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Icon read.me 679 2014/3/24 [00:00:00] READ ME
Icon z80-aio_aib.pdf 1,277,502 2014/3/24 [00:00:00] Z80-AIO/AIB Hardware User's Manual # 03-0090-01 Revision A May 1978. The Z80-AIO is a 12-bit analog input/output card, compatible with the Z80 Microcoinputer Board Series.
Icon z80-pmb_hwuserguide.pdf 1,496,727 2014/3/24 [00:00:00] PNM hardware manual # 03-3007-01 REV.A - 3 October 1978. The Z80-PME provides the Z80 Microcomputer Board Series with additional PROM or ROM memory and I/O capability.
Icon z80-rio_os_userman.pdf 4,626,409 2014/3/24 [00:00:00] Z80-RIO Operating System Users's manual. This manual provides an introduction and user's manual for the RIO operating system used with Zilog's Micro (ZDS). Detailed description is provided for system features, including the bootstrap process, the RIO Executive, default console drivers, I/O structure, program interface, and the Zilog Floppy Disk File System, ZDOS, and the Zilog Hard Disk File System, DFS.
Icon z80-sib.pdf 2,085,791 2014/3/24 [00:00:00] Z80.SIB hardware manual # 03-0051-00 Rev. B July 1978. The Z80-Serial Interface Board (SIB) provides four programmable, bi-directional serial communication channel for the MCB Series OEM products.
Icon z8000asm.pdf 6,198,705 2014/3/24 [00:00:00] Z8000 This manual describes the PLZ/ASM assembly language for the Zilog Z8000 microprocessor, and serves as the primary reference manual for the assembly language programmer. It is one in a series of documents describing the Z8000 and associated hardware and software. Information on the use the PLZ/ASM Assembler can be found in the publication: Z8000 Assembler User's Guide
Icon z80rio-text_editorusers_manual.pdf 477,914 2014/3/24 [00:00:00] Z80-RIO Text Editor User's Manual. The RIO Text Editor is a line-oriented editor with string handling capability and automatic interface to the disk. It uses a memory paging technique which allows any size text file to be edited. The Editor automatically determines the work space available, and brings blocks of text into its memory buffer as required by the command issued.
Icon zds25_hwusermanual.pdf 6,463,328 2014/3/24 [00:00:00] Same as above - better scanquality
Icon zds40_hardware_grew.pdf 4,716,121 2014/3/24 [00:00:00] ZDS-1/40 Hardware Reference Manual May 1979
Icon zds_hardware_diagramms.pdf 39,490,203 2014/3/24 [00:00:00]
Icon zds_hardware_grew.pdf 4,716,121 2014/3/24 [00:00:00] Same as above ZDS-1/40 - better scanquality
Icon zds_prom.pdf 570,653 2014/3/24 [00:00:00] ZDS 1/25,1/40 PROM User's Manual # 03-3002-01 Revision A May 1978

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