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Icon an-0590.pdf 129,500 2018/5/10 [20:19:52] Application Development Using Multiple Programming Languages | National Semiconductor Application Note 590 February 1989
Icon gnx-assembler_v4_(bw).pdf 10,051,681 2018/5/10 [20:19:02] The GNX Assembler is intended for use as a component in the Series 32000 GNX tools family to create assembly language programs for Series 32000-based systems. It may be used in either a native or a cross environment.
Icon gnx-assembler_v4_(bw_ocr).pdf 11,639,315 2018/5/10 [20:19:00]
Icon gnx-debugging_tool_dbug_v4_(bw).pdf 11,078,488 2018/5/10 [20:19:02] This is a reference manual for DBUG, National Semiconductor Corporations symbolic debugger. DBUG can be used for symbolic debugging of high-level language programs generated by the GNX optimizing compilers as well as for assembly language programs generated by the GNX assembler.
Icon gnx-debugging_tool_dbug_v4_(bw_ocr).pdf 12,265,358 2018/5/10 [20:19:32]
Icon gnx-in-system_emulator_version-3_(bw).pdf 14,519,734 2018/5/10 [20:19:50] Including: C-Optimizing Compiler Reference Guide | Linker User's Guide | COFF Programmer's Guide | Support Libraries Reference Manual. The "GNX-In-System_Emulator_Version-3.." files contain "GNX Version 3 C optimizing compiler" and other software docs. It has no information about ISE (In-System-Emulator).
Icon gnx-in-system_emulator_version-3_(bw_ocr).pdf 16,406,592 2018/5/10 [20:19:10] The "GNX-In-System_Emulator_Version-3....." files contain "GNX Version 3 C optimizing compiler" and other software docs. It has no information about ISE (In-System-Emulator).
Icon gnx-language_tools_version-4_(bw).pdf 13,267,138 2018/5/10 [20:19:32] The Series 32000 GNX (GENIX Native and Cross-Support) Language Tools support the development of software for National Semiconductors Series 32000 microprocessor family. This manual describes the operation of the GNX Language Tools in a cross environment on a host development system running MS-DOS, UNIX or a UNIX-derived operating system (e.g., VAX/UNIX 4.3bsd, SUN/SunOS, Series 32000/System V).
Icon gnx-language_tools_version-4_(bw_ocr).pdf 14,624,950 2018/5/10 [20:19:32]
Icon gnx-v4.2_install_from_floppydisk.pdf 1,272,264 2018/5/14 [18:47:14] hardcopy made during GNX installation
Icon gnx-v4.4_install_from_floppydisk.pdf 1,760,605 2018/6/19 [11:11:36]
Icon gnx-v40_c-optimizing_compiler_reference_manual_(bw).pdf 8,743,657 2018/5/10 [20:20:04] This is a reference manual for National Semiconductor Corporations GNX Version 4 -C- optimizing compiler. The C optimizing compiler generates high-quality code for the Series 32000 architecture, therefore improving the performance of the Series 32000 system.
Icon gnx-v40_c-optimizing_compiler_reference_manual_(bw_ocr).pdf 9,546,061 2018/5/10 [20:19:50]
Icon gnx-v44_c_optimizing_cross-compiler_reference_and _language_development_tools_for_msdos.pdf 10,534,312 2018/5/10 [20:19:54] This Release Letter describes the GNX Version 4.4 C Optimizing Compiler and Language Development Tools package for MS-DOS. Included are a general description of the tools, the installation procedure, and a list of known software limitations.
Icon gnx-v44_c_optimizing_cross-compiler_reference_and _language_development_tools_for_msdos_(bw_ocr).pdf 9,608,809 2018/5/10 [20:19:46]
Icon nsc-gnx-4.2_images.rar 13,227,279 2018/5/10 [22:47:12] Installation and floppydiskimages
Icon nsc-gnx-4.4_images.rar 15,731,994 2018/6/19 [12:12:28] Installation and floppydiskimages
Icon nsc-gnx-ordner.jpg 533,337 2018/5/10 [20:19:28] Picture of the boxes
Icon series32000ep_gnx_v4.4.pdf 831,167 2018/6/19 [11:10:58] GNX 4.4 manual. GNX v3 and v4 was intended for National Semiconductor's evaluation boards: NSV-CG16-EDB, NSV-CG160-EDB, NSV-GX32-EDB,NSV-GX320-EDB,NSV-FX-GC-EDB, GC160LX-LBP, NSP-AM160-EDB, FX16FAX.

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