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This site is dedicated to the great Motorola 68K based systems produced in the 1980's by SAGE Computer Technology based in Reno, Nevada. SAGE Computer Technology was later renamedSage Computer  logo Stride Micro due to a trademark issue. The company went through several name changes over the years: SAGE Computer Technology, SAGE Computer and Stride Micro. Stride Micro formed a wholly owned subsidiary called MicroSage Computer Systems, Inc. in 1987. Stride Micro logoIn the spring of 1988 a group of investors led by Carl Gritzmaker acquired the company forming MicroSage Holding Corporation. MicroSage/Stride Micro logo It appears that MicroSage Computer Systems, Inc. continued as the company name. The details of the company after that are not clear to me. Millennium Computer Corp logo-1 Millennium Computer Corporation was involved at one point as you can see by the logo on the back of a Superstride 740 shown here. If someone has more details on the later part of the company's history, 1988 and later, please contact me and I'll update the site.

Sage Computer Technology introduced itself to the world in March of 1982 at the 7th annual West Coast Computer Faire in San Francisco with three operational Sage II computers. Rod Coleman had started on the schematics for the Sage II on August 15th, 1981. Bill Bonham wrote the BIOS for the new computer and Bob Needham did the layout and mechanical design. They all did much more than just schematics, BIOS, layout and mechanical design. They created a new computer out of thin air in just six months. Amazing!!!

The president of SAGE Computer Technology, SAGE Computer and Stride Micro was Rod ColemanSage Computer Founders, Bob Needham, Bill Bonham, Rod ColemanThe president of MicroSage was Edward O. Chapin. SAGE Computer Technology was founded in 1981 by Rod Coleman, Bill Bonham and Bob Needham. Pictures of the founders and some of the employees are here. All of the founders and many of the employees are around and doing well. The founders have been kind enough to let me pester them with questions and tell me how the company started. More to come...

Mark SorensenMark Sorenson, employee #4, recently donated many great items that I've been scanning and posting to this site. The site now has datasheets for the Series 600 systems, detailed pricing and system information from late 1987, some b&w promotion photos of systems and the Sage building and some great earlier brochures. Don't let the picture fool you, he's much more friendly than he looks! Thanks Mark.

Personal Computer World February 1983In February 1983, Sage Computer Technology was on the cover of Personal Computer World, a UK based magazine with the Sage II. Scans of the cover and article, along with some ads, can be found here. There are great pictures and the article is well written discussing the strengths of the Sage II system as it compared to the other systems available at the time.

I am the happy owner of two SAGE II's and one SAGE IV. David W. Erhart, Happy SAGE Owner I would really like to add some Stride machines to my collection. This site has scans and pictures of some of my material. If you have something to add please let me know. I am not the expert on these systems or the company. This site is a place for the experts, collectors, founders and former employees of the company Sage II phototo share their memories of the systems, software and company. I'm always on the lookout for additional interesting items from the various companies (Sage Computer Technology through Millennium Computer Corp. and Shannon Computers, Inc.). There are a small handful of collectors and owners of these systems. If you are one of these lucky people please feel free to contact me (

SAGE Computer produced great sets of documentationSageSchematics 003 for their systems. The details of setting up the hardware and software, I have placed PDF versions of some of their manuals here. SAGE Computer provided detailed information about their systems even to the point of including schematics of their main boards. Sage II Service Manual

I have collected some of the SAGE Computer and Stride Micro marketing and sales material. Scans of some of the material are hereStride 440The Stride Micro 400 series computers are shown here: Stride 420, Stride 430, Stride 440 and Stride 460. The Stride Micro and MicroSage 600 series computers are shown here: Stride 640, Stride 660 and Stride 680MP. The only information I have about the Superstride 740 is shown here. It appears to be manufactured by Millennium Computer Corporation. I'm not clear when they came into the Sage/Stride/MicroSage picture. If someone can fill in the details, please contact me. The Shannon 5000 computer appears to be the same as a Superstride 740. It was manufactured by Shannon Computer, Inc. of Alton, NH. The only information I have currently is from the pictures here.

The Spring 1984 and 1985 catalogs for SAGE Computer and Stride Micro are here. MicroSage and a competitor, Pinnacle Systems, Inc., provided trade-in offers to Sage and Stride owners. The MicroSage offers are here and the Pinnacle offers are here.Childhood's End: The 68000, Sage II ad, BYTE April 1982

Sage Computer and Stride Micro advertised in BYTE Magazine during the mid 1980's. It was a Byte advertisement that first introduced me to the Sage II systems. They were very impressive at the time compared to the other systems being advertised in BYTE. Jerry Pournelle (Chaos Manor, etc.) often wrote about Sage (later Stride) and mentioned Rod Coleman regularly. Jerry attended the Sage/Stride Faires and wrote about them in his column. Scans of the BYTE ads and articles can be found here.

UCSD p-System bootscreenFor collectors that need the basic diskettes for their SAGE II or SAGE IV systems, you can find the p-System IV.13 and p-System IV.21 diskette images in Dave Dunfield's IMD format here. Collectors can bring up Sage II and IV systems by following the instructions in the manuals found here. Now there are CP/M-68K v1.1 and v1.2 diskette images here.In Stride newsletter

Sage News NewsletterSAGE Computer Technology and later Stride Micro published newsletters. SAGE Computer published a newsletter called SAGE News. When the company changed its name to Stride Micro the newsletter name was changed to In Stride. Stride Micro also published In Stride tech notes. You can read SAGE News and in Stride newsletters here. The Sage News and In Stride newsletters mainly focused on product and marketing concerns. The newsletters were packed with great articles and lots of pictures. I'm missing some issues so if you have any, please contact me!!!

technotes0001A daughter publication to In Stride called In Stride tech notes was created to concentrate on technical issues. The In Stride tech notes are hereBuddy Frank was the editor of SAGE News. Verlene Joyce Bonham was the editor of In Stride and In Stride tech notes.

Thanks to Jim Battle for the great scanning efforts and Dr. Marcus Wigan, a long time Sage/Stride user and supporter, for all of the information and support. Many thanks also to Erik Klein for the stack of Byte Magazines. 


Mugs, Tee-shirts, mousepads, caps, etc. with Sage and Stride logos are available at
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    Very special thanks to the Sage/Stride people that made all of this happen

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Please note that I have placed these items here for personal use by collectors. It is not intended for commercial use.

David W. Erhart

Site last updated October 13, 2006

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