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Most Documents are PDF format. Note: some of these files are large, i.e. more than 10 MegaBytes, and a few are very large; 40-160MB. Links to other resources Courtesy of Provider.

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Peripheral / Interface
Misc. [cabinets, power supplies, cables, Technicians' aids, etc.]
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861-0 861 Engineering Drawings

861-0 861 Power Control

MP01016 874 Power Control Field Maintenance Print Set

MP01022 875 Power Controller Field Maintenance Print Set

AA11-D D/A conversion subsystem manual

AD01 A/D conversion subsystem manual

MP00311 BA11-K Field Maintenance Print Set

BA11-K mounting box user's manual EK-BA11K-OP-001

Boot Rom information for pdp11

DD11 Backplane Drawing Set DD11-D

DEC LANcontroller 400 Console User's Guide EK-DEMNA-UG-001

DEC Technician's Handbook 1974 DEC-00-HTHAA-A-D

DELNI LAN Interconnect Technical Manual

DEREP Ethernet Repeater technical Manual

DEQNA ethernet card User manual

DEUNA ethernet card engineering drawings

MP01793 DHV11 Field Maintenance Print Set

DL11-0 DL11 asynchronous line interface engineering drawings

DLV11 async line interface engineering drawings

MP00965 DMF32 Field Maintenance Print Set

EK-DMR11-UG-002 DMR11 synchronous controller user's guide

YM-C061C-00 DMS11-D Synchronous Line Unit

EK-DMVQM-UG-001 QMA DMV11 Synchronous Controller User's Guide

EK-DMV11-UG-001 DMV11 Synchronous Controller User's Guide

EK-DPV11-UG-001 DPV11 serial synchronous interface user guide

MP00992 DPV11 Field Maintenance Print Set

EK-283AA-AD-001 Preliminary DSH32 Synchronous/Asynchronous Serial Line Option

M3108-0-0 DSV11 Pront Set

EK-DUP11-MM-003 DUP11 Bit Synchronous Interface Maintenance Manual

EK-DUP11-OP-001 DUP11 bit synchronous interface user's manual

DRV11 16 bit parallel line unit Field Maintenance Print Set

DZ11 Programmers Manual Chapter 3

EK-DZ11-MM-PRE DZ11 async controller maintenance manual

EK-DZQ11-UG-001 DZQ11 Asynchronous Multiplexer User's Guide

DZS11 Field Maintenance Print Set

MP00462 DZV11 Field Maintenance Print Set

H720-ED H720 power supply and mounting box engineering drawings

H961-A DWG Index List H961-A Cab Assy.

H4000 Ethernet Tranceiver Technical Manual

MP01020 H7104-C 2.5V Power Supply Field Maintenance Print Set

MP01021 H7104-D 5V Power Supply Field Maintenance Print Set

MP00060 H9502 Cabinet, Single Hiboy Field Maintenance Print Set

KD11-B processor maintenance manual DEC-11-HKDBB-A-D

EK-KDA5Q-UG-004 KDA50 User Guide

EK-KDB50-UG-001 KDB50 Disk Controller User Guide

EK-KDB50-UG-CN1 Addendum to KDB50 Disk Controller User Guide

KE11-EIS KE11 extended instruction set option

KE11-FIS KE11 floating instruction set option

AA-5244B-TC KMC11 (pdp11) Auxilliary Processor Programmer's Manual

EK-KMS1P-TM-001 KMS11-P Synchronous Communication Processor Technical Manual

EK-KMV11-TM-001 KMV11 Programmable Communications Controller Technical Manual

EK-KMV1A-UG-002 KMV1A Programmable Communications Controller User Guide

KW11 Programmable realtime clock module

LA100-Series Programmer Reference Manual at VT100.net

MICROVAX 3100 VAXSERVER 3100 Maintenance Advisory

MICROVAX 3900 EK-168AA-OM-001 VAXserver 3900 Operation

MICROVAX 3900 EK-239AC-SP-003 MicroVAX Site Preparation

MICROVAX 3900 EK-306AA-MG.001 KA655 CPU System Maintenance
Also sometimes known as the EK-306AA-MG-001.

MICROVAX 3900 KA655 CPU Module Technical Manual

MICROVAX 3900 EK-338AC-DH-003 MicroVAX Dual-Host Systems

MICROVAX 3900 MicroVAX EK-O19AE-SG-005 Troubleshooting and Diagnostics

MICROVAX I owners manual release notes

MicroVAX II 630Qy, 630QZ Owners Manual

MicroVAX II 630Qy, 630QZ Technical Manual

AA-GO3AA-DN MicroVAX II Diag Release Notes

AZ-GLNAB-MN VAXstation II Owner's Manual, BA23 Enclosure

AZ-GLFAB-MN VAXstation II Technical Manual, BA23 Enclosure

MicroVAX Hardware Information (Cover Sheet for MicroVAX II 630Qy, 630QZ manuals)

MSV11-P Q-bus MOS Memory System print set MP01239

MSV11-P User Guide EK-MSV0P-UG-001

MS88-CA (VAX 8000) Memory Array Module Maintenance Advisory EK-MS88C-MI-001

PC11 reader/punch controller engineering drawings

PDP-11/05,11/10 computer manual EK-11005-TM-003

PDP11/05-S, 11/10-S System Manual

PDP-11/20 Cabinet Drawing Set H960-C-1

PDP-11/20 Cabinet Assembly Drawing Set H960-CA-0

PDP-11/23B Mounting Box User's Guide EK-23BMB-UG-D01

PDP-11/45 Cabinet Drawing Set H960-D

PRS01 Paper Tape Reader maintenance manual

QD21 Emulex QD21 disk controller technical manual (MSCP)

RA60 Maintenance Guide

RA80 Maintenance Guide

RA81 Disk Drive Maintenance Guide

EK-RK067-UG-001 RK06/RK07 Disk Drive User's Manual

RLV12 Field Maintenance Print Set MP01282

EY-3894E-SG-0001 RMS Structures and Utilities on VAX/VMS. Student Guide

EK-RQDX1-UG-001 RQDX1 Controller Module User's Guide

RXV21 floppy disk controller diagrams

TC11 DECtape system manual

TK25 Tape Drive Subsystem User Giude



TOPS-20 Monitor Calls Quick reference Guide

spine for tops20 manual

EK-OTU58-UG-004 TU58 DECtape II User Guide

UDA50 Maintenance Guide

EK-UDA50-UG-003 UDA50 User Guide

VAX 11/750 EK-KC750-RM-002 Diagnostic Mini Reference Guide

VAX 11/750 EK-SI750-IN-003 Installation and Acceptance Manual

VAX 11/750 EK-SI75F-IN-001 Installation Manual

VAX 11/750 MP01024 KA750 Field Maintenance Print Set
Has some blank sides in the original.

VAX 11/750 MP01377 11/750 F Field Maintenance Print Set

VAX 11/750 MP01390 11/750 PCS Module Field Maintenance Print Set
Pages PCS16 and PCS15 are reversed in the original too.

VAX 11/750 MP01404 Comet Memory Unit Field Maintenance Print Set

VAX 11/750 MP01398 MOS Memory Array Field Maintenance Print Set
beleived to be 100% correct. Someone please verify for us against hard copy.

VAX 11/750 MS750 MOS ECC Memory Field Maintenance Print Set

VAX 11/780 EK-11780-UG-001 Hardware User's Guide

VAX 11/780 EK-DS780-UG.002 Diagnostic System User's Guide

VAX 11/780 EK-DW780-TD.001 Unibus Adapter Technical Description

VAX 11/780 EK-FP780-TD.001 FP780 Floating-Point Accelerator

VAX 11/780 EK-KA780-TD.001 KA780 Central Processor Technical Description

VAX 11/780 EK-KC780-TD.001 Console Interface Board Technical Description

VAX 11/780 EK-MM780-TD.001 Translation Buffer Cache and SBI Control

VAX 11/780 EK-MS780-TD.001 MS780 Memory System Technical Description

VAX 11/780 EK-SI780-IN-002 Installation Manual

AZ-GN4AC-TE VAX 8200/8300 Owner's Manual

AZ-GN5AC-TE VAX 8200/8300 Installation Guide

VAX 8530/8550/8700/8800 System Maintenance Guide EK-88XVS-KT-001

VAX 8800/8700/8550/8500 Console Release Notes AA-FH29D-TE
Pages 1 & 2 missing in original, Page 25 missing in original

VAXmate Technical Description

AA-JP76A-TH VAXmate Technical Reference Manual Volume 1

AZ-GMXAA-MN VAXstation II Owner's Manual, BA123 Enclosure

AZ-GMZAB-MN VAXstation II Technical Manual, BA123 Enclosure

VAXstation 2000 and MicroVAX 2000 Technical Manual

EK-345AA-IN-002 VAXstation 3100 Upgrade Installation Guide, Models 30 to 48, Models 40 to 48

EK-154AA-OW-001 VAXstation 3200 Owner's Manual, BA23 Enclosure

EK-104AA-TM-001 VCB02 Video Subsystem Technical Manual (for Qbus microvax workstation)

EK-VT100-J1-004 VT100 Series Pocket Service Guide
Pages 20 & 21 missing in the original, Pages 60 & 61 missing in the original, source is poor quality 2-up photocopy, PDF appears to be about as readable as the source

VT05 Reference Manual at VT100.net

VT102 User manual at VT100.net

EK-VT220-PS-001 VT220 Pocket Service Guide

VT220 programmer reference manual 1st edition

VT220 programmers reference manual at VT100.net

EK-VT220-TM-001 VT220 Technical Manual

VT52 DECscope Maintenance Manual at VT100.net

Wyse WY50 terminal quick reference guide