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Icon 1977_02_byte_build_this_economy_floppy_disk_interface.pdf 376,944 2017/6/9 [20:16:38] As I searched how the floppycontroller in picture floppycontroller_hardsectored.jpg works I found the article from Byte. Maybee the lampson controller is a similiar build and lampson added ROM and RAM for bootloader, monitor and datastorage.
Icon floppycontroller_hardsectored.jpg 699,283 2017/6/9 [20:14:14] CLD floppycontroller from lampson germany
Icon nascom_hardsectored.pdf 408,334 2017/6/9 [20:12:16] This is from The storage medium for the CLD MINIFLOPPY is a standard hard-sectorized 5 1/4 "floppy disk drive, which provides a storage capacity of almost 100KB or 200KB of programs or data with direct access (random access) on 40 tracks with 10 sectors each ,
Icon nascom_manual_cld_minifloppy_(bw).pdf 440,173 2017/6/9 [20:16:04] manual in german language, on the last 2 pages there are some hardware drawings
Icon nascom_manual_cld_minifloppy_(grey).pdf 1,625,279 2017/6/9 [20:16:04]

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