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Icon canon-as-100-canobrain-users-manual_2.pdf 18,484,173 2016/10/1 [02:22:00] What is CANOBRAIN? Everyone is aware that computers are playing a more important role in our daily lives. But what a lot of people don't know is that you don't necessarily have to have specialized skills or programming knowledge to take advantage of computer benefits. Today's information-intensive offices need computer software that is both versatile and easy to use.The problem is that most businesses simply do not have the time and money required to train their personnel as computer experts. That's why we made CANOBRAIN.There's no programming language to learn, just a few easy-to-understand procedures that will quickly turn your information into results.And CANOBRAIN can be used for a wide range of tasks, from record-keeping and accounting to business projection and analysis.
Icon canon-as-100-canowriter-users-manual.pdf 4,036,902 2016/10/1 [02:21:00] This manual provides instructions on how to use the Canon word processing system CanoWriter. It is designed to make you a sophisticated user of the many keys and functions necessary to create and edit your documents.
Icon canon-as-100_todays_challenges.pdf 10,835,063 2016/1/17 [12:21:04] 16 pages flyer (Thanks to the persons who scanned the manuals)
Icon canon-as100-hardware-guide.pdf 4,534,230 2016/1/20 [08:22:16]
Icon canon-as100-hardware-guide_(ocr).pdf 4,717,661 2016/1/20 [08:23:06]
Icon canon-as100-software-guide.pdf 4,130,037 2016/1/20 [08:35:38]
Icon canon-as100-software-guide_(ocr).pdf 4,301,126 2016/1/20 [08:36:20]
Icon canon_as-100-canon_basic_users_guide.pdf 6,608,947 2016/1/17 [15:30:10]
Icon canon_as-100-canon_basic_users_guide_(bw_ocr).pdf 8,534,010 2016/1/17 [16:22:14]
Icon canon_as-100-cpm-86_guide_(bw).pdf 11,504,875 2016/1/17 [21:03:10]
Icon canon_as-100-cpm-86_guide_(bw_ocr).pdf 13,632,316 2016/1/17 [20:22:38]
Icon canon_as-100-ms-dos_users_guide.pdf 2,243,962 2016/1/17 [14:51:26] AS-100 MS-DOS User's Guide. This manual summarizes features of the AS-100 series computer and functions of the AS-100 Microsoft Disk Operating System (MS-DOS) which are required to use the AS-100 series under MS-DOS. This manual sholud be read after reading the standard MS-DOS manual. Canon_AS-100-MS-DOS_Users_Guide_(bw_ocr).pdf
Icon canon_as-100-ms-dos_users_guide_(bw_ocr).pdf 2,840,441 2016/1/20 [02:28:20]
Icon canon_as-100m-c_field_service_manual_(bw).pdf 4,251,080 2016/1/20 [04:47:26] Servicemanual
Icon canon_as-100m-c_field_service_manual_(bw_ocr).pdf 4,890,024 2016/1/20 [05:01:14]

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