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Icon 33,117 2014/3/24 [00:00:00] READCPM provides the capacity to read CP/M double density soft-sectored diskettes from the Heath-Zenith CP/M 2.20X versions written on an H89-90 or with CP/M-85 on the Z-100, and transfer these files to MSDOS files on a Z-150 o ROM BIOS compatible 8086-8 machine.
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Icon 6,066 2014/3/24 [00:00:00] RWCPM runs under MS-DOS, and will allow you to move data and text files back and forth between the MS-DOS and CP/M-80 operating systems. It was designed for the Epson QX-16 computer, which supports both CP/M and MS-DOS. However it also runs on the Epson Equity series and other MS-DOS machines.
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