/85 46K v2.00 ZCPR2 for Kaypro II only. Automatically installs. Includes all utilities.
Icon label.asm 963 1994/7/13 [04:32:16]
Icon label.azm 2,036 1994/7/12 [23:47:34] by Leo J. Corbalis 0/0/0 4K A simple program to print multiple copies of a specific mailing label. ASM source code only.
Icon labldisk.lbr 9,984 1993/10/26 [10:26:14] by Melissa Gray 12/16/8310K v2.0 of DSKLABL by Dennis McFerran prints sorted DIR on a label. ASM source included.
Icon ladder13.lbr 49,920 1993/10/26 [10:26:20] by Yahoo Software 1/1/83 50K An excellent full-screen arcade type game. Can be configured for different computer screens.
Icon lasm.lbr 8,320 1993/10/26 [10:26:22] by Ward Christensen 7/6/81 10K Linking Assembler is a rewrite of ASM.COM. It is faster and can link at assembly time.
Icon lasm3.lbr 11,264 1993/10/26 [10:26:26] by Steve Schlaifer 11/1/84 12K Update of LASM handles Z80 code in 8080 style. It can link, XREF and produce SYM files.
Icon lbb.lbr 48,256 1993/10/26 [10:26:32] by Thomas R. Mierau 1/1/84 48K Little Black Book is a menu driven phone book for Kaypro computers. Includes SBASIC source code.
Icon lbrdisk2.lbr 13,440 1993/10/26 [10:26:34] by Jim Lopushinsky 3/5/84 14K Neat library RSX utility which makes LBR files look like disk drives to CP/M 2.2 programs.
Icon lbrext25.lbr 22,528 1993/10/26 [10:26:38] by Bob Peddicord 2/6/88 22K Extracts files from LBR, unsqueezes and uncrunches too. Z80 source code included.
Icon lc21.lbr 1,024 1993/10/26 [10:26:40] by Eric Gans 12/7/84 4K Converts ASM files to Lower Case, leaving comments and items in single quotes unchanged.
Icon ldir-b13.lbr 24,192 1993/10/26 [10:26:44] by Michal Carson 5/28/88 24K v1.30 Library Directory program displays full info on LBR members. Z80 required.
Icon ldr15.lbr 10,496 1993/10/26 [10:26:48] by Joe Wright 6/2/86 12K Utility to load memory segments in ZCPR3 systems. Includes Z80 source code. Requires ZCPR3.
Icon life.lbr 16,512 1993/10/26 [10:26:50] by Edward P. Grant 0/0/0 18K The game of LIFE with CB-80 source code. You can make startup patterns using any word processor.
Icon list3.lbr 10,112 1993/10/26 [10:26:54] by John M. Steele 0/0/0 10K A versatile program for viewing or printing text. Handles WordStar files, control codes. ASM source.
Icon listcat.lbr 16,512 1993/10/26 [10:26:58] by David Altekruse 7/4/82 18K Utility for printing a catalog listing from the MAST.CAT disk catalog.
Icon listt10.lbr 4,224 1993/10/26 [10:27:00] by Irv Hoff 10/17/82 6K A utility for listing text files to the printer with left margin control, headers, etc.
Icon listt16.lbr 14,336 1993/10/26 [10:27:02] by Irv Hoff 12/31/8314K LISTT v1.6 lists files on printer with margins, headers, etc. Includes the ASM source code.
Icon locker.lbr 19,712 1993/10/26 [10:27:06] by unknown 0/0/0 20K File scramble/unscrambler. Includes a program to discover the password you forgot to remember.
Icon look.lbr 1,408 1993/10/26 [10:27:08] by Kelly Smith 5/16/80 4K Searches working memory for a pattern and displays addresses where it is found.
Icon lookup.lbr 2,176 1993/10/26 [10:27:10] by Jim Schenkel 9/1/82 4K A telephone book for the Osborne 1. Keeps simple lists of information readily accessible.
Icon lput14.lbr 31,488 1993/10/26 [10:27:16] by Bruce Morgan 8/19/87 32K LPUT makes creating libraries easy. Requires the ZCPR3 system. Includes Z80 source code.
Icon lrun23.lbr 13,952 1993/10/26 [10:27:18] by Gary P. Novosielski 7/8/85 14K Runs COM programs from inside a LBR file. Includes ASM source. Requires Z80.
Icon lstool11.lbr 35,328 1993/10/26 [10:27:24] by James A. Gronek 8/26/85 36K A utility program for use with LST files produced by the MCAT/XCAT disk cataloging program.
Icon lsweep13.lbr 16,896 1993/10/26 [10:27:28] by Joe Vogler 1/22/84 18K Library Sweep utility works like WASH, DISK, SWEEP but within LBR files.
Icon lt27.lbr 48,256 1993/10/26 [10:28:22] by C. B. Falconer 5/11/88 48K Library Typer types or extracts normal, squeezed or crunched files from libraries. ASM source.
Icon lu101.lbr 39,040 1993/10/26 [10:27:36] by Gary P. Novosielski 11/14/8240K Library Utility v1.01 with full documentation and examples, LDIR10.COM (+ C source), and LRUN10.COM.
Icon lu300.lbr 24,576 1993/10/26 [10:28:26] by Gary P. Novosielski 8/16/83 24K Library Utility v3.00 for creation and maintenance of LBR files. Includes LDIR22.COM and LRUN20.COM.
Icon lux12b.lbr 60,160 1993/10/26 [10:27:44] by Steven R. Holtzclaw 12/6/83 60K Library Utility eXtension for managing LBR files under RCP/M systems. Z80 only. Incl. MAC source.
Icon lux77b.lbr 59,008 1993/10/26 [10:27:54] by Norman Beeler 10/17/8758K RCPM library utility for ARC, ARK and LBR files includes all utilities. Z80 CP/M 2.2, 3.0 (CP/M+)
Icon lx15.lbr 12,544 1993/10/26 [10:28:28] by Richard Conn 1/24/87 14K Like LRUN, executes COM files from LBR, but this version only for ZCPR3. Z80 source included.
Icon lx80.lbr 12,800 1993/10/26 [10:28:30] by Jim Murphy 5/14/85 14K Epson LX-80 printer setup program complete with Turbo Pascal source code.
Icon m-cobol.lbr 57,984 1993/10/26 [10:28:38] by NPS 5/5/85 58K Micro-COBOL v2.1 is the only public domain COBOL compiler. Has excellent documentation too.
Icon m22.lbr 1,408 1993/10/26 [10:28:38] by Eric Gans 5/30/85 4K Small memory dump utility displays a memory page in both HEX and ASCII.
Icon mage30.lbr 1,920 1993/10/26 [10:28:40] by Chris & Steve Rudek 0/0/0 4K Osborne 1 version of a utility to recover WordStar files lost in memory to disk.
Icon mage31.lbr 2,304 1993/10/26 [10:28:42] by Ted Silveira 5/29/83 4K Recovers WordStar text from memory after a disk- full error or reset.
Icon magikey.lbr 81,664 1993/10/26 [10:28:52] by PRO microSystems 10/16/8680K A commercial, professionally written keyboard en- hancement program. Excellent shareware!
Icon mail15.lbr 33,280 1993/10/26 [10:28:56] by James A. Gronek 5/25/85 34K Combined mailing list manager, form letter printer and phone number locator for dBaseII. Shareware.
Icon mail32.lbr 20,736 1993/10/26 [10:29:00] by W. T. Francis 1/8/87 22K Menu driven address and label making database with many options. Turbo Pascal source code included.
Icon make20.lbr 11,904 1993/10/26 [10:29:02] by Ken Lovett 8/7/83 12K MAKE user number of file change, erase/unerase, set attributes. ASM source file included.
Icon make25.lbr 11,008 1993/10/26 [10:29:04] by Lovett, (rev by Saunde11/13/8412K File utility: change user area, erase/unerase, set attributes. Includes ASM source file.
Icon make27.lbr 25,984 1993/10/26 [10:29:10] by Eugene Nolan 4/10/88 26K MAKE v2.7 change file attributes, user area, erase or unerase. CP/M or ZCPR3. Includes ASM source.
Icon makeauto.lbr 8,064 1993/10/26 [10:29:12] by M. Joel Guerra 9/10/82 8K Osborne specific program to generate custom AUTOST files. Includes ASM source code.
Icon map12.lbr 122,752 1993/10/26 [10:29:26] by Douglas L. Anderton 1/1/85 120K Multivariate Analysis Package v1.2 - professional statistical analysis with Turbo Pascal source.
Icon masmenu.lbr 51,712 1993/10/26 [10:29:34] by Kaypro Corporation 1/1/84 52K Master Menu for CP/M Kaypro 10 computers.
Icon masmenus.lbr 12,032 1993/10/26 [10:29:36] by J. Wyatt 12/27/8412K Two SBASIC MASter MENU programs for Kaypro 10 computers.
Icon mbgames1.lbr 62,592 1993/10/26 [10:29:46] by various 0/0/0 76K 28 MBASIC games from ACEYDUCY through BUZZWORD including BASEBALL. Requires MBASIC.
Icon mbgames2.lbr 66,048 1993/10/26 [10:29:56] by various 0/0/0 82K 28 more MBASIC games from CAPITALS through EVENWIN including COLONY. Requires MBASIC.
Icon mbgames3.lbr 73,472 1993/10/26 [10:30:06] by various 0/0/0 86K 27 more MBASIC games from FIGHTER through HURKLE including FOOTBALL. Requires MBASIC.
Icon mbgames4.lbr 64,768 1993/10/26 [10:30:36] by various 0/0/0 76K 26 more MBASIC games from KINEMA through OTHELLO including MONOPOLY. Requires MBASIC.
Icon mbgames5.lbr 67,584 1993/10/26 [10:30:44] by various 0/0/0 84K 22 more MBASIC games from PICTURE through SMURF including ROCKET. Requires MBASIC.
Icon mbgames6.lbr 66,816 1993/10/26 [10:30:52] by various 0/0/0 80K 25 more MBASIC games from SNOW through ZLOVE including STARTREK. Requires MBASIC.
Icon mcat505.lbr 75,648 1993/10/26 [10:31:00] by Harold F. Bower 8/27/85 74K Greatly enhanced MAST.CAT system for DateStamper. Includes MAC source. See XCAT502.
Icon mcatxcat.lbr 29,312 1993/10/26 [10:30:12] by Irv Hoff 3/29/84 30K v4.3 disk catalog system for MAST.CAT. Includes special Kaypro versions, and FIND51 as well.
Icon mdiag101.lbr 48,768 1993/10/26 [10:31:06] by Microcosm Associates 1/1/80 48K A super memory diagnostic program for Kaypro '83 models (II, IV, 10). Includes MAC source code.
Icon mdm-px8.obj 18,432 1994/7/13 [04:32:16]
Icon mdm-px8.ozj 13,952 1993/10/26 [10:31:10] by CHR & MJH 12/10/8414K v1.13 Modem program for the Epson PX8 Geneva portable CP/M computer.
Icon mdm740kp.lbr 68,736 1993/10/26 [10:31:18] by Irv Hoff 5/7/84 68K The famous modem program all set up for Kaypro. No source code, but full documentation.
Icon memrs19.lbr 15,616 1993/10/26 [10:31:22] by William F. Boulton 7/15/81 16K An exhaustive memory testing program tests up to CP/M BIOS. Includes ASM source code.
Icon menu.lbr 8,448 1993/10/26 [10:31:24] by Jim Woolley 11/1/82 10K Displays a menu of files. User selects the file to run by number. Several versions. ASM source.
Icon menu41.lbr 45,056 1993/10/26 [10:31:30] by Jay Sage 5/22/87 44K Menu processor for ZCPR3 only. Will not run on regular CP/M. Includes Z80 source code.
Icon metrics.lbr 9,600 1993/10/26 [10:31:34] by various contributors 1/1/82 10K Three metric conversion programs in BASIC. MBASIC is required.
Icon mfdisk.lbr 37,632 1993/10/26 [10:31:38] by Kaypro Corporation 3/29/84 38K Multi-Format Disk utility for Kaypro 2/4/10. Two versions are included.
Icon mission.lbr 16,768 1993/10/26 [10:31:44] by Richard S. Altman 11/20/8918K Game requiring MBASIC and Kaypro highlited screen. Simulates a foreign espionage MISSION.
Icon mload14.lbr 20,224 1993/10/26 [10:31:48] by Ron Fowler 5/29/83 20K A multi-file HEX loading utility to replace LOAD. Includes the ASM source code.
Icon mload24.lbr 21,120 1993/10/26 [10:31:52] by NightOwl Software 2/13/85 22K Replaces LOAD.COM, can link multiple files and add offsets, install patches. ASM source included.
Icon mload25.lbr 26,112 1993/10/26 [10:31:56] by NightOwl Software 3/10/88 26K v2.5 Load program by Ron Fowler loads HEX files to COM, adds patch overlays, etc. ASM source.
Icon modem2.lbr 8,704 1993/10/26 [10:31:58] by Ward Christensen 4/28/79 10K An early version for collectors of Christensen's multi-function communications program.
Icon moria.lbr 19,328 1993/10/26 [10:32:04] by unknown 0/0/0 20K Mines of Moria adventure game similar to CASTLE. Requires MBASIC. No two games the same.
Icon movuser2.lbr 4,736 1993/10/26 [10:32:06] by Pavel Breder 5/31/82 6K Utility to move a file or files to any user area. Includes ASM source code.
Icon mplabels.lbr 896 1993/10/26 [10:32:08] by unknown 0/0/0 4K Merge Print Labels consists of MailMerge formats for two-across 3.5" x 15/16" mailing labels.
Icon msa15.lbr 5,760 1993/10/26 [10:32:10] by unknown 3/4/84 6K ASM spelled backwards. An obscure and interesting 8080 disassembler.
Icon mvpforth.lbr 60,160 1993/10/26 [10:32:20] by J. E. Crowell 6/1/83 60K FORTH79 language set up for Osborne 1 SD or DD. Includes ASM source code.
Icon mx80form.bas 7,424 1994/7/13 [04:32:14]
Icon mxform.bzs 3,584 1993/10/26 [10:32:22] by Roderick W. Hart 6/21/81 4K Epson MX80 printer configuration program. This classic requires MBASIC.
Icon mxo13px8.asm 34,816 1994/7/13 [04:32:16]
Icon mxo13px8.azm 18,176 1993/10/26 [10:32:26] by David B. Kozinn 1/18/85 18K ASM source code MEX overlay for Epson PX8 with MFU, direct-connect, or external modem.
Icon n41.lbr 20,864 1993/10/26 [10:32:48] by Norman H. Strassner 5/17/85 22K Numerical/Logical Converter/Evaluator is a unique DEC/HEX/BIN/ASC calculator/display. ASM source.
Icon nbasic.lbr 30,976 1993/10/26 [10:32:52] by Merrill W. Hulse 1/26/84 32K A preprocessor for MBASIC and BASICA adds features such as REPEAT-UNTIL, etc.
Icon nc115.lbr 3,584 1993/10/26 [10:32:54] by Dave Rand 1/19/83 4K NewCopy program copies only files that exist or do not exist on destination. CP/M 2.2 only.
Icon ncat32.lbr 9,728 1993/10/26 [10:32:56] by Irv Hoff 9/7/82 10K Disk cataloging program replaced FMAP, QCAT, UCAT. It was superceded by MCAT and XCAT.
Icon ncatm.lbr 30,464 1993/10/26 [10:33:00] by D. Dunford & R. Preece0/0/0 30K A menu-driven version of NCAT disk catalog. Uses same MAST.CAT format. Includes ASM source code.
Icon nddt.lbr 36,096 1993/10/26 [10:33:04] by Harold V. McIntosh 8/30/83 36K New DDT - Public Domain version of DR's Dynamic Debugging Tool. Includes ASM source code.
Icon neat7.lbr 5,120 1993/10/26 [10:33:06] by Irv Hoff 4/27/85 6K Assembly source code formatter retabs, changes case, formats comments, etc.
Icon network.lbr 24,576 1993/10/26 [10:33:10] by James R. Wiley 8/21/87 24K Electrical Engineering programs in BASIC aid in circuit design. GAIN, FILTER, VSWR, etc.
Icon newbat3.lbr 11,648 1993/10/26 [10:33:12] by Ernest Helliwell 1/18/88 12K Update of MAKBATCH (also included) creates ALIAS type COM file of commands to submit w/o SUB.COM.
Icon newhlp11.lbr 8,192 1993/10/26 [10:33:14] by Bob Peddicord 1/13/88 8K Remake of HELP53. Help utilities for display of squeezed and crunched HLP files. Requires ZCPR3.
Icon nswp205.lbr 23,936 1993/10/26 [10:33:18] by Dave Rand 4/11/84 24K NEWSWEEP file maintenance utility for copy, view, squeeze/unsqeeze, more. Complete documentation.
Icon nswp207.lbr 46,208 1993/10/26 [10:33:24] by Dave Rand 7/17/84 46K The renowned file utility with complete DOC files, HLP file (& HELP.COM), plus extra hints on usage.
Icon nswppat.lbr 1,920 1993/10/26 [10:33:26] by Bruce Morgan 1/8/88 4K Patches NSWP207.COM to access 32 user areas. You will need a Z80 assembler and MLOAD.
Icon nt3.lbr 2,432 1993/10/26 [10:33:28] by Rob Friefield 11/4/87 4K v3 of 1K size NOTE program for creating small text files. Can enter control codes. Z80.
Icon nulu11.lbr 33,152 1993/10/26 [10:33:32] by Martin Murray 2/1/85 34K New Library Utility for Novosielski LBR files has a SWEEP-like mode. With complete documentation.
Icon nulu152.lbr 30,080 1993/10/26 [10:33:36] by Mick Waters 7/16/87 30K Update of Martin Murray's library sweep-like util. Includes full documentation of the changes.
Icon oclock.lbr 1,664 1993/10/26 [10:33:38] by Michael M. Rubenstein 1/1/82 4K Utility to implement a simple counting clock on the Osborne 1.
Icon offrun34.lbr 4,352 1993/10/26 [10:33:40] by Eric Gans 4/10/85 6K Allows a series of commands to be entered before computer is turned OFF, which RUN when turned on.
Icon oformats.lbr 6,400 1993/10/26 [10:33:42] by Stuart Isto 0/0/0 8K Disk formatting programs for all Osborne 1 DD disk formats.
Icon okiutl12.lbr 53,504 1993/10/26 [10:33:50] by Ross A. Alford 1/1/85 54K Printer setup and character set downloading for Okidata 92/93 printers. Turbo Pascal source incl.
Icon onzcpr21.lbr 5,888 1993/10/26 [10:33:52] by J. E. Crowell 4/3/83 6K ZCPR1 CCP replacement for DD Osborne 1 with CBIOS v1.4. No source code. (This is not ZCPR2.)
Icon oremote.lbr 8,064 1993/10/26 [10:33:54] by Jim Woolley 11/1/82 8K Attaches a remote console to an Osborne 1. Used for multiple displays. ASM source included.
Icon organizr.lbr 61,312 1993/10/26 [10:34:02] by Tim McNeal 12/15/8660K v2.01 creates and prints a directory of files on all of your disks.
Icon osdisk76.lbr 6,656 1993/10/26 [10:34:04] by Bob Deasy & Gerhard Ba7/11/83 8K Osborne specific version of DISK76 file utility by Franke Gaude.
Icon osmdm740.lbr 74,496 1993/10/26 [10:34:16] by Irvin M. Hoff 5/7/84 74K MDM740 modem communications program set up for the Osborne 1 computer.
Icon ospatch1.lbr 7,040 1993/10/26 [10:34:18] by Frans Van Duinen 8/1/82 8K Osborne 1 utility that installs corrections into COPY.COM
Icon ospeed.lbr 12,672 1993/10/26 [10:34:20] by Bob Briggs 1/1/84 14K Utility to display Osborne 1 disk speed. Includes C language source code.
Icon osplnk70.lbr 16,640 1993/10/26 [10:34:24] by Jim Woolley 11/1/82 18K Modem program for Osborne 1 for terminal emulation and ASCII file transfer. ASM source included.
Icon ossargon.lbr 4,992 1993/10/26 [10:34:28] by unknown 0/0/0 6K A CHESS game that lets you select from six levels of difficulty. Works on all terminals.
Icon ostokpro.lbr 4,480 1993/10/26 [10:34:30] by John S. Robinson 5/17/83 6K Allows Osborne 1 with 1.43 ROM and 1.4 CBIOS to read and write Kaypro II SSDD format. ASM source.
Icon oterm4.lbr 51,456 1993/10/26 [10:34:38] by Michael M. Rubenstein 10/4/82 52K Terminal emulator and modem communications program for the Osborne 1, rev 1.2 and up.
Icon othello.lbr 24,064 1993/10/26 [10:34:42] by Richard G. Cody 1/2/84 24K Board game for Kaypro with graphics. Includes source code in both Fortran and MAC assembler.
Icon othello2.lbr 19,072 1993/10/26 [10:34:48] by unknown 0/0/0 20K Here is another OTHELLO game for use on any screen or terminal. Plays well; features handicaps.
Icon othellou.lbr 25,728 1993/10/26 [10:34:52] by unknown 0/0/0 26K Two OTHELLO games. These versions work on any computer terminal screen.
Icon outline.lbr 8,832 1993/10/26 [10:34:54] by Joel M. Kunin, M.D. 0/0/0 10K Creates neatly formatted indented outlines.
Icon outline1.lbr 6,272 1993/10/26 [10:34:58] by Eric Gans 6/13/85 8K Fast, compact outline processor converts WordStar file with commands into outline. Z80 required.
Icon outlnr2.lbr 33,408 1993/10/26 [10:35:04] by David A. Usher 1/1/87 34K Very nice outliner uses WordStar command keys. Set up for Kaypro video, but patchable. Z80 CP/M 2.2.
Icon oxmdm712.lbr 69,376 1993/10/25 [17:46:10] by Irv Hoff 8/1/83 68K MDM712 modem communications program set up for the Osborne Executive. ASM source included.
Icon ozcpr1.lbr 25,472 1993/10/25 [17:46:14] by Michael M. Rubenstein 4/11/82 26K ZCPR1 CCP replacement for Osborne 1, level 1.3. Includes documentation by Richard Conn.
Icon ozzcpr2.lbr 44,672 1993/10/25 [17:46:18] by J. E. Crowell 10/23/8344K ZCPR2 CCP replacement for the Osborne 1, ROM 1.4. Includes the ASM source code.
Icon wildcat.txt 28,207 1994/9/14 [18:06:06]

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