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Icon aafiles.hlp 31,359 1998/1/1 [11:30:12]
Icon aavsys.txt 40,145 1998/1/1 [11:30:12]
Icon announce.txt 34,472 1991/9/19 [15:14:00]
Icon cols132.bat 359 1991/9/19 [15:12:04] A DOS Batch file invoked automatically by Kermit if the host sends a "switch to 132-column mode" escape sequence or if you give the SET TERMINAL WIDTH 132 command to MS-DOS Kermit, but only if Kermit does not already have built-in knowledge of your video adapter. As supplied, this batch only prints a message. You must fill it in with the appropriate DOS commands to put your screen into 132-column mode (as supplied by the manufacturer of your video adapter).
Icon cols80.bat 412 1991/9/19 [15:12:04] Like COLS132.BAT, but for changing from 132-column mode to 80-column mode.
Icon cp437.txt 5,959 1991/9/19 [15:12:48]
Icon cp850.txt 5,427 1991/9/19 [15:13:00]
Icon ctkerm.doc 54,936 1998/1/1 [11:30:12]
Icon dialups.txt 563 1991/9/19 [15:11:52] A sample dialing directory, for use with the DIAL command. This file does not contain any real phone numbers. If you want to have a dialing directory, edit this file to contain entries for the computers or services that you actually use. Read KERMIT.HLP (MSKERM.HLP) for further information.
Icon hayes.scr 5,169 1991/9/19 [15:11:36] A TAKE command file to be used for dialing Hayes modems. Invoked automatically by the DIAL macro that is defined in MSKERMIT.INI.
Icon kermit.bwr 50,948 1991/9/19 [15:11:06] A list of known problems and limitations of the current release of MS-DOS Kermit, and hints for getting around them. If you are having problems using MS-DOS Kermit, read this file. You might find a solution or workaround.
Icon kermit.exe 188,916 1991/9/19 [15:10:38] The MS-DOS Kermit program for the IBM PC family, the IBM PS/2, and compatibles, ready to run.
Icon kermit.hlp 54,730 1991/9/19 [15:11:00] A summary of the commands and functions of MS-DOS Kermit. You may view this file with the DOS or Kermit TYPE command, a text editor or word processing program (in ASCII mode), or print it on your printer.
Icon kermit.pif 545 1991/9/19 [15:13:30]
Icon kmt3.exe 192,400 1995/3/8 [11:59:08]
Icon latin1.txt 3,817 1991/9/19 [15:13:06] These three files contain the special characters from IBM Code Page 437, IBM Code Page 850, and ISO 8859 Latin Alphabet 1, with annotations listing the decimal, row/column, octal, and hexadecimal values, and a description of each character so you can compare how it is displayed with what it is supposed to be. Read Chapter 13 of "Using MS-DOS Kermit" to learn about international character sets, and then practice setting and changing your PC code page, TYPEing these files on your PC, transferring them to other computers, displaying these files on the remote computer through Kermit's terminal emulator, transferring them back again, and printing them. This will demonstrate the problems of using international characters in amultivendor computing environment and how to use Kermit to cope with them.
Icon mskermit.ini 9,565 1991/9/19 [15:10:50] A sample initialization file for MS-DOS Kermit. Includes many of the macro definitions from Chapter 14 of "Using MS-DOS Kermit". Edit this file to suit your needs and preferences.
Icon mskermit.pch 1,537 1991/11/29 [00:21:02] A patch file for version 3.11. Not needed unless you have an Orchid Designer Professional VGA video board that does not correctly switch into 132-column mode when commanded to do so. Read the file for instructions.
Icon msulk2.com 464 1991/9/19 [15:12:30] A driver for the DEC LK250 keyboard attached to an IBM PC/AT or PS/2.
Icon msulk2.hlp 6,882 1991/9/19 [15:12:22] Documentation on using the DEC LK250 keyboard and driver.
Icon msulkv.com 348 1991/9/19 [15:12:36] A driver for the DEC LK250 keyboard attached to a DEC VAXmate.
Icon read.me 4,883 1991/9/19 [15:10:26] This file.
Icon vt300.doc 2,402 1991/9/19 [15:11:30] Documentation for VT300.INI.
Icon vt300.ini 9,840 1991/9/19 [15:11:22] An initialization file for setting up your PC keyboard as much like a DEC VT200 or VT300 LK201 keyboard as possible, including assigning the DEC function keys F6-F20 to IBM PC function keys, and also making assignments for the DEC editing keypad, numeric keypad, and arrow keys. If you use Kermit to access host-based applications that require you to type DEC function or editing keys, TAKE this file from the MS-Kermit> prompt or put the command TAKE VT300.INI in your MSKERMIT.INI file. Use this file as a model for creating new keyboard setups.

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