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Icon 0-10.lbr 6,400 1987/2/28 [18:00:00] In complex aliases or zex files the output scrolls off the screen. This is normally not a problem although it is esthetically unpleasant. Sometimes, however, you need the information that just scrolled into the ether. This program is an attempt to control the output during such session. It allows you to reposition the cursor to an intermediate point on the screen and clear out everything below it.
Icon 00-index.txt 3,290 1994/9/7 [03:29:24]
Icon acreate3.lbr 22,144 1986/4/17 [19:00:00] ACREATE is used to make an ZCPR3 ALIAS file from a text file. DCREATE will remove the text from an existing file and transfer it to a text file for editing. The system is set up for a maximum of 200 characters in the command line. The 'C' versions are in BDS C.
Icon afind13.lbr 6,784 1987/2/14 [18:00:00] ZCPR3 Alias Finder -- AFIND version 1.3 -- Jan 18,1987 - This program finds aliases created by ALIAS, BALIAS, VALIAS and the like. It lists the Drive User, the file name and the text of each alias that it finds.
Icon arunz09.lbr 12,928 1986/2/24 [18:00:00] ARUNZ searches through the file ALIAS.CMD for an alias name matching the indicated alias name. If a match is found ARUNZ expands the script associated with the alias name and creates a new command line from this expanded script.
Icon arunz09b.lbr 18,048 1987/4/26 [17:00:00]
Icon autozins.ccp 1,380 1986/9/1 [17:00:00] This code documents a method of modifing ZCPR3 to recognise that it has loaded a ZCPR3 installable utility and "auto-install" it by loading the environment address at the correct place in the TPA.
Icon balias13.lbr 12,288 1986/2/24 [18:00:00] BALIAS Version 1.3 -- Paul Pomerleau -- August 30, 1985 BALIAS is a Bastard program produced by merging the command ditor from VERROR with Rich Conn's ALIAS. Just execute it with or without a file name for the alias. If the name exists, BALIAS ill allow you to edit it. If it does not exist, BALIAS will reate a new alias with that name. If no name is specified, ALIAS will ask you for a name when you save the alias commandline. The editor uses a subset of WordStar commands.
Icon calcrcp.z80 14,976 1994/7/13 [04:37:08]
Icon calcrcp.zz0 7,552 1986/11/3 [18:00:00]
Icon calrcp11.lbr 10,368 1987/3/15 [18:00:00] Like Eric Meyer's HP+.COM, this calculator may not work with a very few programs such as WordStar, which interact directly with the BIOS (See HP+.DOC by Eric Meyer). For information on how the calculator works, see HP.DOC by Eric Meyer. Both of these files
Icon comp28.lbr 7,552 1986/2/24 [18:00:00] COMP will compare two files displaying byte-for-byte match and difference. The display is a split screen display, showing match, differences, in both hex and ASCII. The display can be in either sector or memory relative addressing.
Icon correc10.lbr 17,920 1987/4/26 [17:00:00] Z-SYSTEM IMPLEMENTATION OF CORRECT-IT FOR HARD DISK OPERATION by Rick Charnes, San Francisco, April 1987
Icon cshellv1.lbr 10,240 1986/2/24 [18:00:00] CSHELL --- add pipes and batch files to ZCPR3 and C80
Icon cvidlib.lbr 23,296 1987/1/14 [18:00:00] The video routines from ZCPR3 were written for use by assembly language programmers to interface with and therefore are difficult if not impossible for the average C programmer to utilize. The enclosed routines were written so that programmers could now utilize the routines to make "generic" calls to terminal routines and have the program work on any ZCPR3 machine. Also included in the package is the trick to show how to make any program written under C/80 become an instant ZCPR3 utility. This trick was used to write the C Shell and queueing program for ZCPR3.
Icon dd12.lbr 8,192 1986/9/7 [17:00:00] A ZCPR3 compatible Disk Directory Program
Icon ef19.lbr 14,976 1987/1/20 [18:00:00] EF19 is an adaptation of EDFILE (Z80 version), set up to exploit the H19/H89 function keys. The key assignments augment those of the original program (which all still work). The 25th line is labeled with key assignments. See EF19.HLP.
Icon files.bbs 1,608 1994/9/14 [17:11:46]
Icon finderr.doc 7,296 1994/7/13 [04:22:36] One of the major advantages of ZCPR3 is the passing of messages from one utility to the next. Unfortunately, almost all commercial packages do not have this mechanism. This program was developed to help in the passing of messages from commercial programs to ZCPR3 utilities. As an example: We may wish to have a compilation/assembly stop if there are errors. Otherwise, we may wish to link the program with a library to an executable program. Microsoft's Macro-80 assembler (M80) and FORTRAN-80 compiler
Icon finderr.dqc 4,992 1985/6/14 [17:00:00] " "
Icon finderr.hlp 4,224 1994/7/13 [04:22:36] " "
Icon finderr.hqp 3,072 1985/6/14 [17:00:00] " "
Icon finderr.mac 7,424 1994/7/13 [04:22:36] " "
Icon finderr.mqc 5,120 1985/6/14 [17:00:00] " "
Icon fmang12.lbr 49,408 1986/12/28 [18:00:00] FMANG is the ZCPR3 Menu-Oriented Command Preprocessor. It acts as a front-end to ZCPR3, providing a menu-oriented user interface to ZCPR3.
Icon fnderr14.lbr 7,040 1987/2/27 [18:00:00] FINDERR is a program to set the ZCPR3 message registers if various memory locations are nonzero
Icon fnrepzpt.lbr 1,536 1987/3/7 [18:00:00] FNREPZPT.Z80 - ZCPR3 adaptation patch for FINREP24.COM. When installed, the resulting program will respond to ZCPR3 "DU:" and named directory references correctly.
Icon hd-arc13.lbr 62,080 1987/1/20 [18:00:00] HD-ARC.LBR (HARD DISK ARCHIVE) by Rick Charnes. HD-ARC.LBR (HARD DISK ARCHIVE) by Rick Charnes, January 2, 1987 The aliases and ZEX files contained within this library were made especially to help with the backing up of hard disk directories that require more than one backup floppy. I had not previously come across a method that helped me organize my backups in the way I wanted, and this is the solution I created. for myself.
Icon hsh14.lbr 28,800 1986/3/3 [18:00:00] HSH is a history processing ZCPR3 shell. It provides the ability of recall and edit previous commands and allows much more sophisticated editing than is found in the normal CP/M or ZCPR3 command processor.
Icon jb-vfcmd.lbr 33,664 1986/12/4 [18:00:00] ZEX file to copy from source to destination if the destination file does not exist or if the destination file is different than the source file.
Icon ldsk20.lbr 15,488 1986/4/21 [19:00:00] LDSK is a program designed to make the use of ZCPR3's named directories easier by simplifying the creation of directories. To make it simple, any file in a user area that begins with a dash (hereafter referred to as "dash-files") is taken to be the name of that user area, and inserted as such in the memorybased Named Directory.
Icon lrunz3.aqm 19,072 1985/6/14 [17:00:00] LRUN is intended to be used in conjunction with libraries created with LU.COM, a library utility based upon the groundwork laid by Michael Rubenstien, with some additional inspiration from Leor Zolman's CLIB librarian for .CRL files.
Icon lrunz3.asm 27,392 1994/7/13 [04:22:36] " "
Icon lup11.pas 8,448 1994/7/13 [04:22:36] The program help users use the following program, without, having to type the LONG commands associated with library files:
Icon lup11.pqs 5,248 1986/1/19 [18:00:00] " "
Icon m24.lbr 17,280 1987/4/26 [17:00:00] 24-BIT MATH ROUTINES. I designed these routines to help me complete work on ZPATCH, the Z-system file patcher. What was wanted was a way to specify byte addresses within files. It would have been possible to use some implementation of LONG INTEGERS, if I had had access to one, but I didn't, and 24 bits was sufficient to address every byte in a legal CP/M file. The largest legal CP/M file is 8 megabytes; 24 bits yields 16 megabytes. They require the z-80 microprocessor.
Icon mkline.lbr 16,256 1986/5/18 [17:00:00] MKLINE will create an ascii file by inserting a file name in a text string.
Icon move20.lbr 7,168 1986/7/28 [17:00:00] MOVE [DIR:]AFN [DIR1:]
Icon pokego1.dqc 1,920 1985/6/14 [17:00:00]
Icon queue-c.lbr 11,008 1986/2/25 [18:00:00] CP is a general purpose utility that allows the inputting and outputting from a variety of devices by the use of C80's redirection capabilities. Examples below show such use.
Icon queue.lbr 14,080 1985/6/4 [17:00:00] ZEX command file to process files in a queue on disk. The 'process' to perform is passed to this file as the first parameter. As only the names and not the extents of files are stored in the queue, the second parameter passed is presumed to be an extent. As many as three more parameters may be passed also; they will be unchanged.
Icon rcom10.lbr 7,808 1987/3/16 [18:00:00] This ARUNZ alias will allow CP/M or Z-System programs that do not normally take a file list to do so as parameters on the command line. Up to six files may be entered. Any options normally entered after a single filename when using a program in its usual manner may also be entered here as long as it is a single parameter.
Icon rcptraps.lbr 10,624 1986/2/25 [18:00:00] LIST-TRAP RCP is an RCP for ZCPR3 systems. It captures output going to the list device and puts it into a disk file.
Icon sb180who.msg 2,231 1986/9/30 [17:00:00] Captured from The ZCPR3 BBS/Z-NODE CENTRAL - Jun 25, 1986
Icon talias11.lbr 35,072 1986/2/25 [18:00:00] The purpose of ALIAS1 is to load the Command Line Buffer with a command line stored within ALIAS1, extracting parameters using the SUBMIT file convention ($n) as they are referenced in the new command line. Upon successful build, ALIAS1 runs the new command line by simply returning to ZCPR3.
Icon thelldem.lbr 9,600 1986/2/25 [18:00:00] Thello is an interactive game which you may play against the computer or another player, and if you have the demo, you play against no one, the computer plays a game with itself. The object
Icon tlf.lbr 14,208 1986/9/29 [17:00:00] TLF.COM has an additional virtue that I discovered quite by accident: TYPELZ20 can type squeezed as well as krunched files (not even mentioned in the CRUNCH20 documentation!) so of course TLF.COM can be used as the standard program to read ANY compressed and libraried documentation.
Icon uf.lbr 15,104 1987/2/1 [18:00:00] Fast Z80 Unsqueezer First ZCPR3 Version 1.0, 7/1/86, by Bruce Morgen, derived from v1.9 2 April 1986
Icon valias.lbr 52,992 1986/2/25 [18:00:00] VALIAS Visual Alias Editor by Jay P. Sage
Icon vced16.lbr 7,680 1986/7/28 [17:00:00] VCED is a ZCPR3 shell which allows you to edit command lines that you enter and to recall those that you wish to re-execute.
Icon vced18.lbr 27,648 1987/2/15 [18:00:00] " "
Icon verror16.lbr 20,864 1986/2/25 [18:00:00] VERROR is a ZCPR3 error handler. Just execute it without any parameters and it will install itself. When ZCPR3 gets a command that it cannot process, it will give control to VERROR. VERROR will then give you a choice: to discard the offending command, or to edit the entire command line with a subset of the WordStar commands.VIEW31.LBR VIEW, version 3.1 is a ZCPR3 tool which makes use of the TCAP data in the environment descriptor. Functions needed are CLS, cursor addressing, ereol. Optional is video standout mode. Before use, install VIEW with Z3INS: "Z3INS SYS.ENV VIEW.COM"
Icon view31.lbr 20,352 1987/2/14 [18:00:00]
Icon visual50.asm 6,784 1994/7/13 [04:37:08] ZCPR 3.3 System TCAP Version for the Visual 50 in the Hazeltine emulation mode using Escape as a lead in character.
Icon visual50.azm 3,712 1987/2/8 [18:00:00] " "
Icon vtype.hlp 6,144 1986/2/24 [18:00:00]
Icon vtype20.com 5,504 1986/2/24 [18:00:00]
Icon w20.lbr 28,544 1986/9/27 [17:00:00] W -- THE WILDCARD SHELL PROCESSOR
Icon wildcat.txt 1,504 1994/9/14 [18:09:34]
Icon wildex.mac 1,152 1994/7/13 [04:22:34] This module, for use with SYSLIB, can be used to expand a wildcard filename into a table of file names as found in current DU:
Icon wildex.mqc 1,024 1986/4/28 [17:00:00] " "
Icon wmz3pat.aqm 7,296 1985/6/14 [17:00:00]
Icon wmz3pat.asm 10,496 1994/7/13 [04:22:34] Patch for Word-Master 1.07 to use with the Echelon 'Z' System. This patch causes WordMaster to use the current terminal characteristics defined in Z3TCAP.
Icon wsz3pat.aqm 8,064 1985/6/14 [17:00:00]
Icon wsz3pat.asm 11,392 1994/7/13 [04:22:34]
Icon xdsk.lbr 53,376 1986/12/4 [18:00:00] LIBRARY OF COMMONLY USED DEFINITIONS Use of this library will make assembly language programs easier to read and maintain.
Icon z-rip.lbr 4,736 1986/7/15 [17:00:00] This program installs ZCPR3 programs. It can install just one, or all in a Drive/User, or all the ZCPR3 programs on an entire disk. It reads in the first record of each .COM file it finds, checks to see if it is indeed a ZCPR3 command and if it is, installs it.
Icon z3bye.doc 12,416 1994/7/13 [04:22:36] Notes on using BYE with ZCPR3
Icon z3bye.dqc 7,936 1985/6/14 [17:00:00]
Icon z3emx.lbr 3,072 1985/1/16 [18:00:00] EMX & ZCPR3 - Some thoughts and considerations
Icon z3key14.lbr 67,072 1986/5/18 [17:00:00] Z3KEY.RCP is a ZCPR3 Resident command processor that allows the user to assign character strings to keys. When a key having a string defined in this way is struck, the defined string, rather than the character normally associated with the key, is delivered to the program running at the time.
Icon z3keyrel.lbr 27,776 1987/3/22 [18:00:00]
Icon z3new104.lbr 50,816 1987/2/28 [18:00:00] This is a replacement for both the user and sysop versions of Irv Hoffs' This is a replacement for both the user and sysop versions of Irv Hoffs' "NEW" program that is used to examine the log file created by KMD. In addition it removes the need for KMDEL as it will display the contents of log files larger than the TPA (Irvs' NEW bombs if the KMD.LOG file gets too large).
Icon z3trbo12.lbr 140,544 1986/6/29 [17:00:00] This library contains the best ZCPR3 implementation for a TurboROM equipped Kaypro that I have yet seen.
Icon zap-nr1.lbr 14,848 1986/11/10 [18:00:00] Application Note #1 - ZCPR3 Shells
Icon zboxwyse.lbr 4,352 1987/5/5 [17:00:00] A Graphic Character Box for the Z System programs MENU, VMENU, and VFILER on the Wyse 50 Terminal
Icon zbye.mac 30,464 1994/7/13 [04:22:36] This program implements BYE as an RCP under ZCPR3.
Icon zbye.mqc 20,096 1985/6/14 [17:00:00]
Icon zbye11c.mac 30,720 1994/7/13 [04:22:36]
Icon zbye11c.mqc 20,096 1985/7/17 [17:00:00]
Icon zcube11.lbr 10,112 1986/2/25 [18:00:00] Z-Cube is a simulation of a 3-Dimensional cube.
Icon zedfile.lbr 11,264 1986/12/26 [18:00:00]
Icon zf10b.lbr 61,824 1987/1/24 [18:00:00] There are four versions of ZFILER version 1.0b in this library.
Icon zlbr10.lbr 21,248 1986/9/30 [17:00:00] ZLBR is a flagrant plagiarization of John Poplett's ZLUX, enhanced to function as a 'super' library file interface shell program.
Icon zldir.lbr 9,984 1987/1/15 [18:00:00]
Icon zlux24.lbr 34,816 1986/6/1 [17:00:00] ZLUX is a ZCPR3 shell for RCP/Ms. It is designed to imitate the functions of LUX but does not require the same amount of overhead to run. Rather than use special LUX*.COM support utilities, it utilizes standard utilities that are commonly available on an RCP/M, namely: TYPEL.COM and SD.COM.
Icon zlux25.lbr 42,496 1987/1/24 [18:00:00]
Icon zpatch11.lbr 53,504 1987/4/26 [17:00:00] ZPATCH is a file-oriented byte editor similar in function to the public domain program EDFILE. It enables you to patch a file byte-by-byte.
Icon zpuzl11.lbr 6,016 1986/3/1 [18:00:00]
Icon zsig-for.all 7,104 1986/4/21 [19:00:00] ZSIG Software Submission Procedures
Icon zsigpol1.doc 7,019 1986/7/31 [17:00:00]
Icon ztp-ins2.lbr 30,720 1986/2/25 [18:00:00] SYS.ENV --> TURBO pascal .COM file video installer
Icon ztxttows.lbr 6,272 1987/1/15 [18:00:00]
Icon ztype11.lbr 25,344 1986/11/10 [18:00:00] ZTYPE is an alternate TYPE command with display of underlining and boldface.
Icon zxlat13a.lbr 25,344 1986/12/31 [18:00:00] ZXLATE - AN 8080 TO Z80 SOURCE CODE TRANSLATOR
Icon zxlate13.lbr 25,344 1986/11/30 [18:00:00] " "

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