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Colour Emu 3.0

Colour Emu is an emulator of the Z80-based machine called Colour Genie, which was sold in the early 80's.
If you tried it with OS/2, could you tell us about your experiences ?
Download Colour Emu 3.0 (81kB) now !!
Here you can take a look at the original Colour Genie keyboard layout.

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Colour Emu features

Tools 3.0 for the Colour Emulator !

We developed some tools for reading Colour Genie tapes directly into the PC.
You can convert VOC-files to virtual tapes (CAS-files) and analyse them afterwards. Moreover you can send CAS-files to the original Colour Genie via the Sound Blaster directly.
As a brand new tool, we added COMMENT, which you can use to add descriptions to your virtual tapes and snapshot files.
Download the tools (101kB) now !

Software Pak I update

What good is an emulator without software ? Thanks to everyone who sent software to us, especially Alexander Drawe and Jürgen Buchmüller.
You can view the index file first, or download Software Pak I (392 KB !) right away. Enjoy !
The software package already includes the comments. If you have already downloaded it and want to safe network traffic, just download the comments (18 kB) and insert them with the COMMENT tool.

Software Pak II

More great software: Download Software Pak II (135 kB) or view the index file first ! Again the files already contain the descriptions. If you want to change them, the original comment files (7kB) may be helpful.

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    If you have any technical information, magazines, tapes, books etc. about the Colour Genie, we'd be glad to hear from you !
    At the moment we are especially looking for software to test the emulator.

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