EACA - sold in germany by TCS

There exist the genie1/2, colourgenie, genie2s, genie3, genie3s, genie16 and the speedmaster. The genie1/2 (videogenie EG3003) and the colourgenie (EG2000) where made by EACA. The genie16 was an IBM clone and not well known.
The other ones where designed by some nice people and build by Trommeschlaeger as EACA left the buisiness.
In germany the Genie Computers where distributed by Trommeschlaeger [TCS]. One well known company was Schmidtke from Aachen. They sold the CP/M for the non banked genie1.   
For CP/M I have placed the sources from Mr. Thomas Holte. He gives his source to me some years ago. Thanks Mr.Holte.   
There are several versions and Mr. Holte made use of the TRACE-80 for serialising the OS after linking. (He prefered Trace-80 but should even be able to use SID or ZSID). The TRACE-80 was made by L.Lauterbach Datentechnik. ( www.lauterbach.com ).  

EACA sold the Video Genie around the world with other names. They are mostly compatible to the Tandy TRS-80 Modell-1 but cheaper.

The genie was sold in :

Germany as (video)genie (EG3003)   

Australie / New Zealand as Dick Smith System 80   

Hungary as HT1080Z / HT2080Z   
goto   ht.homeserver.hu/html/english.html

Northamerica as PMB80 / PMC81