This is the directory for DEC Professional 325/350/380 stuff. Most of it is for P/OS 2.0A - 3.2 from DECUS archives. Files are compressed with LHA and are floppy images made by Teledisk. Teledisk and LHA can be found on /pub/ibmpc/util. To make RX50 floppies for the DEC Professional, you have to run 'LHA X filename.lzh' to extract the file(s) and then use the Teledisk program on an IBM PC (or clone) with a 1.2Mb DSHD drive (running MS-DOS). Start Teledisk, select the 'file to disk' option, insert a DSDD 96tpi 5.25" floppy and start the file copying. Teledisk will now make a complete copy of the original RX50 floppy. For further information, please read the Teledisk manual. Some of these programs can be used under RSX-11 on PDP-11s.

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