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Icon readme.txt 1,088 2018/3/30 [23:31:00] The TPC-2000 is the ideal system for the small business with data processing requirements. This system allows streaming of time consuming tasks, such as inventory control, order entry, and billing. It runs the CP/M V2.2 Operating System and all utilities and application softwares designed fer CP/M.Simply add a TTL INPUT/OUTPUT board onto TPC-2000, the TPC-2000 becomes an industrial controller for such as ROBOT, chemial PH control . etc. As computing requirements grow, the TPC-2000 can become a workstation of the host computer, with its builtin floppy drive serving as local storage. Because the TPC-2000 has a function which allows it to accept down-loads from the host computer, it can work as a workstation withior without its disk drives. When the TPC-2000 functionsas a terminal of a host computer, it can simulate other types of terminals by sending terminal control code tables from the host computer. ' 'Go through the folders for more informations and pictures...

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