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Icon 00-index.txt 59,784 1994/9/7 [03:28:28]
Icon 0rn.lbr 55,686 1994/7/29 [02:16:02] by Mike Yarus 1/1/86 56K Epson printer controller allows the combination of graphics and pictures with WordStar text.
Icon descript.ion 34,786 2015/10/25 [22:43:48]
Icon files.bbs 35,556 1994/9/14 [17:02:10]
Icon p2dos11.lbr 67,712 1993/10/25 [17:46:26] by H.A.J. Ten Brugge 0/0/0 68K Z80 replacement for CP/M 2.2 BDOS. Includes ZCPR2. All ASM source files - experts only.
Icon p2dos23.lbr 67,968 1993/10/25 [17:46:34] by Donald C. Kirkpatrick 2/15/8868K Updated SUPRBDOS CP/M 2.2 BDOS replacement. You must edit, assemble and install it yourself.
Icon pack10.lbr 24,576 1993/10/25 [17:46:38] by Frank Cringle 8/29/8724K PACK reorganizes/unfragments disks. For ZCPR3 systems with BDOS 2.2 or ZRDOS. Incl. Z80 source.
Icon pacman.lbr 14,848 1993/10/25 [17:46:42] by Simple Software 0/0/0 16K Game of PACMAN set up for the Osborne 1. It might run on other computers too.
Icon 19,200 1994/7/13 [04:32:04]
Icon pacman2.czm 10,624 1993/10/25 [17:46:44]
Icon pairx12.lbr 3,200 1993/10/25 [17:46:46] by Eric Gans 4/24/85 4K Checks for unmatched ^S^B^D^T^V^X^P^Y in WordStar DOC files.
Icon pairx13.lbr 3,072 1993/10/25 [17:46:48] by Eric Gans 6/27/85 4K Checks for unmatched ^S^B^D^T^V^X^P^Y in WordStar DOC files.
Icon pamphlet.lbr 26,240 1993/10/25 [17:46:52] by Steve Wilcox 0/0/0 26K Rearranges pages of text in the order needed to print a folded pamphlet. Turbo Pascal source.
Icon password.lbr 5,376 1993/10/25 [17:46:54] by Bo McCormick 8/6/81 6K Adds password protection to specific programs. Includes the ASM source code.
Icon patch-go.lbr 11,904 1993/10/25 [17:46:58] by John D. Osnes 7/17/8612K v1.0 allows programs to be loaded, patched and run so different defaults can be used. ASM source.
Icon patch18a.lbr 57,216 1993/10/25 [17:47:04] by Bill Rink 5/5/85 56K A file and memory editor with full-screen features that is quite powerful.
Icon pauswait.lbr 4,864 1993/10/25 [17:47:08] by Kelly Smith 4/19/81 6K Utilities for use in SUBMIT jobs to wait for a key to be pressed, allowing disk swaps. ASM source.
Icon pcfile.lbr 87,296 1993/10/25 [17:47:18] by Jim Button 1/1/83 86K v8.5 of a very nice menu driven data manager for Osborne computers. Emphasizes ease of use.
Icon pcpip2.lbr 22,272 1993/10/25 [17:47:24] by Eric Leininger 3/10/8422K Osborne 1 utility to transfer files from PCDOS to CP/M disks. Includes C language source code.
Icon peep13.lbr 7,424 1993/10/25 [17:47:26] by Rob Friefield 11/5/87 8K Tiny program (1K) for viewing text files of any type. Can print selected portions of file. Z80.
Icon pert.lbr 51,456 1993/10/25 [17:47:34] by Doug Hurst 5/1/82 52K Performance Evaluation and Review Technique is a project management system. Requires MBASIC.
Icon pglst.lbr 7,808 1993/10/25 [17:47:36] by C. E. Duncan 1/1/81 8K Reformats a text file containing short words into columns.
Icon phn10.lbr 2,176 1993/10/25 [17:47:38] by Eric Gans 3/24/85 4K Maintains an alphabetical phone number list. Very small and fast program.
Icon pi12.lbr 8,064 1993/10/25 [17:47:42] by Mick Waters 2/14/86 8K Printer Initialization v1.2, translates command line parameters for printer setup. MAC source.
Icon pipe17.lbr 2,432 1993/10/25 [17:47:44] by Rob Friefield 10/1/87 4K File copying program uses ZCPR drive/user syntax. Only 1K in size. Z80 required.
Icon plnk0124.lbr 13,312 1993/10/25 [17:47:46] by Keith Petersen 1/24/8214K Serial ASCII only communications program for the Osborne 1 computer. ASM source included.
Icon ppip17ds.lbr 4,736 1993/10/25 [17:47:50] by unknown 0/0/0 6K PPIP v1.73 file copy program. ZCPR style syntax. This version only for Plu*Perfect DateStamper.
Icon ppip18.lbr 74,112 1993/10/25 [17:48:00] by David Jewett 7/15/8874K PPIP v1.8 file copier with ASM source. 8080 code. Plain CP/M, ZCPR3, DateStamper, Z80DOS supported.
Icon preprss.lbr 78,976 1993/10/25 [17:49:06] by D. L. Bendorf 10/1/8278K Macro preprocessor and structural language pre- processor for MBASIC. Includes BMLP and BSLP.
Icon pretty22.lbr 28,160 1993/10/25 [17:49:10] by Carroll R. Bryan 3/14/8628K Pretty formater for assembly source code. For Zilog or LASM3 mnemonics. Z80 source included.
Icon print23.lbr 3,584 1993/10/25 [17:48:02] by Eric Meyer 3/1/85 4K A text printing utility with various options, such as headers, margin, WordStar support, etc.
Icon printset.lbr 31,872 1993/10/25 [17:48:08] by Peripheral Software De1/1/85 32K v1 Printer Setup Utility with excellent documenta- tion. Configures for any terminal and printer.
Icon prnton.lbr 1,280 1993/10/25 [17:49:18] by Kim Levitt 1/5/84 4K Patches BIOS so that all console output is echoed on your printer until a cold boot. ASM source.
Icon prntutil.lbr 5,504 1993/10/25 [17:49:20] by Thomas E. Enright 1/1/83 6K Printer setup utilities CITOH, EPSONMX, MT160L, MTSPIRIT, OKI82; all are for Kaypro 4/10.
Icon prntxt14.lbr 26,880 1993/10/25 [17:49:24] by Terry Hazen 11/6/8728K Creates COM files from text for instant message displays. Z80 ASM source included.
Icon probe101.lbr 11,264 1993/10/25 [17:49:26] by Paul M. Sittler 9/2/84 12K Displays a great deal of system info: CCP, BDOS, BIOS locations, disk parameters, etc.
Icon probe12.lbr 64,128 1993/10/25 [17:49:34] by Rick Ryall 1/1/85 64K Full-featured screen-oriented disk editing utility with Turbo Pascal source code.
Icon prolink.lbr 49,536 1993/10/25 [17:49:40] by Nightowl Software 2/24/8650K v1.5 Professional Linker for assembly language programmers. Z80 required. Includes LINKMAP.
Icon propor.lbr 3,712 1993/10/25 [17:49:42] by Carl Flarity 7/15/83 4K v1.02 utility reformats WordStar files for propor- tional printing on NEC 8032A or C.Itoh prowriter.
Icon pset17.lbr 26,368 1993/10/25 [17:49:46] by Barron F. McIntyre 10/11/826K Printer SETup utility; Epson, Gemini, and Citizen printers, plus ASM source included. A nice one.
Icon put210.lbr 5,888 1993/10/25 [17:49:50] by unknown 0/0/0 6K PIP file copier replacement double re-reads for verification.
Icon pwbigft.lbr 18,048 1993/10/25 [17:49:52] by Michael A. Covington 1/7/84 18K BIGFOOT program for Perfect Writer overcomes the footnoting limitations of PW.
Icon px-gbase.lbr 24,064 1993/10/25 [17:49:58] by Tom Moriarty 0/0/0 24K Portable database in BASIC. Several versions. Requires Epson PX-8 Geneva. Very nice.
Icon px8dir.lbr 6,016 1993/10/25 [17:50:00] by Mr. Bob 12/24/856K Epson PX8 Geneva memory resident directory utility PFDIR shows DIR of RAM disk at any time.
Icon px8dir11.lbr 13,696 1993/10/25 [17:50:02] by Mr. Bob 12/24/814K Memory resident DIR in USER BIOS of the Epson PX-8 computer. This release includes MAC source code.
Icon px8do.lbr 34,304 1993/10/25 [17:50:08] by Bob Katz 10/27/834K DOBOB.ASM plus six DO.COM programs for the Epson PX-8, using the 'DO' menu concept.
Icon px8games.lbr 28,416 1993/10/25 [17:50:12] by various 0/0/0 28K Two games which run on the Epson PX8 Geneva. SUBZONE (great graphics!) and OTHELLO.
Icon px8info.lbr 62,464 1993/10/25 [17:50:20] by various 0/0/0 62K A collection of informative text files on the use and programming of the Epson PX-8 Geneva computer.
Icon px8util.lbr 83,584 1993/10/25 [17:50:34] by various 0/0/0 82K A dozen utilities for the Epson PX-8 Geneva. PXML, PXUTIL, BATTERY, MCTUTY, 280TO320, LOCKDISK, more.
Icon pxsketch.lbr 56,320 1993/10/25 [17:50:42] by Mike Cunningham 7/15/8856K SKETCH for Epson PX-8 Geneva. A super drawing program in BASIC, originally by Toshihiro Natani.
Icon pxvde211.lbr 33,920 1993/10/25 [17:50:48] by Eric Meyer 6/1/86 34K VDE 2.11 text editor only 8K in size. Installed for Epson PX-8. Also PXED v1.2 by Bob Diaz.
Icon qk11.lbr 3,584 1993/10/25 [17:51:06] by Tony Fleig 9/20/83 4K Allows any key to be replaced by a character string of your choice.
Icon qk21.lbr 7,168 1993/10/25 [17:51:08] by Anton R. Fleig 3/24/85 8K QuikKey allows character strings to be assigned to keys. Definitions can be saved in a file.
Icon ql40.lbr 109,568 1993/10/25 [17:51:18] by Steven Greenberg 8/14/8108K QuickLook file viewer displays squeezed, crunched text in LBR. Extracts too! Full source code. Z80
Icon ql40kp.lbr 14,464 1993/10/25 [17:51:20] by Steven Greenberg 8/14/8816K QuickLook assembled for Kaypro video. Incorporates all fixes as of 8/26/88. Includes documentation.
Icon ql41.lbr 115,968 1993/10/25 [17:51:34] by Ross Presser 1/26/8114K Quick Look v4.1, a menu-driven text viewing tool, can view LBR, squeezed, crunched text. ASM source.
Icon r.lbr 1,024 1993/10/25 [17:51:36] by unknown 8/1/82 4K Types 24 lines of ASCII text to the console, then waits for a key press.
Icon ramdsk.lbr 4,352 1993/10/25 [17:51:38] by Michael J. Karas 9/1/82 6K Creates a tiny 20K RAM disk in CP/M TPA. Requires CP/M 2.2 BDOS.
Icon rddt.lbr 4,736 1993/10/25 [17:51:40] by H. Weinstein 1/1/83 6K ASM source code and instructions for patching the DDT.COM program to be Relocatable in memory.
Icon read.lbr 768 1993/10/25 [17:51:42] by unknown 0/0/0 4K Generic CP/M typer utility that sends ASCII and WS files to the screen with paging.
Icon recover.lbr 6,784 1993/10/25 [17:51:44] by Darrell Flenniken 5/28/82 8K Utility can recover MBASIC programs erased by NEW command or otherwise. Unprotects too. ASM source.
Icon redir10.lbr 16,512 1993/10/25 [17:51:48] by Jim Apolis 3/1/87 18K Console redirection from/to any CP/M device (CON: LST: RDR: PUN:) or file. Z80.
Icon redir31.lbr 33,536 1993/10/25 [17:51:52] by James Apolis 8/16/8734K v3.1 console I/O redirection utility for complete control of console I/O. Z80 systems only.
Icon refind2.lbr 21,888 1993/10/25 [17:51:56] by John Porter 2/1/85 22K Bibliography REFerence INDexer with search and sort utilities. Requires MBASIC.
Icon reflist.lbr 17,408 1993/10/25 [17:52:00] by Gerald Grow 8/1/85 18K v1.1 creates APA style bibliography references. Requires WordStar and Mailmerge.
Icon refsort.lbr 40,192 1993/10/25 [17:52:06] by Carl M. Tootle 2/9/86 40K v1.0 sort utility for document references longer than one line. Installs on many terminals.
Icon reliance.lbr 87,424 1993/10/25 [17:52:18] by William Meacham 4/1/84 86K SBASIC mailing list program with source code. Can output in MailMerge formats. Shareware.
Icon rename11.lbr 14,848 1993/10/25 [17:52:20] by Richard Conn 3/10/8216K Rename one or more files at once with wildcards. Query option. ASM source file included.
Icon renamz15.lbr 23,296 1993/10/25 [17:52:24] by Terry Hazen 5/6/88 24K Wildcard file rename utility with option to re- name files with bits F1-F7 set. Change user. Z80.
Icon repair.lbr 52,992 1993/10/25 [17:52:32] by Malcom Kemp 12/27/852K A menu-driven directory REPAIR utility with ASM source, includes PHYsical CoPy utility, req. Z80.
Icon rescue20.lbr 33,920 1993/10/25 [17:52:38] by Steve Mitton 1/1/85 34K Rescues lost text in memory and writes it to a disk file. Includes Turbo Pascal source code.
Icon resource.lbr 27,648 1993/10/25 [17:52:44] by Ward Christensen 3/3/81 28K A disassembler for 8080 COM files. Also included is REZ80, a Z80 TDL mnemonic disassembler.
Icon resume.lbr 71,040 1993/10/25 [17:52:54] by Robert E. Curry 1/1/85 70K Helps you write and print a professional resume. Requires MBASIC.
Icon rn21.lbr 2,048 1993/10/25 [17:53:22] by Eric Gans 6/9/85 4K Wildcard file renaming utility. Supports ZCPR drive/user syntax (A3: 12: B*: etc.).
Icon rnf13.lbr 97,152 1993/10/25 [17:53:32] by unknown 1/24/8796K A text formatter similar to UNIX RUNOFF. Margins, pagination, justification, etc. Full DOC files.
Icon roff1.lbr 27,008 1993/10/25 [17:53:00] by Kathy Bacon & Neal Som5/7/81 28K A small, easy to use version of the ROFF text formatter and printer. With C language source.
Icon roff4.lbr 84,992 1993/10/25 [17:53:42] by Ernest E. Bergmann 8/23/8484K v1.61 expanded ROFF with printer graphics, macro substitutions, include files, much more. C source.
Icon rolodex.lbr 8,832 1993/10/25 [17:53:44] by Joe Austin 1/1/84 6K An electronic Rolodex program for dBaseII.
Icon rootsdem.lbr 29,696 1993/10/25 [17:53:04] by COMMSOFT 1/1/81 30K Demo of ROOTS/M, a versatile family tree program. Requires ADM-3A compatible terminal.
Icon rpip.lbr 8,832 1993/10/25 [17:53:46] by Kelly Smith 0/0/0 10K Resettable version of PIP file copier. Includes ASM source of modifications to PIP.
Icon rpn10.lbr 14,976 1993/10/25 [17:53:48] by David Brower 10/1/8216K Integer calculator using Reverse Polish Notation. DEC, HEX, ASCII. For Osborne 1 screen. C source.
Icon rtx14.lbr 24,576 1993/10/25 [17:53:52] by AJF 11/1/8524K Memory resident multi-utility for Epson Geneva PX8 portable. DIR from programs, battery, ports, etc.
Icon rtx141.lbr 28,032 1993/10/25 [17:53:56] by EVD 11/30/828K This update of RTX14 for the Epson PX-8 includes MAC source code. Super USER BIOS utility.
Icon safram.lbr 12,416 1993/10/25 [17:54:00] by Roy Lipscomb 8/1/82 14K SAFe RAM utility secures CCP and RSX modules until system reset. Includes ASM source.
Icon safram6.lbr 25,600 1993/10/25 [17:54:04] by Roy Lipscomb 2/25/8826K SAFe RAM v6 protects memory below the CCP, and can allow nesting of EX.COM jobs. ASM source included.
Icon salias12.lbr 15,872 1993/10/25 [17:54:06] by Rob Friefield 11/30/816K Screen oriented ALIAS editor for ZCPR v3.3 only. No source code. Requires ZCPR33.
Icon sap38.lbr 7,040 1993/10/25 [17:54:08] by Irv Hoff 10/16/838K Sort And Pack disk directory. Alphabetizes DIR, eliminates erased entries. ASM source included.
Icon sap40kp.lbr 9,984 1993/10/25 [17:54:10] by Irv Hoff 9/17/8410K Sort And Pack disk directory deleting zero length files. Kaypro video only. ASM source included.
Icon sap44.lbr 12,288 1993/10/25 [17:54:14] by Bob Clyne et al. 7/25/8512K Sorts And Packs the disk directory to speed up directory operations. Includes ASM source.
Icon sap50.lbr 44,800 1993/10/25 [17:54:20] by Richard Huff 8/7/86 44K Sort And Pack the disk directory. Includes source for SAP45, plus SAP50.AZM assembles with Z80MR.
Icon sap53.lbr 12,928 1993/10/25 [17:54:22] by Bridger Mitchell 9/15/8614K Sort And Pack directory, handling DateStamper time and date file. ASM source included.
Icon sap60.lbr 18,176 1993/10/25 [17:54:26] by Irv Hoff 7/27/8718K Sort And Pack v6.0 works on any CP/M 2.2 disk. Supports DateStamper systems. With ASM source.
Icon save04.lbr 10,752 1993/10/25 [17:54:28] by Jay Sage 5/19/8712K Transient version of the SAVE command for ZCPR 3.3 only. Includes Z80 source code.
Icon sbasics.lbr 56,704 1993/10/25 [17:54:36] by Micro Cornucopia 2/18/8456K A collection of games and other examples of SBASIC programming techniques. Includes COM versions.
Icon sbasxref.lbr 3,840 1993/10/25 [17:54:40] by R. F. Yount 1/1/83 4K Index to Kaypro SBASIC manual. ASCII text files in SELECT format.
Icon sc210.lbr 28,288 1993/10/25 [17:54:44] by F. A. Scacchitti 10/7/8428K Small C Compiler v2.10, an upgrade of the Hendrix compiler. No source code. Z80 required.
Icon scdesign.bas 6,272 1994/7/13 [04:32:06]
Icon scdesign.bzs 3,456 1993/10/25 [17:54:46] by Jack Walraven 10/1/82 4K An interactive screen display design program for the Osborne 1. Requires MBASIC.
Icon schedule.lbr 23,680 1993/10/25 [17:54:50] by Noriaki Hosoya 7/20/8624K Personal Daily Schedule Handler in Turbo Pascal w/ source code. Set up for Kaypro 4/10 graphics.
Icon sclib1.lbr 32,768 1993/10/25 [17:54:56] by F. A. Scacchitti 11/24/882K Small C function library. 128 functions/programs in two LBR files. Useable with most CP/M systems.
Icon sclib2.lbr 50,304 1993/10/25 [17:55:04] by F. A. Scacchitti 11/24/882K Small C function library. 128 functions/programs in two LBR files. Useable with most CP/M systems.
Icon scramble.lbr 1,792 1993/10/25 [17:55:06] by Ward Christensen 3/11/79 4K Encrypts a file using a password. Don't forget the password!
Icon scrmbl21.lbr 7,168 1993/10/25 [17:55:08] by Bob Hageman 12/30/828K SCRAMBLE v2.1 file encryption utility. ASM source is included.
Icon sd-60.lbr 9,344 1993/10/25 [17:55:10] by Kim Levitt 8/27/8310K Super Directory v6.0 includes complete description of command line options.
Icon sd100.lbr 58,624 1993/10/25 [17:56:48] by Wayne Masters et al. 7/24/8558K v10.0 of the classic Super Directory program. Includes full ASM source code.
Icon sd137.lbr 95,616 1993/10/25 [17:55:24] by Eugene Nolan 2/3/89 94K SuperDIR v137 with ASM source code. Versions for all systems: 8080, ZCPR3, Z34. The best!
Icon sd81.lbr 12,416 1993/10/25 [17:55:28] by various 4/14/8414K Super Directory v8.0 and v8.1. Includes SD79A.DOC which describes all the command line options.
Icon sd98kp.lbr 12,672 1993/10/25 [17:56:50] by Randy Tincher 3/25/8514K Super Directory v9.8 for Kaypro graphics video. Includes SD86KP.COM as well.
Icon sdt.lbr 4,480 1993/10/25 [17:55:30] by Dr. William Parke 12/24/836K Automatically modifies DDT.COM to create enhanced version of the debugger. Includes EX14.COM.
Icon search.lbr 27,392 1993/10/25 [17:56:54] by Don Finley 5/1/85 28K Searches a text database for multiple strings. Easy command syntax. C source file included.
Icon seebios.lbr 11,392 1993/10/25 [17:56:56] by Raymond Rosenkranz 1/1/86 12K Explore Kaypro's BIOS with this utility. You've never seen your screen work so fast!
Icon seep.lbr 1,792 1993/10/25 [17:56:58] by Doug Huskey & Dave Bro0/0/0 4K SEE PRINT is for use inside a SUBMIT job to toggle the ^P printer switch in CP/M on or off.
Icon serial23.lbr 4,608 1993/10/25 [17:57:00] by George Scott 1/1/83 6K Menu driven serial port control utility for the Osborne 1. Includes ASM source.
Icon setd22.lbr 6,016 1993/10/25 [17:57:02] by Brent B. Powers 2/10/88 6K A library date stamping utility supports clock overlays. Use with LDIR-B, etc. Z80 only.
Icon setdru11.lbr 11,776 1993/10/25 [17:57:04] by Michael M. Rubenstein 1/1/83 12K Allows the use of programs from all areas of drive without having copies in each. CP/M 2.2; Z80.
Icon setdru13.lbr 35,968 1993/10/25 [17:57:08] by Michael M. Rubenstein 2/9/84 36K SET DRive/User v1.3 allows use of a program from any drive/user area. C80 and MAC source for Z80.
Icon setio.lbr 11,392 1993/10/25 [17:57:12] by Thomas N. Hill 6/20/8212K IOBYTE view/set utility replaces those functions of STAT.COM. Includes ASM source.
Icon sf12.lbr 21,888 1993/10/25 [17:57:14] by John Gill 9/11/8422K Show Facility is a utility to screen text files to console. ASM source file included.
Icon sff12.lbr 19,584 1993/10/25 [17:57:18] by G. B. Shaffstall 6/20/8420K Super File Finder performs a wildcard search of all drives and LiBRaries. ASM source included.
Icon show.lbr 3,456 1993/10/25 [17:57:20] by Alan R. Miller 11/1/81 4K A simple text file TYPE to screen utility that pauses every 22 lines. ASM source included.
Icon sideways.lbr 10,752 1993/10/25 [17:57:22] by Ray Rizzuto 0/0/0 12K Sideways print program for EPSON or GEMINI printer includes C source file. Z80 computers only.
Icon signs.lbr 9,344 1993/10/25 [17:57:24] by unknown 0/0/0 10K Creates large block letters on printer from text you enter at prompts.
Icon smallc-1.lbr 62,592 1993/10/25 [17:57:32] by Ron Cain & J. Van Zand8/2/84152K Complete Small C language; floating point math; Assembler and Linker included; Z80 required.
Icon smallc-2.lbr 54,528 1993/10/25 [17:57:40] by Ron Cain & J. Van Zand8/2/84152K Complete Small C language; floating point math; Assembler and Linker included; Z80 required.
Icon smallc-3.lbr 35,200 1993/10/25 [17:57:46] by Ron Cain & J. Van Zand8/2/84152K Complete Small C language; floating point math; Assembler and Linker included; Z80 required.
Icon smallc11.lbr 111,616 1993/10/25 [17:58:00] by Mike Bernson 3/1/81110K Small C language with source code. An assembler and linker are included.
Icon smartmov.lbr 13,696 1993/10/25 [17:58:02] by Lindsay Haisley 0/0/0 14K v1.0, a SMART file copier, compares directories of disks for easy backup operations.
Icon smodem53.lbr 80,256 1993/10/25 [17:58:14] by David Howard 3/12/8380K Modem program configures for 23 popular computers, Kaypro, Osborne, Morrow, Xerox, more. ASM source.
Icon sortdir.lbr 3,200 1993/10/25 [17:58:16] by Dave Rand 0/0/0 4K v3.0 sorts the directory without deleting zero- length files. Fast operation, good reports.
Icon sortv14.lbr 2,432 1993/10/25 [17:58:18] by Ward Christensen 1/14/81 4K Classic memory based line sorter for ASCII files. Still useful after all these years!
Icon sortv15.lbr 13,568 1993/10/25 [17:58:20] by Ward Christensen 1/26/8614K SORTV v1.5 sorts ASCII lists alphabetically in memory. Includes Z80 source code.
Icon spell-11.lbr 12,416 1993/10/25 [17:58:24] by Alan Bromberger 1/1/82 14K Poor person's spelling checker includes SPELL-ED by David Grenewetzki. You create the dictionary.
Icon spellm20.lbr 110,592 1993/10/25 [17:58:40] by Michael C. Adler 12/22/108K Spelling checker compares words in text file with its dictionary. Can customize dictionary. Z80.
Icon split45.lbr 18,432 1993/10/25 [17:58:44] by Mike Dingacci 3/20/8718K SPLIT a file, based on SPLITTER by Mike Nault. Turbo Pascal source included.
Icon splitter.lbr 10,368 1993/10/25 [17:59:04] by Mike Nault 8/1/84 12K Splits a file at desired points into two or more smaller files.
Icon spz22.lbr 9,856 1993/10/25 [17:59:06] by Willie Davidson 7/1/81 10K SuPerZap v2.2 full-screen menu-driven file editor. Requires a Z80 processor.
Icon sq-usq15.lbr 25,088 1993/10/25 [17:59:08] by Richard Greenlaw 8/29/8126K Rock solid Squeeze and Unsqueeze utilities. This group includes SQ v1.5, USQ v1.5, and USQ v1.9.
Icon srt12a.lbr 31,616 1993/10/25 [17:59:14] by unknown 3/1/86 32K SRT v1.2a is a line sorting utility with flexible sort key selection. Includes ASM source code.
Icon srw131.lbr 9,088 1993/10/25 [17:59:16] by Eric Gans 6/4/85 10K Super Read/Write is a practical, versatile and powerful disk/memory editing utility.
Icon srw150.lbr 8,832 1993/10/25 [17:59:18] by Eric Gans 12/31/810K Super Read/Write v1.50, a practical, versatile and powerful disk and memory utility. Built-in help.
Icon sstat19.lbr 45,696 1993/10/25 [17:59:22] by David Jewett 2/6/86 46K Sweep-like replacement for STAT.COM. View file and disk stats, change file attributes.
Icon stage2.lbr 94,720 1993/10/25 [17:59:34] by Dick Curtis 3/20/8194K A versatile macro preprocessor with many text processing applications. Includes ASM source.
Icon star-eps.lbr 9,088 1993/10/25 [17:59:36] by Wayne & John Anderson 9/1/85 10K v2.3 SBASIC printer setup utility for Kaypro 4/10 and Epson compatible printers.
Icon stardate.lbr 69,248 1993/10/25 [17:59:44] by Ted A. Campbell 1/1/86 68K v1.2 calendar, almanac and astronomy program for 2500 BC to 2500 AD. This is the complete release.
Icon starter.lbr 7,552 1993/10/25 [17:59:46] by Claude Ostyn 9/26/83 8K v3 AUTOST generator program for Osborne 1 rev 1.3 and up. Includes ASM source code.
Icon stats1.lbr 54,144 1993/10/25 [17:59:54] by Robert G. Wegemann 0/0/0 54K A set of five statistical programs in MBASIC with source and COM versions of each.
Icon stats2.lbr 128,512 1993/10/25 [18:00:10] by John V. Flowers 0/0/0 126K Twelve statistical programs for comparison of two samples, plus utilities. COM files only.
Icon subgen12.lbr 17,024 1993/10/25 [18:00:14] by Steve Pritchard 2/27/8218K Versatile SUBMIT file generator gives many options usually unavailable in batch jobs. ASM source.
Icon superdir.lbr 3,456 1993/10/25 [18:00:16] by George Cary 1/14/82 4K Super Directory program (not SD.COM), which can show erased files, create a file of output.
Icon superset.lbr 27,648 1993/10/25 [18:00:20] by David B. Ring 10/1/8328K v1.0 function key setup program for Osborne 1 computers. Includes C source code.
Icon supersub.lbr 4,736 1993/10/25 [18:00:22] by Ron Fowler 9/5/81 6K v1.1 replacement for SUBMIT.COM allows nesting of jobs and other enhancements. Built-in help.
Icon suprbdos.lbr 96,256 1993/10/25 [18:00:36] by Benjamin Ho 9/4/86 94K Enhanced P2DOS Z80 replacement for CP/M 2.2 BDOS. Assembles with ZASM.COM, which is included.
Icon supsub13.lbr 15,872 1993/10/25 [18:00:38] by Jeffrey J. Nonken 9/25/8416K Super SUBMIT utility updates Ron Fowler's version. Include ASM source file.
Icon survey4.lbr 8,704 1993/10/25 [18:00:42] by Bill Bolton 7/6/82 10K Reveals disk, memory and port information about your CP/M system. ASM source included.
Icon sw12.lbr 63,104 1993/10/25 [18:00:50] by Paul D. Nadler 1/1/85 62K ScreenWright - a text formatting program for screenplays and teleplays. Shareware.
Icon swapcopy.lbr 30,592 1993/10/25 [18:00:56] by numerous contributors 2/8/87 30K Copies files from disk to disk in a single drive system. Source included. Universal and PX-8 ver.
Icon sweep36.lbr 27,776 1993/10/25 [18:01:52] by Robert Fisher 7/2/82 28K Menu driven file copy and maintenance utility that was the predecessor of NEWSWEEP.
Icon switch11.lbr 1,408 1993/10/25 [18:01:52] by Eric Gans 2/27/84 4K Allows you to hide files in user area #16, and SWITCH them back again to the current user area.
Icon syn10.lbr 1,664 1993/10/25 [18:01:54] by Eric Gans 5/26/85 4K Synonym program creates an alias file from a CP/M command line.
Icon synonym3.lbr 9,856 1993/10/25 [18:01:56] by Roy Lipscomb 10/26/810K CP/M command line alias generator allows shorthand commands - synonyms that save typing. ASM source.
Icon systrak.lbr 2,176 1993/10/25 [18:01:58] by Brian Kantor 1/1/83 4K GETSYS.ASM and PUTSYS.ASM to read and write system tracks. For CP/M systems programmers.
Icon tabs7.lbr 3,840 1993/10/25 [18:02:00] by Irv Hoff 4/27/85 4K The most intelligent text filter for inserting tabs into ASCII or ASM files.
Icon tabset.lbr 3,328 1993/10/25 [18:02:02] by Irv Hoff 4/11/84 4K Sets tabs in ASCII or ASM source files. Displays statistics after run.
Icon teaser.lbr 9,344 1993/10/25 [18:02:04] by Richard S. Altman 1/25/9010K Game requiring MBASIC and Kaypro highlited screen. This is a word guessing game.
Icon ted11.lbr 16,128 1993/10/25 [18:02:06] by Mark Moranville 0/0/0 16K Text EDitor v1.1 is a line oriented editor that is simple yet powerful.
Icon tell.lbr 4,224 1993/10/25 [18:02:08] by Howard Moulton 0/0/0 6K TELLs you all about various BIOS locations. ASM source included.
Icon textutil.lbr 2,944 1993/10/25 [18:02:10] by unknown 0/0/0 4K Pascal source code for read, copy, merge, split, and filter text files.
Icon timestmp.lbr 7,424 1993/10/25 [18:02:12] by Eric Forbes 7/31/82 8K Assembly language programming utility to increment version number with time and date each assembly.
Icon toon12.lbr 10,752 1993/10/25 [18:02:14] by Mike Yarus 6/1/85 12K Memory resident utility for capturing screen to disk file. Requires assembly for your system.
Icon touch.lbr 896 1993/10/25 [18:02:16] by unknown 0/0/0 4K v0.2 DateStamper utility to make the time and date of a file current.
Icon tour20-.lbr 144,896 1993/10/25 [18:02:40] by Edward L. Taychert 1/1/85142K TOUR v2.0 plus ROFF4, several formatters, lots of documentation. All terminals. PX-8 version also.
Icon tour20.lbr 79,232 1993/10/25 [18:02:24] by Edward L. Taychert 1/1/85 78K A powerful, well-documented outline processor. Two text formatters included. Shareware.
Icon tpa32.lbr 6,016 1993/10/25 [18:02:42] by Bill Duerr 3/11/88 6K Reports TPA size and allows temporarily changing it. ASM source included.
Icon trompat2.lbr 65,920 1993/10/25 [18:02:52] by GSD 6/13/8666K Program to patch all software released with Kaypro computers to work with the Advent TURBOROM.
Icon ttt.lbr 9,728 1993/10/25 [18:02:54] by Jim Woolley 7/1/82 10K Three dimensional Tic Tac Toe game for Osborne 1. ASM source code included. Modify it for others.
Icon txtutils.lbr 38,016 1993/10/25 [18:03:00] by Peter Baker 1/1/82 38K Eight text processing tools. Includes C source code and COM file for each program.
Icon type109a.lbr 5,632 1993/10/25 [18:03:02] by Dave Rand 11/25/836K File TYPE utility pages text, excludes certain types of files, allows DU: format; configurable.
Icon typel34a.lbr 16,256 1993/10/25 [18:03:04] by ESKAY 7/21/8416K Type/list program can type a squeezed file from a library! ZCPR syntax. MAC source. TYPEL35 also.
Icon typelz20.lbr 28,416 1993/10/25 [18:03:10] by Steven Greenberg 8/31/8628K Types squeezed or crunched files (even from LBR) to screen with paging. ASM source. Z80 only.
Icon typer.lbr 1,152 1993/10/25 [18:03:12] by Dave Blair 6/13/82 4K A simple utility to allow your printer to be used as a typewriter. ASM source included.
Icon typetutr.lbr 50,816 1993/10/25 [18:03:20] by Pioneer Software 0/0/0 50K A really excellent typing tutor for ADM-3A screens requires MBASIC.
Icon typlearn.lbr 21,760 1993/10/25 [18:03:24] by unknown 0/0/0 22K Kaypro typing tutorial program lets you create your own practice text.
Icon u3.lbr 1,024 1993/10/25 [18:03:26] by Eric Gans 12/7/84 4K Program which changes logged drive and user area. Works only with standard CP/M CCP and BDOS.
Icon ucpm10.lbr 72,064 1993/10/25 [18:04:38] by Ted A. Campbell 2/1/88 72K Crunched text: Universal CP/M Manual v1.0. Text in WordStar format, with FILT7A for ASCII conv.
Icon un.lbr 3,584 1993/10/25 [18:03:28] by Bill Norris 7/2/81 4K UNprotects MBASIC programs saved in protected mode so they can be listed.
Icon unarc16.ark 38,656 1993/10/25 [18:03:34]
Icon uncr8080.lbr 5,120 1993/10/25 [18:03:36] by Steven Greenberg 9/17/86 6K A version of the UNCRunch utility for use with 8080 and 8085 microprocessor systems.
Icon unera10.lbr 2,816 1993/10/25 [18:03:40] by Henry Rothberg 12/1/81 4K The original UNERA program from Gene Cotton's article in Interface Age, Dec. 1981. ASM source.
Icon unera15.lbr 8,704 1993/10/25 [18:03:42] by Irv Hoff 11/20/810K v1.5 of UNERA utility for recovering erased files. Includes the ASM source code.
Icon unera16.lbr 4,736 1993/10/25 [18:03:44] by various 1/13/83 6K Here are two earlier versions of UNERA.COM, UNERA16, and a wildcard version.
Icon unera30.lbr 13,312 1993/10/25 [18:03:48] by Irv Hoff,Bill Duerr, m9/21/8414K Unerase; includes ASM source plus two versions of COM file, including Kaypro 4/10 video version.
Icon unera32.lbr 21,120 1993/10/25 [18:04:40] by George Havach 11/15/822K UNERA v3.2 with 8080 ASM source and a history of the program. Versions for CP/M 2.2 and 3.x.
Icon uneraz11.lbr 21,888 1993/10/25 [18:03:52] by Terry Hazen 5/6/88 22K Multiple file unerase utility can display list of erased files, select with bits F1-F7. Z80 only.
Icon uniforth.lbr 95,488 1993/10/25 [18:04:06] by United Software System4/15/8594K Forth language for CP/M 2.2 Z80 systems. This is a useable sampler system with great documentation.
Icon unload.cpm 768 1993/10/25 [18:04:42] by unknown 0/0/0 4K Takes a COM file and produces ASCII HEX file which can be LOADed again to recreate the COM file.
Icon unsoft11.lbr 5,888 1993/10/25 [18:04:44] by Paul Homchick 4/1/84 6K Converts a WordStar document type file into an ASCII text file.
Icon unspool.lbr 9,600 1993/10/25 [18:04:46] by Gary P. Novosielski 1/6/82 10K v3.0, v3.3 send plain ASCII text files to printer while other operations continue. CP/M 2.x only.
Icon unsqz12.lbr 4,608 1993/10/25 [18:04:48] by unknown 9/16/84 6K UNSQueeZe files with .?Q? file type. Many options with this one including drive/user specifications.
Icon usq120.lbr 3,584 1993/10/25 [18:04:50] by Dave Rand 1/7/84 4K Small, reliable stand-alone unsqueezing utility for files of type .?Q?.
Icon usqf19.lbr 17,792 1993/10/25 [18:04:54] by Steven Greenberg 4/2/86 18K UnSQueeze Fast - a well-honed unsqueezing utility. Includes ASM source. Requires Z80.
Icon ut-c.lbr 41,984 1993/10/25 [18:04:58] by David H. Wolen 9/10/8242K A set of 25 Unix-like software tools. Includes all DOC, COM and BDS C source code libraries.
Icon ut-com.lbr 178,688 1993/10/25 [18:05:18] by David H. Wolen 9/10/8242K A set of 25 Unix-like software tools. Includes all DOC, COM and BDS C source code libraries.
Icon ut-doc.lbr 23,552 1993/10/25 [18:05:22] by David H. Wolen 9/10/8242K A set of 25 Unix-like software tools. Includes all DOC, COM and BDS C source code libraries.
Icon vde12.lbr 15,744 1993/10/25 [18:05:24] by Eric Meyer 9/1/85 16K v1.2 the first general release of VDE installs on many terminals. Small, powerful text editor.
Icon vde25.lbr 42,240 1993/10/25 [18:05:30] by Eric Meyer 3/1/87 42K Very powerful full screen editor with macros and other advanced features; WordStar-like commands.
Icon vde262.lbr 66,176 1993/10/25 [18:05:40] by Eric Meyer 7/1/87 66K Video Display Editor v2.62; has WordStar-like com- mands, macros, much more. Includes VDM262.
Icon vde266.lbr 75,136 1993/10/25 [18:05:50] by Eric Meyer 6/24/8874K Probably the final version of a great editor. Full release includes fixes up to 7/30/88.
Icon vdehelp.lbr 41,984 1993/10/25 [18:05:58] by Richard Brewster 9/11/8842K Complete VDE266 manual in HLP format squeezed into LBR with HJELP.COM to display it on any terminal.
Icon vdo23-kp.lbr 10,880 1993/10/25 [18:06:00] by James H. Whorton 2/20/8512K Video Display Oriented ASCII text editor is small, yet powerful. Set up for Kaypro.
Icon vdo2a.lbr 14,464 1993/10/25 [18:06:02] by Frank Muennemann 4/11/8416K A text editor for the Osborne 1. This rewrite of VDO has an under 4K size COM file.
Icon vfiler17.lbr 9,472 1993/10/25 [18:06:06] by Richard Conn 7/18/8310K Video FILER screen oriented file utility functions like DISK, SWEEP. Installs for your video screen.
Icon vfiler43.lbr 101,760 1993/10/25 [18:06:20] by Jay Sage 5/23/8100K Video Filer utility for ZCPR 3.3 and up. Includes full Z80 source code.
Icon vlist11.lbr 1,792 1993/10/25 [18:06:24] by unknown 10/11/814K Types text to the screen with a Varying speed control.
Icon vlu101.lbr 73,472 1993/10/25 [18:06:50] by Michal Carson 12/13/872K Fantastic library utility for ZCPR3 or stand alone use. View, crunch/uncrunch, build LBR. Z80 only.
Icon vmap.lbr 5,504 1993/10/25 [18:06:26] by JM 6/27/82 6K Variable Mapper for BASIC source code. Makes map of variables and prints output. MBASIC program.
Icon vw.lbr 1,792 1993/10/25 [18:06:52] by J. G. Owen 11/19/864K VDE to WordStar translation utility turns hard carriage returns into soft.
Icon wash10.lbr 2,688 1993/10/25 [18:06:54] by Micro Resources 1/20/81 4K The original SWEEP-like file maintenance utility. Still works like a charm.
Icon wash13.lbr 24,064 1993/10/25 [18:06:58] by Michael J. Karas 9/20/8124K v1.3 menu driven disk maintenance utility. With full HLP text, and HELP.COM.
Icon wcount.lbr 4,096 1993/10/25 [18:06:58] by unknown 0/0/0 4K Word Count of lines, command lines starting with a period, and characters in a text file.
Icon whatsnew.lbr 2,688 1993/10/25 [18:07:00] by T. McCormick 1/1/84 4K Displays directory of files added or deleted from disk since program last run.
Icon whodere1.lbr 4,608 1993/10/25 [18:07:02] by Bill Wood 3/30/82 6K A debug program that resides in high memory and monitors disk reads and writes. ASM source.
Icon wid.lbr 4,480 1993/10/25 [18:07:04] by Claude Ostyn 5/2/83 6K Sets Osborne 1 screen width to 50, 80, or 104 columns. ASM source. Requires Screen-Pac mod.
Icon wildcat.txt 35,643 1994/9/14 [18:06:10]
Icon windex20.lbr 7,040 1993/10/25 [18:07:06] by Eric Gans 5/22/85 8K Creates indexes for WordStar DOC files.
Icon windoman.lbr 54,272 1993/10/25 [18:07:14] by Timothy E. Ide 8/6/84 54K v1.0 terminal screen management routines for use with Turbo Pascal 2.0.
Icon words-x2.lbr 11,392 1993/10/25 [18:07:18] by Richard S. Altman 1/30/9012K Game requiring MBASIC and Kaypro highlited screen. Two challenging and relaxing word games.
Icon words.lbr 4,352 1993/10/25 [18:07:16] by Waite & Lafore 0/0/0 6K A word counting program that works with ambiguous file references. Includes ASM source.
Icon wsav30.lbr 6,144 1993/10/25 [18:07:20] by James A. Sinning 11/26/856K Recovers WordStar text from memory. Includes the ASM source file.
Icon wsbible 47,104 1994/7/13 [04:32:06] by Tony Remich 0/0/0 24K Crunched text file of all labels and patch points for WordStar v2.26, 3.0 and 3.3. Very complete.
Icon wsbible.zzz 22,656 1993/10/25 [18:07:24]
Icon wscon10.lbr 17,152 1993/10/25 [18:07:28] by David Chazin 10/11/818K CONverts WordStar document files to ASCII text. Handles soft-hyphen, etc. CBASIC source included.
Icon wsfast24.lbr 13,440 1993/10/25 [18:07:30] by Steven L. Sanders 6/20/8514K Automatically patches Kaypro WordStar 3.3 for numerous improvements in performance.
Icon wsnot134.lbr 28,544 1993/10/25 [18:07:34] by Eric Meyer 5/1/88 28K Small and fast, easy to use WordStar footnoter. No changes to WS.COM itself are required.
Icon wspatch.lbr 43,648 1993/10/25 [18:07:40] by various 1/1/82 44K Three WordStar v2.26 patches for the Osborne 1. Includes ASM source files.
Icon wssetdru.lbr 2,560 1993/10/25 [18:07:42] by Steve Sanders 1/1/84 4K WordStar loaders created with SETDRU allow the use of WordStar in any area of Kaypro 10 hard drive.
Icon wstips.lbr 9,472 1993/10/25 [18:07:44] by various 6/1/85 10K Crunched text files containing many helpful tips on the use of WordStar.
Icon wstwocol.lbr 3,072 1993/10/25 [18:07:46] by Ralph Landry 6/1/85 4K TWO COLumn printing with WordStar without having to cut and paste. Requires MBASIC.
Icon wt20.lbr 5,120 1993/10/25 [18:07:48] by Ken Smathers 1/1/87 6K v2.0B BISHOW style WordStar Type utility can show print features highlighted. Can jump to any page.
Icon xamn.lbr 30,464 1993/10/25 [18:07:54] by unknown 0/0/0 30K A disk track and sector editor. Includes SBASIC source plus COM and DOC files. Came with Kaypros.
Icon xcat36.lbr 4,608 1993/10/25 [18:07:56] by Irvin M. Hoff 9/1/82 6K Cross reference utility for use with the MAST.CAT disk catalog system.
Icon xcat502.lbr 60,544 1993/10/25 [18:08:04] by Harold F. Bower 8/27/8560K Cross indexes and lists contents of MAST.CAT with DateStamper support. MAC source. Needs MCAT505.
Icon xcopy.lbr 3,456 1993/10/25 [18:08:06] by Jim Schenkel 7/23/82 4K A single disk file copy utility. Requires a Z80. ASM source code is included.
Icon xdir36.lbr 13,952 1993/10/25 [18:08:08] by Dal Allan 1/23/8314K A sorted directory program customized for the Osborne 1. ASM source included.
Icon xdump10.lbr 13,184 1993/10/25 [18:08:12] by JLV 7/31/8314K XDUMP and XTYPE display binary and ASCII files on ADM-3A terminal. Includes C source for XDUMP.
Icon xlate2.lbr 22,144 1993/10/25 [18:08:16] by Richard Conn 12/29/822K v1.2 translator takes 8080 ASM source code and outputs Z80 mnemonic source. With MAC source.
Icon xmdm90.lbr 93,440 1993/10/25 [18:08:28] by Wayne Masters 2/26/8492K XMODEM v9.0 file transfer program for RCPM use has overlays for many computers. Assembly required.
Icon xmdm91kp.lbr 47,872 1993/10/25 [18:08:36] by Alex Soya 3/24/8448K XMODEM v9.1 RCPM file transfer utility. ASM source plus Kaypro overlay. Includes two COM versions.
Icon xprint.lbr 26,880 1993/10/25 [18:08:40] by Gary Bohn 1/1/85 28K CROSSPRINT prints text sideways on MX-80 printer with GRAFTRAX. Turbo Pascal source included.
Icon xrase33.lbr 2,560 1993/10/25 [18:08:42] by Eric Gans 6/7/85 4K File unerase utility which checks for reused disk space and duplicate extents.
Icon xref.lbr 9,472 1993/10/25 [18:08:46] by Jeff Kravitz 0/0/0 10K A cross reference utility for Intel 8080 assembly source code. Includes ASM source.
Icon xwp.lbr 35,072 1993/10/25 [18:08:52] by Ted A. Campbell 0/0/0 36K An integrated environment for the Osborne Exec. Includes desktop, communications, and text editor.
Icon yanc-24.lbr 52,992 1993/10/25 [18:09:00] by Paul M. Sittler 6/20/8452K Yet ANother Catalog program for MAST.CAT. Menu driven with internal help. Config many terminals.
Icon z33fcp10.lbr 43,008 1993/10/25 [18:11:28] by Jay Sage 5/17/8742K Flow Command Processor essential for ZCPR33 system requires ZCPR v3.3. Requires assembly.
Icon z33rcp02.lbr 48,640 1993/10/25 [18:11:34] by Jay Sage 6/18/8748K Resident Command Processor essential for ZCPR33. Requires ZCPR v3.3. Requires assembly.
Icon z33zasm.lbr 13,312 1993/10/25 [18:11:36] by Michal Carson 5/21/8714K Converts Jay Sage's ZCPR33 source code to assemble with ZASM. Converts Z33FCP and Z33RCP also.
Icon z3instl.lbr 12,672 1993/10/25 [18:11:40] by Richard Conn 3/8/85 14K The ZCPR3 Installation Workbook by the author of ZCPR3. WordStar formatted text only.
Icon z3user.lbr 26,112 1993/10/25 [18:11:42] by Richard Conn 6/11/8426K Text file: ZCPR3 User's Perspective, introduction to the ZCPR3 system by its author.
Icon z80asm.lbr 36,992 1993/10/25 [18:09:24] by Lehman Consulting Serv10/20/738K An assembler for Zilog/Mostek Z80 mnemonics. The ASM source code is included.
Icon z80dis.lbr 90,368 1993/10/25 [18:09:34] by Kenneth Gielow 7/24/8590K A very powerful and easy to use Z80 disassembler. Extensive DOCumentation. Installation program.
Icon z80macro.lbr 35,584 1993/10/25 [18:09:38] by Richard Brewster 6/25/8536K A large MACRO library for use with the Z80MR PD macro assembler. Includes utility programs.
Icon z80mr.lbr 32,512 1993/10/25 [18:09:42] by Micro Cornucopia 6/1/84 32K A fine Z80 Macro Assembler assembles Z80 mnemonics to a HEX file format for LOADing. Good DOC files.
Icon z8e-30.lbr 173,952 1993/10/25 [18:10:12] by Jon Saxton 11/16/170K Z8E v3.0 interactive debugger, orig. by Richard Surwilo, for Z80. Complete source and doc files.
Icon z8e-35.lbr 89,600 1993/10/25 [18:10:24] by Jon Saxton 1/26/8246K A HUGE UPDATE of Z8E, the Z80 debugger. Complete source and documentation. Uncrunches to 590K!
Icon z8e-35.wz 64,384 1993/10/25 [18:10:32] by Jon Saxton 1/26/8246K A HUGE UPDATE of Z8E, the Z80 debugger. Complete source and documentation. Uncrunches to 590K!
Icon z8e-35.zz0 95,360 1993/10/25 [18:10:46] by Jon Saxton 1/26/8246K A HUGE UPDATE of Z8E, the Z80 debugger. Complete source and documentation. Uncrunches to 590K!
Icon z8e.lbr 84,096 1993/10/25 [18:09:52] by Rick Surwilo 1/1/84 84K v1.0 A professional quality interactive debugger for Z80 assembly programming. Huge DOC file.
Icon 164,480 1994/7/13 [04:32:10]
Icon z8e.z80 201,344 1994/7/13 [04:32:12]
Icon zap35.lbr 95,744 1993/10/25 [18:11:52] by Eric Pement 7/20/8794K SUPERZAP v3.5, a.k.a. SPZ, includes ASM source and revision history. CP/M 2.2 or 3.x, Z80 required.
Icon zasm.lbr 32,640 1993/10/25 [18:11:58] by unknown 0/0/0 32K Z80 macro assembler produces HEX or REL files. Quite powerful with fairly good documentation.
Icon zcopy20.lbr 16,896 1993/10/25 [18:12:00] by Richard Brewster 2/10/8818K Fast file copier with ZCPR du: syntax. Includes a companion erase utility. Generic CP/M; 8080.
Icon zcopy21.lbr 18,560 1993/10/25 [18:12:04] by Richard Brewster 8/25/8820K Improved, slightly larger version of ZCOPY20 file copier utility. Includes ZERA11 erase utility.
Icon zcpr1kp.lbr 78,976 1993/10/25 [18:12:14] by Micro Cornucopia 4/1/84 78K ZCPR1 including ASM source. Complete installation instructions for all CP/M Kaypros. EX14.COM too.
Icon zcpr2.lbr 60,032 1993/10/25 [18:12:22] by Richard Brewster 5/21/8760K A version of ZCPR2 by Richard Conn. This includes the Z80MR assembler. Easy do-it-yourself ZCPR2.
Icon zcpr33.lbr 106,496 1993/10/25 [18:12:36] by Jay Sage 5/28/8104K Version 3.3 of ZCPR Command Processor Replacement for Z80 CP/M systems. Requires assembly.
Icon zdt14.lbr 6,912 1993/10/25 [18:10:48] by unknown 4/27/80 8K A DDT-like debugger that can use either 8080 or TDL Z80 mnemonics.
Icon zex31a.lbr 35,712 1993/10/25 [18:12:42] by Richard Conn 3/16/8636K Memory based submit program is an integral part of ZCPR3 systems. Source included. Also GOTO v1.2.
Icon zgrep11.lbr 18,688 1993/10/25 [18:10:52] by Richard Brewster 7/20/8820K Versatile GREP utility searches for text patterns in multiple files; processes text. Generic CP/M.
Icon zip.lbr 8,192 1993/10/25 [18:10:56] by Bob Presswood 10/18/858K Pastes up to 7 ASCII text files together side by side in columns. C source file included.
Icon zlt10.lbr 25,344 1993/10/25 [18:12:46] by C.B. Falconer & B. Mor12/15/826K Library Typer for ZCPR3 only. Like LT, but does not extract files. Includes MAC source code.
Icon zmp-ovl3.lbr 80,256 1993/10/25 [18:12:58]
Icon zmp14.lbr 68,864 1993/10/25 [18:13:08] by Ron Murray 11/20/148K ZMODEM communications has X/Y/ZMODEM protocols. Must be installed. Overlays for many computers.
Icon zx.lbr 3,840 1993/10/25 [18:10:58] by Mike Yarus 8/1/85 4K Horizontal directory utility plus more is only 1K in size.
Icon zx3.lbr 12,032 1993/10/25 [18:11:00] by Mike Yarus 1/1/86 12K The "light power tool", a Swiss army knife multi- utility only 3K in size. See it to believe it!
Icon zzsource.lbr 20,096 1993/10/25 [18:11:06] by Dave Barker 4/25/82 20K v2.3 update of Ward Christensen's RESOURCE Z80 disassembler produces Zilog mnemonics.

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